Georgia man's second big lottery win is for $1M

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Sweet win! Thumbs Up

I am hoping to grab my Million in Powerball tonight! Yes Nod

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In response to THRUST

I will concede tonight's Powerball to you .........................

I will take Friday's Mega Millions !!!!!! Cool

After last nite's big $3 WIN IN MEGA MILLIONS !


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In response to dpoly1

Well I got tickets for Friday too...but all I am looking for is the $1,000,000. Why I always get the Powerplay & now Megaplier. Thumbs Up

I will take the jackpot if it comes my way. Yes Nod


Talk about lucky; he must have the Midas touch, huh?  Anyway, good luck in his well-deserved retirement.

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Sounds great, you're now approaching the end of the rainbow.  A third lottery win at apx. $8M lump-sum and pre-taxed will make leisure life even more expansive!

White Bounce

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The is a Grey Violet Bentley Continental Supersports waiting for me at the local Bentley Dealer.

It would scream "Old guy with a definite mid-life crisis"  

..........if it were sitting in my driveway!!!


I have also done some indepth research on program trading tools and planning!

Now I just need the cooperation of the Mega Millions numbers!

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In response to dpoly1

Wow! It seems you have a good taste for luxurious car. Bentley is top of the line. I would be happy for you if your Bentley dream comes true. Good Luck on today Mega Millions draw!


A few years back then, I used to dream to have a blue Bentley Continental with ivory leather interior, but now I have fell in love with my beat-up Honda Prelude '91. You must wonder how bad it is. Let me give you some examples. My driver door was jammed by some hit-and-run folks. My rear speakers were stolen. The clear coat is peeling off. Front bumper paint is chipping off. Nevertheless, I always have a big smile when I drive it because I think it has a lot of characters.Big Smile

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In response to dpoly1

Sounds like a lovely car, so FIRST buy a big garage to put it into to keep it looking great! Patriot


"Jones retired in 2009 after working at a service station for 25 years."

I wonder if he purchased the winning tickets at the gas station that he worked at. The story did not say. I rarely buy tickets in a station that has a bunch of big winners in the $100-$500 range, displayed on the wall. I find it hard to believe that there are so many winners at these stations. It would be fairly easy to watch people play high dollar tickets, or any others for that matter, when they scratch them off in the store. Suppose they watch someone buy 4 or 5 $20 tickets. They scratch them in the store, and throw them all away. I know that I would certainly buy the next ticket in the pack.

Also, it seems a little fishy when the clerks have multiple bins with the same tickets, especially $10+ tickets. If you will notice, they very rarely do this with $1 tickets. That way if the customer asks for 3 of the same ticket, and throws them all out, then he sells ones from the other bin to the next customer, and he throws them out, he knows he has very good odds.

I know that tickets have different odds of winning, and winning often includes a free ticket, but I would say that most tickets $5 and up have a winner about every 4 tickets or so. At least that has been my experience. The trick is to win more money than you spent on the tickets.

I have read in other posts that lottery retailers are able to purchase tickets at half price. I have not found anything concrete to support this. Does anyone have any type of insight into this? If it is true, lottery retailers could very easily make a good living selling tickets. I am thinking of getting a job in a gas station, and telling them that I will work for lottery tickets. Are there any former or current lottery retailers or employees willing to tell their secrets?

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