California Lottery has Thanksgiving millionaire

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 It is good and joyful to give thanks. Smiley

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Good ..................

we need more Millionaires !

US Flag historical fact: lowering taxes on the "rich" brings more income into the Federal Treasury!

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wtg to the winner.... congrats..

yes we need more millionaires, I would like to be one.

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This person is now actually a lottery jackpot net MULTI-millionaire!!!  US Flag


Congrats to the new Millionaire.  This is why i'm a little wary of being a "regular" customer anywhere.....  I don't want some eager clerk giving away my identity when i'm setting up to claim with a LLC and not give out my name!     I also wouldn't return to that shop in case any news crews were lurking about trying to get a story......   Hopefully the person can claim their winnings without too much undue attention.....(That's when family you've never met and once in a lifetime deal folks knock on your door and call 24/7.  Good Luck to the Winner!!Big Smile

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I had a job interview today in Daly City. Too bad, I did not buy any lottery ticket. If I had read this news earlier, I would try my luck in this city.

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