$237 MILLION: Mega Millions lottery jackpot raised again

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So ....... now they picked the wrong numbers again ..................

........... and I have to figure out how to spend about $98,000,000 after taxes when I win!


It would really be a Happy New Year with a win on Friday!


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What a great way to bring in the New Year.Hyper

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Wish I culd play here in FL!

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Oh ............ and ............... one ticket with one winner!

Sun Smiley

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It seems that one regular lottery player will walk away with $ 237 Millions! But this attract one question:

What is the highest amount of jackpot money won by a lottery player who play's the Mega Millions?

can anyone answer my question?

N/B if your not sure of the answer pls do not reply to this post.

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In response to B$Rizzle

Hang on, I hear you will be able to play next week in Florida.

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In response to RJOh

Where did you hear that?

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I hope somebody wins the Mega Millions Jackpot in this upcoming draw.

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maybe someone in kansas will finally win the jackpot, i will be buying my ticket and hopeing for a small town girl (me) to win the jackpot.




DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In response to Todd

Read it actually.  Wikipedia  had an article about PowerBall in which there was a chart showing PowerBall was in Florida in 2009 and MegaMillion is scheduled to start January 5,2011.

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the current cash jackpot record is

$233,000,000 cash , this is what it was 1 draw before that , $164,000,000 cash

see how fast it can fly up in 1 draw at these levels LOL

our current 150m would need 2 more rollovers to set the new world record for the cash jackpot,

when its this high, it does not rain, it pours

if it rolls, and the public see 300mplus Annuity all bets are off, gl guesting the amount ,

, hell, news outlets already starting story's on it



on a side note, Florida  is scheduled to start January 5,2011.? i call bs,  nonething on google new search's about it, florida not even marketing it!

besides, its a know fact people make up stuff on wiki LOL,i dont trust that site, anyone can make up any thing,

even if true, boy does it suck for you florida,  the 5th, hell,  if it gets to the drawing on the 4th, that would be new RECORD setting jackpot ,  its a know fact, once a jackpot hits a world record, the kiss of death is on it, no fing way will it roll anymore


where talking the chances of that  not being won, near 10% to 1% lol   , we be covering a 400m cash jackpot if it rolls 3 times,not just 2 times, it can happen but not 3 more,  if i rolls to the 7th, ever state lottery office will be throwing party's  with money covering the floors  as they roll in it , it be That much money for them

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In response to RJOh

Oh.  Maybe that's right, maybe it isn't.  Whoever updates Wikipedia gets it right only sometimes.  They post a lot of stuff with absolutely no proof or attribution, and remove the stuff that doesn't pan out.

I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia because of that.  I would much rather read information that has a source.  The Lottery Wikipedia topic is just "some guy" who decides to write about the lottery -- not a definitive source.

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$107 million here after taxes WOW!!! Spend ,Spend,Spend.Party Party Party if i WIN!!!!PartyPuke!


Well, I don't know who edited that Wikipedia article but it is not correct. I live here in Florida and the Florida Lottery has done no advertising that it will add Mega Millions on January 5, 2011 which is just next week. Hopefully Florida will add Mega Millions but the odds of winning will get worse, the more states that join the MUSL then they change the odds and with Florida being such a populous state and heavy lottery state it will change Mega Millions odds of winning drastically

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lucky 4 u. I live in South Florida and not near the border. If I lived near the border of 2 states I'd play both lotteries. In fact, a lot of people from Alabama win the lottery in Florida!

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In response to luisM

Why would she be tired of winning?  Joan Ginther won the grand prize of four lotteries but her total winnings were only $20.4 millions.

The winner of the next MegaMillion lottery could win more than six times that amount in cash if they opt not to take the annuity.


I'm 45 min from St.Mary's GA so I play there Win 4  Life game

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In response to Abdi

These are the top 9 jackpots and the current one would be the 10th largest (there was a $230 million winner in Virginia in 2004).

09/16/2005 - $250 Million - New Jersey

05/04/2010 - $266 Million - California

02/28/2006 - $267 Million - Ohio

02/22/2008 - $270 Million - Georgia

07/02/2004 - $294 Million - Massachusetts

11/15/2005 - $315 Million - California

08/31/2007 - $330 Million - Maryland/New Jersey/Texas/Virginia

08/28/2009 - $333 Million - California/New York

03/06/2007 - $390 Million - New Jersey/Georgia


I actually had a dream that the jackpot was rolling over, so I wasn't so enthusiastic about checking my tickets this morning. To my surprise though I won a whole $2, so I guess I'll be using that towards Friday's drawing. It was kind of upsetting, I had 2 regular numbers on almost all lines except the one I matched the MB in which I had none.


It's Delaware's/Pennsylvania's time to win! I'm playing both, maybe even New Jersey, and Maryland :P

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In response to ttech10

wow, thats alot of cash...

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In response to B$Rizzle

You know good and well that you will be cruising up 95 to the first exit after you hit the Georgia line.  Troll


I'd like to win, not because I need $100+ million, but as an experiment in how I would handle $100 million and the attendant pressures, temptations, luxuries, beggars, groupies etc that would come with it. Could I get it under a trust and keep it secret?  Would I become like Jack Whitaker and go down the tubes? Or could I keep myself together like Paul Newman, my role model for staying sane, healthy and monogamous despite similarly astounding fame, fortune, talent and good looks? If I quit my job, what would I do with my days, besides hire a beautiful trainer to force me to get in good shape and a personal chef to make sure I eat right? What would it be like to be able to do and go wherever I want, knowing whatever holds me back it isn't financial or lack of vacation time?  What would be the best way to help people, both those I know and charity? There would be a lot to think about.

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In response to tg636

That's similar to why I'd want to win, but add "having complete financial security and no need to ever work again". Part of me wants to collect the winnings myself to see if I could handle the money and dealing with all the people coming out of the woodwork. I already have ideas as to what I would do to keep myself busy during the days and nights, I just need to win and put those ideas into action. I think I'd make a pretty good and successful winner, it'd be nice to get the chance to prove that.

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Tremendous pressure would fall on the shouder of whoever gonna win this jackpot. If money is mismanaged, disasters follows in. Jack Whittaker is a nice example. Lately, I have beeen thinking about handling this windfall, but I don't think I can handel this.

Seriously, I just want to have moderate house and an easily life. Winning this huge jackpot would be too much for me to handle. I'll let it pass. I'd play Supper Lotto Plus; it's around $21 million now. I am sure the spot light will not on me if I can take home this moderate jackpot, since everyone focuses on the winner of this Mega Millions jackpot. It will be on that winner.

I wish you guys ton of luck.

Hooary play, play play. Life is a big play. I am happy to be a player. Supper lottooooooo +++++.Dance

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Whattaker didn't really mismanage the money as much as he just threw all logic out of the window. You just don't carry $200,000 or $545,000 in cash in your car, and especially not to a strip club and you don't give a 17 year old an allowance that's more than most of America's income as well as 4 brand new cars.

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In response to Todd

It takes a state roughly six months from the time they decide to join to when they start selling tickets.

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Lottery Post shown in background of Good Morning America, while speaking with a supposed big jackpots winner named Richard Lustig and these are the winning numbers he picked on tv for a Good Morning America journalist: was just shown 15 to 20 minutes ago about 7:15-7:20 am eastern time..


7-20-32-45-46 (mega ball 28)


In response to Jani Norman

Pure BS. If Richard knew what the winning #'s were, trust me, he would use the #'s to win for himself. He's won several Fantasy 5 and Mega Money Jackpots here in FL but never Florida Lotto or Florida Powerball. He has a book which he sells for $40.00 a pop, from which he uses the profits to buy more tickets!

In response to luisM

Si, es verdad, Luis

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