$319M lottery winners revealed

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To the Lucky 7 Cheers!!!Party


So happy for them.

I wish them all the best.

This proves there is a GOD and HE hates ugly.... lol

HE proved it by letting the knuckle head that swiped the first ticket, purchase a losing ticket.

Poetic justice.

Losing ticket purchased by a rude loser. lol   Green laugh


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Congratulations to all the winners. ENJOY ! Party

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When Mike Barth reached for a Snickers bar as he stood at the counter to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket, someone reached over his shoulder and bought the next ticket.

"I thought about saying something but decided to just let it slide," Barth said about the Quick Pick ticket sold right before the one he purchased at 2:40 p.m. last Friday.

"I bought the next ticket — the winning ticket!"


That right there, just put a smile on my face. Thats why people in this world just need to wait their turn.

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Its a good job he didn't say anything as some people would have decided to swap the ticket, guess something told him to take his time at the counter, but wouldn't he have had the winning ticket anyway as he did buy several and am assuming 7 lucky dips as there were 7 of them playing, or did the person who decided to jump ahead of him buy 7 lucky dips as well, anyway really pleased for the lucky 7 just reminds me of the UK magnificent  7 who won 2 years ago splitting a jackpot of £91m.


Congrats to them.  May wisdom, peace and great adventures come their way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In response to buttercake

Just curious, what is a "dip"?

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I feel inspired to write a book about this whole thing.

I'm going to call it "The Silence of the Butterflies".


On a side note, if you add up all the seven winners' ages you get 348.

Walk now, don't run, there's plenty of time for the evening draw.

Yeah, like you weren't gonna, right?


i play win 4, how can i tell the amount i win for.

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...well they must have bought 14 QPs, since they said they all put in $2 each.  I just wonder which QP was the winner.

...I believe in Karma.

...but I also want to think that had they filtered through the line without the cut, that the QP "could" have been generated at any other terminal in the country..but then would that particular number sequence had even been generated had the person not purchased the ticket before the Lucky 7s.

...I ramble thoughts, its only my second post, but expect it in the future.

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Congrats to all the winners......Hurray!

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Anyway, hand of fate or whatever, congratulations to the winners.  Also, I'm glad the article mentioned whether the winning ticket was a Quick Pick because it gives Quick Pick players, hope: not that there's anything wrong with playing one's set of numbers.  It is a matter of preference, and any strategies that can land you a winning -- is all you need to get by -- and hopefully retire.

Now, some of the winners aren't ready to retire, and I was just purusing at some of the ages: some of the winners are in their 60s. However, since the workers have vested pensions and social security investments, it might not be feasible to retire early, if they're going to retire: that's up to them.

Finally, whatever outcome happens, I wish them and their families good health and a long life.

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In response to rdgrnr

Texas Midday 384Thud

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I playd 834 ext and forgot to box... Crying       Bang Head

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In response to rdgrnr



On a serious note. I  have realized that i am more successful playing the lottery when i set up an spending limit and stick to it.You know more like a stock market stop loss.I feel that we lottery players focus too mach on winning instead of minimizing our lottery spending.Maybe we will win more over the long run if we set up a budget, amount keep at it.

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In response to buttercake

Got it! Thank you

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What does rng mean.I. bet the guy that cut the line feels like crap.

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In response to rdgrnr

I'm confused by the story too, although I have seen something that could possibly explain it, but even then, I still have questions about what actually happened.

In a convenience store located near me, they pre-print $1.00 QP tickets and hang them on a "tree stand". It's a small metal pole about one foot high standing on the counter next to the cash register. It has clips on it, and they attach the pre-printed QP tickets to the pole.  A small sign says "Lotto QP's - $1.00 each."  I think the stand is really for displaying small bags of snack food sold in small plastic bags like you might see for sale in a vending machine.  (Potato chips or Frito's) 

A customer can just pick a ticket off the stand, and hand a dollar to the clerk.  It saves a little time, not much time, but I guess it's an attempt to speed up the line of customers waiting.  (Assuming there are multiple people waiting in line to check out.)

My thinking is that's what might have been what was going on in Albany. But then, why would the guy who won, want a one dollar QP when the seven people who were in the pool play two dollars each?  Would the store hang QP ticket's that cost ten dollars on the stand?  They definitely can do that.  If no one buys the ticket, they can cancel it.  Pre-printing a ten dollar QP would save a little more time than pre-printing a one dollar version, I guess..... 

So my intrepretation of what may have happened is that the store had a stand of tickets on the counter, and when the guy moved to get his candy bar, the guy behind him took a ticket off the stand that the guy who won had his eye on, but had not yet taken off the tree stand.  Therefore he had to take another pre-printed ticket, and won 319 million dollars.  That's the only thing I can come up with that makes a little sense.  But I aint drivin all the way up to Albany to ask what the hell happened!!!

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oh ok maybe they had a stack of pre printed quick picks, maybe they take em of the top of the pile, and this group asked for 7 so got 7 off the pile?maybe 1 stacks, a stack of $1 qucks and a stack of mega pliers.i can see that happening of theres a big jackpot and they want to sell em quickly.


thing that gets me is dropping out on a big pot, and not dropping out when say its back to $20 mill

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In response to GiveFive

Before MegaMillions and PowerBall came to Ohio I used to travel to Indiana and Michigan to get tickets when their jackpots were large and stores along the boarder sold tickets that way only because they had lines of customers waiting to buy them.  But since then, at least in Ohio, I haven't seen such lines so stores only punch up a ticket when a customer comes in and ask for one.  They must still be getting those kinds of lines in New York.

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In response to RJOh

I live in a lesser populated section of the state of New York, and I didnt see any lines for the 319 million MM  drawing.  But since I dont live in the NYC metropolitan area, I cant say whether or not there were lines of people waiting to buy tickets down there.  There very well could have been, and typically a TV news report about it is aired on the local 6 PM news in NYC.  Some TV station in NYC invariably sends a reporter and a camera crew out to video tape the people in line, and asks those buying tickets what they'd do if they won. I didnt see any TV news reports about "lotto fever" prior to the drawing, but that doesnt mean there werent any. 

I was surprised the convenience store where I live sells pre-printed tickets. I've never seen long lines in there, so I'm not sure what their motivation is.  Maybe pre-printing helps to sell more tickets.  People see the tickets and buy one, as opposed to having to remember to ask for a ticket.  I dunno...that's just a guess.

In Albany, that store is downtown, near the state capitol building. From the pictures I've seen on TV and online, it looks as if it's well known, and has heavy foot traffic during the morning and evening rush hours.  Lunch time is probably very busy in that store as well. I dont know the particular store, but I do know the streets in that area fairly well.  It generally does get very busy during those times of day.  So my guess is it probably was busy in the store when the winning ticket was sold. If that's the case, I can see why they'd pre-print QP tickets.  I'm just curious as to why they'd pre-print tickets costing ten bucks. I guess they can sell 'em or they wouldnt do it.

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In response to kyokushin187

RNG means Random Number Generator.

That's the thing that prints out the Quick Picks.

Quick Picks are the tickets that win most of the prizes including the jackpots.

Incoming!   Surrender

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you are right B$rizzle,same thing happen to me when i was living in NYC,someone cut me off,i wanted to said something but didn't,bought the next ticket and won.Someone told me it's because God doesn't like ugly.

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In response to foragoodcause

Are you saying God doesn't like tiggs?

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In response to savagegoose

Why would somebody drop out of the pool when the jackpot is so large? 

It could be as simple as they didnt have two dollars.  I've been in that situation.  I was in an office pool a long time ago, and there were times when I just didnt have any money when the guy who ran the pool asked me for my share.

Lately in The States, there's a lot of folks in that situation. Money is tight everywhere.

Hopefully the 7 who won will give the guy who didnt play some money.  If I won 19 million, I wouldnt give him a full share, but I think I could find some money for the poor guy.

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In response to GiveFive

Hopefully the 7 who won will give the guy who didnt play some money.  If I won 19 million, I wouldnt give him a full share, but I think I could find some money for the poor guy.

He was a co-worker who had a job like they did and made the decision not to put any of his money in their pool and for that you think they should give him some of their money?  He still has a job and they probably aren't his co-workers any longer.

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After letting this stew on the back burner for a while the thought occurred to me that maybe this 8th guy was somebody that nobody really liked. Maybe he was one of those people that everybody knew wouldn't ever help anybody else out and that's why nobody would go out of their way to benefit him. Maybe he was a cheapskate who was so tight he grated on people's nerves.

Or maybe not. Maybe they were co-workers but they just weren't friends.

Because I couldn't see friends cutting a real friend loose over $2 and a bad decision when they have more money than they'll ever need. Not real friends.

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