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Mobster caught by tracing lottery ticket

Dec 9, 2010, 7:33 am

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Italy Lottery (Italia)

A notorious Italian mobster who dodged justice for 20 years was reportedly finally under lock and key overnight after he was traced via a lottery ticket.

Convicted double killer Riccardo Piras went on the run in the late 1980s before he could be locked up for life for the brutal murders of two drug dealers.

One victim's corpse was reportedly dissolved in acid, while the other was tossed on a garbage dump as a chilling warning to rival gangs.

Piras, 59, evaded capture for two decades but was finally undone by his "passion" for gambling, Italian police said.

Authorities identified the villain's handwriting on a lottery ticket bought on his native island of Sardinia, ANSA reported.

They traced the ticket back to a bar — and nabbed Piras as he popped back to buy another batch on Tuesday night, the Italian news agency said.

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