$140M Mega Millions lottery ticket sold in Michigan

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Ol well ,,,,,,,,,maybe next time for me....hope the ticket holder has only good things happen to themPartyUS FlagUS Flag

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Now the family can gather around the fireplace or campfire and sing, Happy Days Are Here Again -- and just before the holidays, too.  May the winner be blessed with peace and happiness.

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"Everybody's coming in saying, 'Oh man we hope it's a local person, we hope since it wasn't me that it's somebody who knows me and loves me!'

Looks like the moochers are lineing up already.

I look forward to hearing about the winner. I wish them many happy filled years ahead.

Wonder if the ticket was purchased for the annuity or cash value?

Went to the Mega Millions Lottery web site but saw nothing about it

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In Ohio a winner has up to sixty days after the drawing to decide if he wants the annuity or cash value, it's probably similar in Michigan.  After 60 days it defaults to annuity.

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Wow!! I wonder how many players in Ohio knows that. I guess I better go to the TX site and read everything available. If that was to happen to me I would most definately not be happy. Something like that would never have occurred to me.

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Ohio removed the square to mark cash or annuity on their play slips years ago.

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In Texas, a player must choose cash option at the time of purchase when buying Powerball, Mega Millions, or Texas Lotto. If the player does not choose cash option, then it defaults to annuity.

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Nice to see one sold out in the sticks for a change.

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Yeah, I had to look up what "U.P." meant when writing the story.  (Answer:  Upper Peninsula)

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Lottery jackpot winning comes right before Halloween. Sweet!

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Yeah, they got them wolverines up there in the woods. I think I'd rather deal with the bears.


LOL, look up two things:  Escanaba in da Moonlight (movie with Jeff Daniels) and music by Da Yoopers.  No one makes better fun of Yoopers than Yoopers themselves. Btw, Michigan's UP is beautiful. To stand on the shores of Lake Superior in the middle of winter is jaw dropping.

Good for Michigan for picking up a winner finally. Congrats to the winners.

Now that I've sold my house in Michigan and ran as fast as I could back home to Texas... we need a MM or PB winner in Texas... me!

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In Maryland you have 182 days from the date of the drawing to claim a winning ticket on any lottery game.

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UP in the UP aye, also known as yoopers, anyone born below the Mackinaw bridge is a troll...Green laugh

Chippewa county ..exit 378 great place to party.

Congrats to the winners.Cheers

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