Lover found lottery winner's body

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What a sad story. It's too bad he didn't get some kind of help first but it's clear he wasn't in his right mind. Really sad.


This is an example of how such a dramatic change in one's lifestyle does not cure the winner's underlying insecurities. People believe they are suddenly invulnerable and flushed with power and notoriety after they receive their winnings. What these folks misunderstand about this phenomenon is that they are still themselves, with all of their personal weaknesses, foibles, 'baggage' and other characteristics intact, both positive and negative. This man was in all probability mobbed by people he knew, and prevailed upon to give up his money. Personal vices such as drinking, gambling, womanizing and drug abuse are accentuated by the fact that all are affordable, and in virtually limitless supply.  A person who wins the lottery is vulnerable to all types of scams, and their eventual paranoia develops which precludes them from functioning in society as a normal human being. Marriage proposals, lawsuits, financial fraud, ex-wives, girlfriends, associates, charities, fair weather friends, family members and even an occasional extortion appear with lightning swiftness, overwhelming the hapless neophyte with legal challenges and difficult decisions regarding their finances. I think it behooves those who don't know How to be rich to research the subject of sudden wealth, and learn from those who've experienced such life-changing events.

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This is a sad story, indeed.  May his soul rest in peace.

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In response to Daveyl

I Agree!Well said.


Are you a counselor? May I ask. Comment such as this should be posted more often. Awesome writing!

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It would be interesting to know what was left of the money and if Joshua Jones stood to gain any by Lang's demise.

I wonder if they did a Toxicology test.

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In response to Daveyl

Blah, blah, blah.

Let's all group hug now.

Typical, touchy-feely, west-coast-nut-job  nonsense.

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This is a case for Sherlock Holmes. Type

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In response to rdgrnr

For a moment I thought that you said "Let's all group hung now", It scared me some.

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In response to larry3100

Or for Adrian Monk.

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In response to LANTERN

No LANTERN, I was just being "sensitive" for the gentleperson from California. Hippy (no animals or trees were harmed in the writing of this post) (no transfat or salt was consumed either)

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In response to rdgrnr

I know what you mean!


rdgrnr, you should read the stories of people who attained quick wealth, then committed suicide, or became poor again due to their inability to properly invest and save their fortunes. The singer for Nirvana is a good example. He had money, fame, good looks, a beautiful wife, a mansion and a brand new baby. Still, he ended a very promising life. A lottery winner in Texas took his own life, after he found his friends and family were soaking him dry. A woman in Pennsylvania won TWO Lotto jackpots totaling over $5,000,000.00, but she now lives on Social Security in a small trailer, and is deeply in debt. This article is a wake-up call for potential winners to examine the factors that caused these people to go broke or kill themselves, and learn to avoid the pitfalls of sudden wealth.

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In response to Daveyl

You've been preaching about the evils of the lottery since you got here so I don't know if you're a gambling man or not but if so I would bet you dollars to donuts that a lot  more people commit suicide over the pressures of too little money than the dreaded "pitfalls of sudden wealth." 

I would even go so far as to say that the "pitfalls of sudden wealth" may have even possibly prevented a number of suicides.


In response to rdgrnr

Well, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine.

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In response to BaristaExpress

OK Barista, you got it.

I'm trying to help davey though, actually. 

The poor soul is just a little too high strung.

He gets to talking crazy once in a while and I try my best to reason with him and calm him down.


The poor soul is just a little too high strung.

Lol... you just pulled this line 15 minutes ago in your personal-attack rant against me. How, un-original...

Is this really all you can do? get personal with people, spew hate, and call names to all who don't fit your rather narrow view of things? And, then act like you actually have said something intelligent (or better yet, that everyone else is such an idiot that you can't be bothered to grace us with your brain power)

Is your self-esteem really this bad that you must treat people so poorly?

You are a hateful, closed-minded person, and I'm surprised the administrators of this community tolerate you in such abundance here (no offense intended to them, nor a sleight on what must be the difficult task of running large websites of anonymous internet posters). It is after all a lottery forum, and not a political site where people like you can more freely spout their intolerance.  I would hope they wouldn't endorse such behavior from their well-established members, in the interest in a more approachable atmosphere. b/c eventually, people will push back at you, and it just creates noise (which, yes... I am contributing to). Which is why I'll have to practice a bit of self-restraint and not traffic here... b/c with every hate-rant you post, I feel more compelled to respond to you. And, that is obviously an utter waste of time, as you have nothing to teach. Only hate to spread.

you are a noise machine. You lob grenades and listen for the explosions...

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In response to Jyna Log

I see where you're coming from jyna and I know where you're going. That may be hard for you to accept but it is what it is.

When ultra-left, nanny-state liberals like you disagree with somebody's thoughts in their expression of their freedom of speech, you don't turn away and just not listen, you want them silenced so nobody can hear what they have to say i.e., "...I'm surprised the administrators of this community tolerate you..."  Aren't you just a tad bit embarrassed when you whine like that? Were you the classroom stool-pigeon when you were a kid?

Don't lecture me about hate either until you go back and  read your last couple posts on the other thread. You need to learn to debate in a civil manner without the foul-mouthed pejoratives and name calling. You should be ashamed of yourself for using that kind of language. There are women here. Indeed, you should apologize to them at the very least for your boorish behavior.

And for the record, I didn't lob any grenades and I didn't hear any explosions.

What I did see though, was a meltdown.


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In response to LotteryJunkiE99

Hey Lottojunkie99,

      Who was it that died and left you with the authoritive disease of the mouth?

Christ, even a fifth grader could read what Rdgrnr was saying and know that he was making a joke of the other pokie from California. And you were so intelligent to not even see that he was making fun of you also. Before you go around spewing uninteligent things about other people on this site may think, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Do you actually conduct your life with that warped egg plant on your shoulders?

     The man that your trying to be a intellect about by trying to be an imposter of intelligence, has got more intelligence in his foot than you could ever hope to imagine.

First you say some of the people in Tennessee are  warm and friendly, then you make the ultimate slur that Ignorance runs rampant there. Then in another post you drag Rdgrnr through the mud, after you say that folks should be civil?  Well,what side of the coin did you toss on that one? 

Maybe we could start a forum that lets intelligents such as you and the other one go back and forth with each other to see who is the legitimate contender for Jack-Hat of the month.

      Try be civil and you just might get somewhere....!


dude. this is a privately owned web-space as far as I know. You have no freedom of speech here, nor do I. And, it would be impossible for you to have your freedom of speech violated here, given that fact. come off it.

Note... when "ultra-right, moral policing, intolerant, bigoted folks like you" disagree with somebody's thoughts in their expression of their "freedom of speech" you don't call them names, call them a liar, and attack them or their family personally, and pretend to be so above it intellectually that you can't be bothered to engage in anything other than your hate-rhetoric. ESPECIALLY, when you claim to be a member of the "most tolerant" group on earth.

You know what they say... hate, breeds hate... You are full of it. I'll admit... obviously attempting to be reasonable in my exchange was a losing approach with you, so you got the best of me, and i pushed back. It happens. I'm human. At least I can admit it, rather than pretending like you are innocent when you seem to do little more than exactly what i've stated.

What kind of response do you expect after you repeatedly bash on people, call them names, call them a liar, and then even take to offending the honor of their father further still? I stand by what I think of you. and, i make no apologies for it. man up... deal with it. I don't care if you think others are offended by some silly descriptors... especially in light of your vast lexicon of offensive terms and labels you place on people so readily. If you're gonna dish out the hate, don't act all victimized if someone pushes back at you (after attempting to remain civil with you in the face of your personal crap. against them). We don't have to agree, but I'll be <snip>ed (ooh) if I'll stand around too much while someone spews such hateful nonsense and start insulting someone's family, etc when it would likely get them punched int he mouth in real life.

I'm only ashamed that I thought there might be some usefulness to come from engaging you, beyond you confirming the utter hypocrisy with which you function in your hate-driven view of all things not you. and, you getting all bent out of shape over mere words of choice, when you are so well-versed at name-calling... laughable at best. get over yourself.

I have no interest in silencing your views. I'd actually like to know what they are (well, not anymore)... but, instead all i've gotten was hate, hate, name call, personal attack, blah, blah. It's not your views that I have a problem with. Merely the insulting nature, and offensive tone with which you Don't express them.

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In response to Jyna Log

Jyna, jyna, jyna, tsk, tsk, tsk... What am I gonna do with you, you little rapscallion?

Take your blinders off bubby, it's a beautiful world out there. Don't be so down in the mouth. Don't take things on such a personal level. You get as hysterical as any woman I've ever seen. You're too emotional, jyn-jyn. And dare I say a little too high strung? There's no need to get depressed about it. I can help you.

Actually I think we were just beginning to make a little progress when you had your meltdown and went all to pieces.

But we can begin again. No hard feelings. You can still look up to me as your mentor.


lol... if I let people like you depress me, I'd never get anything done. I've got bigger things to worry about than you for sure... 

Long novel-like responses don't work for you, but neither do 4 letter words huh? shall i opt for something shorter? probably the only thing that will not provoke a condescending, hate-filled rant from you: Yes! I agree! You are so wise and well-informed. I hope I can be as smart as you one day!

You can quote me, if it makes you feel better. Just pretend really hard that you've converted me. You can just use your imagination, b/c I'll certainly never be "converted" by anyone who can't do any better than to call people names when they fall short of stroking your fragile little member 110%.

Your hate-mongering is one area where I think we could all benefit from a little less tolerance. But, forgive me for obliging your wishes to make things personal. Though, I can't really say I'm really sorry for it. 

I think I'll pass on "beginning again" if it's all the same with you, as it would serve little purpose for either of us... Well, I guess it would give you another opportunity to come up with some new colorful ways to insult people. But, I'm sure you have no shortage of opportunities without me further contributing to them. And, I'll save the oncoming carpal tunnel for an exchange that I might actually learn a little something from the other person on... 

You are a funny, tragic character. Apparently so lacking in self-esteem that you must condescend, and insult all that is different from you, or that you do not understand. What makes it funny is how you also claim to be so tolerant in the process! hahahahahahahah well, i take it back. you only claimed to be a part of the most tolerant group of people i will ever meet. You certainly aren't wearing that badge very well.


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In response to Jyna Log

I'll not return your hate and venom, jyn-jyn. I forgive you for your vicious attacks. All is forgotten.

Peace to you and may you learn it's meaning and learn to love yourself. You now hate yourself and that is understandable. But that is destructive behavior, jyn-jyn.

Look inside yourself jyn-jyn, for therein lie the answers you seek from me.

Peace, be still my little grasshopper. sshhhhhhhhhh...


I'm from Lancaster, if that qualifies as Southern California. What exactly characterizes my posts as those of a "fruit"? Do people really believe they are NOT being addicted to vices that are taxed by our government? Alcohol is taxed, tobacco is taxed, gasoline is taxed, lotteries are simply a "painless tax". You remember when Proposition 13 passed, and how adamantly people like Jerry Brown fought against it? Well, just GUESS what showed up after their last ditch efforts to overturn that measure: THE CALIFORNIA STATE LOTTERY.

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I think rndgnr is old enough to fight his own battles bulldog, he certainly does start them in most of the topic posts I've read on this website since the beginning of last year, so please do us all favor and don't come in his defense like a barking canine to his Mater's aid, after all since when is age a disability? Oh yes, when it starts impeding your grasp of the modern age and modern thought process, that's when. So I'm glad at least that you old-timers know how to stick together and let loose in your near-senile foot-and-mouth disease comments that you leave you  more and more putrefied through all rotten American stupidity by the day and by the dozen. By the way, your left-to-right-to-left, half-articulated meanderings are one-and-the-same as those of rdgrnr. If I didn't get his goat, I'm glad I got yours, but I'm sure I got both your goats and your cheese. That wasn't the point obviously but hey monkey see monkey dance, I'll leave to milk them in all Right-Winged-American peace.   Make sure to tax the product if you decide to sell it though, God knows I'm a Moderate Republican and all you Right-Winged ferrets only drivel on by and on the coattails and genius of men of my caliber and then go on to claim and brag about "your" America at the flagship parades and festivals,  like it was you who built it or created it.   Face it when it comes down to it, you're just another hired hand, so I'm glad you went off to bed early just in case you should be retired and in the same helpless position of those of your town, much to your Republican friend's horridness and rash embarrassment , only having as last recourse,  to file for the many generous benefit packages the Democratic party is offering people your age, after all drawn up on the pristine coattails of my genius and of those like me, that is to say, in a trickle-me-down fashion... 10,000 more times I prefer the Democratic Left agenda to your kind of mind and batter, to continuously expect yourselves to be fed through created jobs and allotted resources of men you so jeer and taunt and in all slackness  try to humiliate on this website. Land of the free? Land of the coat-hangers on my coattails is more like it, but I don't mind, I understand not all are endowed with either wit or privy in the practical sense.   Anyhow,   It can be safely surmised neither you nor rndgnr have ever done anything to boost this country's standing, and for that you alone and him also share in the irresponsibilities that drag this country down, not only for attacking those above you but those with better ideas and implantations than those around you, and in so doing, creating a deeper and deeper hole that only government can unfortunately fill up again, and that my tar-lunged bulldog leaves you and rndgnr worse off than any Tennesseean or Californian on the list. I'd be willing to see what else you and your cigar and rndgnr's unwashed foot can accomplish, other than a folky dance number, but -  And Oh yes, please do sing those banditry folk-song-melodies here or there or at the next election, it certainly does add a quasi-rustic effect to your otherwise pointless pointing-outs. God and Pragmatism Bless - you are after all, STILL a fellow American, even if backwoods and a baying one at that.      Thumbs Up

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Hello all, I know Im new here but this is crazy...

We are all in the same boat we all like the lottery and lottery stories, we joke around and support each other and

brainstorm about winning.. at least that is what I thought it was about?

Can we agree to disagree? Can we all just get along? Can we just stop the hate on all sides?

I mean come on people get it together..... ?

Acuna matata.... lol.



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In response to LotteryJunkiE99

Wow, lol.

When did you get your "implantations"?

Seriously though, I think you should write your own posts like everybody else does.  I don't think it's fair that you have pumpi write them.

I'd respond if I could make any sense out of your incoherent rambling.

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In response to Mr-Smith

I agree Mr-Smith and as you can see I am like the voice of reason to the malcontents and ne'er-do-wells.

But try as I may there are some people you just can't reason with.

Like the Captain in Cool Hand Luke said: "What we got here...  is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach."

But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to help people. 

Hakuna Matata.

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Richard's suicide is his right.  However, it is a shame that Richard didn't instead arrange a situation where the city's coroner could have gone out to retrieve Richard's body (e.g., voicemail message or express envelope next day mailing). 

I hope that Joshua will feel better soon.

Hopefully, suicide isn't illegal in Leicestershire/central England jurisdictions, where there is a fine to be paid; supposing that Richard's estate has more financial assets than liabilities.

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In response to Daveyl

Daveyl, I never said you were from Southern Calif. and from what I am seeing/reading neither did anyone else (dang, some people need to learn how to comprehend what they read)! If I'm not mistaken here, I'm the one who said they were born and raised in Southern Calif. OK. Wow Lancaster, Calif. The high desert (I know it well) fine dirt bike riding there. I rode there for many yrs before going to Apple Valley and El Mirage dry lake. Yes, I remember the push to repeal the Prop 13 by Jerry Brown. I'm so glad it didn't go away for those who like me benefited from the prop 13 measure when my family did an inter family transfer of property to me and the county assessor couldn't reasses the property to collect higher taxes on said property. But we people at the time voted for the lottery, so if you are implying that we the people at the time voted to voluntarily tax ourselves with the "painless tax" as you call it then so be it. But I don't feel it was passed by the people at the time for anything else as a way to help fund the school systems of the state at the time! That's what I voted to do when I voted for the lottery in Calif. And for the record I'm the one who used the term fruit for people like you/others who might be just a tad off! Yup I'm the one who used that term and no one else!

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