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Colossal Fail: Cowboys lottery game winners not getting tickets after all

Nov 17, 2010, 9:45 am

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Texas Lottery

By Todd Northrop

Two winners of a Cowboys-themed scratch game from the Texas Lottery were advised by letter that they won 2011 Season tickets, but then the lottery informed them it was a clerical error, and they would not get the tickets.

Instead of season tickets, Delvin Delamar of Irving and Kathy Clark of Amarillo, the two winners, will be allowed to have seats in the NFL team's "war room" during draft day selections, be invited to a draft-day party, plus get free lodging and transportation to the events.

"It's a great prize, especially if you're a die-hard Cowboys fan, which I understand Mr. Delamar is," said Bobby Heith, a spokesman for the Texas Lottery Commission.

And it should be interesting, Delamar agreed.

"But to be honest, it was the tickets, getting to go all season, that's why I was so excited," he said Tuesday. "And I talked with Kathy in Amarillo, and she feels the same way I do — that we should be getting tickets."

Heath said the draft-day prize package is the second-most valuable among the second-chance awards:  it is valued at $50,000, along with $16,667 to cover taxes.

The top second-chance prize is the Wild Weekend Package.  That prize provides the winner and 19 friends a suite at a Cowboys home game, a tour of the stadium and the team's Valley Ranch practice facility, a pre-game party and transportation, including airfare for out-of-town guests.

The error came when lottery staff put together congratulatory letters to the winners and somehow added that "the prize includes a pair of 2011 Season Tickets ... located in the Club Seat Section between the 30-yard lines."

Individual game tickets in that section sell for $340 each, and season ticket holders must buy personal seat licenses costing thousands of dollars.

"It was a cut-and-paste error," Heith said. "As soon as we realized we'd made an unfortunate error, we immediately called the two winners and followed that up with a letter."

Delamar and Clark did claim the draft weekend prizes, but according to Heith they were both disappointed they wouldn't get the season tickets.

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