$190M Idaho lottery winner sorts out her new life

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From the OP:

Holly Lahti could also negotiate a settlement with her husband, she said.

On one of The Lottery Changed My Life episodes one jackpot winner said he had given a few people one millin dollars each and every single one of them blew it all and came back asking for more.

Should see negotiate a settlement with her husband would he be any different?

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In response to Todd

Some people have a hard time before they win but the media will call it "Curse of the Lottery".

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She ought to be really nice to him and set his settlement up so that it comes in the form of weekly payments like a paycheck.  Say he could get paid say 1250.00 per week + taxes and social security. Give him a 2% raise every other year. He might get some incentive to do something with his life.  The weekly pay check will take the strain off.

But if he is a druggie, give him a lump sum and pray he ODs.

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After reading the articlle I do not see where the need was for the reporter to give a rundown on her life history.

Would anyone here wish to have their life history reported if you won? I have too many bones rattling in my closet to have that happen. Hiding Behind Computer Green laugh

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LOL   NOW THAT IS FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big Grin


She gets about $80 million after taxes:

 -  ($40 million) in trust for kids;

  - ($30 million) to spend/invest as she sees fit; 

  - ($10 million) to get rid of hubby;

       0% to lawyers

Sounds more than fair to me!

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she shouldnt have to pay out of ex tax money,  the 10 mill to hubby can go pre tax, and he can pay the taxz out of the $10 mill

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Mr. Lahti is happy he won't have to pay child support? WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!

I hope he doesn't get a dime , and still has to pay child support.

If she does have to give him some money I hope she sues for child support in the same amount.



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In response to JAP69

'Cause that's what they do. "News" has become gossip, the more tawdry the better.

Things you NEED to know, they'll mention well after it's too late to take action.


He will get some of the money, it would be good if they could reach an agreement without going to court about it.  Since they are not divorced or legally seperated he should recieve some sort of payment as alimony.  I'm not happy about that but we can't have two sets of rules.

Would someone explain to me how do people who are not listed on her facebook page read her messages?

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Her Facebook page appears to have been scrubbed of most personal information, other than a couple of messages.


If I were her I'd message my closest friends on Facebook and tell them I'm leaving for a bit, then get the people at Facebook to delete the page. After a few months I would sign back up (with a nickname) and only put limited info, lock it down to just friends and only add those close friends. That way all past history of her page is gone (ie: not in Google cache) and nobody but true, real friends would have access to her page, plus people wouldn't be able to find it because of the security settings and not using her reported name.


I've done a few of those things already, last year I had my page deleted and waited about 4 months before I signed up again with strict settings and only have 40 people added. If I won the most I'd do with it is clear all past wall/status posts and remove the one picture of me so that people can't get a picture of me at all (since in Texas you can claim with "minimal publicity" where they only announce your name with no press pictures).


With how much people accidentally share on places like MySpace and Facebook she definitely made a good decision when she edited her Facebook page.

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In response to sully16

I'm sure some folks can think of a reason...

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I hope the curse will be on the husband.And women you don't have to put up with a loser.

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"That's awesome! I won't have to pay child support!" he said upon learning his wife was rich.

I agree with Sully, from the article this is what stood out to me, its not about money its about family.  Any dad that says the above doesn't deserve to be a dad.  The article did say he saw his kids most days so maybe there is hope for him yet.


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