$116M Georgia Powerball winner claims prize

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He walked into his boss's office and said they needed to pray.

I think everything's gonna work out good for this guy.

God bless him.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!   Sounds as if he has his life totally together and will manage his newfound wealth well instead of money managing him.  He should be a good example of how-to for all lottery winners.  Congratulations and many blessings to him and his family!  Party

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It says: he told his colleagues that he'd be gone for a long weekend..

Me too I will be gone for a looong weekend!


And, have you heard of the british person whon won 113£ Millions (Brisitsh pounds, I don't even know how many dollars that is!) with the last Friday Euromillion?


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That is totally wonderful.I'd be happy to win a pick 3 in this sorry state.....wish I lived in an A+ state.

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if someone came into my office saying " we need to pray" id be thinking i shoulda gone for the kevlar jacket !

no seriusly , he sounds like he has planned for the win before hand and has things in pretty good order.

being a godless heathen myself  i dont see why all this praying is needed? i mean he already pulled the jackpot, whats he want now?

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So, the government stole (aka "taxed") nearly half of his winnings?


Just think how much more humanity would have benefited from the other 60 million he won if he would have received it?


Instead, the government will waste the 60 million in stupid entitlement programs to reward lazy people and reinforce their laziness.


Something is terribly wrong with this country.

In response to cope

Explains how well the so-called teaparty types are so informed. They can't read for themselves andcomprehend anything. The only mention of taxes in the article is"Render chose the cash option so he'll only be getting $63 millionbefore taxes." That's how the lottery works. You can take the fullamount over thirty years, or you can take the seed-money-only cashoption immediately. Will there be taxes? Yes. But if you're going tocomplain again about the taxes, at least get it right.


US Flag  From a True American Veteran that believes in the ACTUAL Constitution.


Somany believe he "has his life together" because he believes in animaginary friend? Ever consider THAT'S what is at least partly wrongwith this country? So many think their imaginary friend can "beat up"everyone else's imaginary friend. LOL!



Party Now for all the "love" of those "wonderful" christians out there who will now spew vitriolic hatred at me.  LOL!!!

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Congratulations to the 46 year old executive, who will.."ONLY get $63million".

If someone calmly walked into my office and stated we needed to pray...I would immediately call security and 911.

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In response to ScubaGolfJim

I don't consider myself a "member" of the Tea Party movement, but I would consider myself a "Tea Party type", because I believe in smaller government and more individual freedom.  I do also think that I (and lots of other Tea-Party-like folks) are VERY well-informed.  I can also read for myself and comprehend things fairly well.  (If I do say so myself.)

I agree that the person you're quoting mis-understood the concept of the cash value, but taking that mistake and using it to slur all Tea Party-type people as basically stupid morons is unfair and a total non-sequitur.

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Tea Party people understand that regardless of what you earn (or win), you can expect the government to take nearly half of it.


If you don't have a problem with that, then you don't understand the United States Constitution or the reason this country was founded in the first place.

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In response to ScubaGolfJim

The only vitriolic hatred I'm seeing spewed here is by you towards Christians and the Tea Party.

Better tune in to Keith Olbermann and drink another glass of his special Kool-Aid and calm down, dude.

You wouldn't happen to be angry about the turnout for the recent democrat/communist mini-march on Washington DC, would you?   ROFLGreen laughLOL


You can believe all you want in your ACTUAL Constitution (whatever that is), if you want to, where the government takes control of every aspect of your life.

I'll stick with the Constitution of the United States of America which explicitly limits the powers of the federal government.

If you're insecure and feel you need a nanny to run your life, you might want to try Cuba or North Korea.

Most of us here can take care of ourselves.

And we're going to make that perfectly, crystal clear next month.


BTW, I hear the Kim-Chee is excellent in Pyongyang this time of year. Stay away from the canine fare though unless you absolutely must have meat for protein to survive. Icky yukky poo poo.

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yes it was a devine blessing.

yes i am pumped this guy gives credit were credit is due (for him),  and that it rightfully appears that he will be a great steward of such a gift.   i really like that part of the story...

what does concern me,  is what pastor bronner stated in the article that ......."Bronner, who also is a pastor at the Ark of Salvation in Grant Park, explained that it was a service where participants were told to expect "unusual supernatural increase."

that statement for face value is dangerous,  in that it gives the false hope notion that mr render "received" such a blessing because he may have participated in that news years pronouncement,   and that is not true.

he surely wasn't the only one there,  and just by deduction,  he may have not been the "most likely" to win out of all the attendee's based on bronner's type of qualification.  (tithing, business affliation service,  church attendance, amount of "faith" / "belief",  positive confession consistentcy,  etc.)

what i am getting at,  is the false notion that you or i can achieve what bronner alludes to mr gender achieving via a "special meeting",  or something of that nature.

when i lived in georgia,  i watch pastor bronner occasionally,  but he fell to the prosperity side of teaching,  where you could "confess" things into existence,  and that isn't true.   and as i figured he would,  he alluded to it by insinuating that meeting most likely equated mr genders destination.

God can tell us pre event,  what He will do in and thru a persons life.  that part is true.   at times, He can do that thru another person.

what's not true,  is the notion that anyone of us can attend a special "prophectic meeting",  and somehow be guaranteed the same deal.

that's false hope,  and nothing more

actually,  more often than not,  God picks the unqualifiable, the weak, the "faithless" and the disobedient for things he does.

why?   because then God gets the credit,  instead of someone saying "I EARNED IT"....

we can thru obedience place ourselves in a sphere of trustworthiness as well

i think in terms of common sense,  and i wonder what other people think who attended that meeting that night,  who read that statement as to why it wasn't them.    pastor bronner has the burden of informing them their "faith" wasn't as strong,  otherwise it would have been them instaed of mr gender

relax.  if it's supposed to happen to you, it will. 

 if it ain't,  you can't go to enough "meetings",  nor can you buy enough tickets to make it happen

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I'm so insulted by you saying  "Kool-Aid" and all. Shame on you!!!! This is so not right and is very very insulting to all the hard working minorities and majorities of the U.S. You should be far more sensitive to the many struggling classes of people in the U.S.A who the very rich has taken advantage of and left with Golden Parachuts.  With out the minority the rich is nothing, respect us.

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In response to Diamon Life

By "Kool-Aid" he meant that some people will continue believing the current slate of politicians in power will "do some good" for them, no matter what evidence proves they are corrupt and are doing a horrendous job.  There are "Kool Aid drinkers" on both the left and the right in this country.

The notion that calling someone a "Kool-Aid drinker" is somehow against minorities is ludicrous.  It is a term that means someone will continue buying into a flawed and failed concept, no matter what.

There are people of every race and background in this country who are struggling.  I'm not sure "minority" is even going to be a valid term anymore, because EVERYONE will be a minority soon.

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Pete Seeger? (barf, gag, puke).

Weren't we all annoyed enough by that tree hugging weirdo when they put his commie tripe on the radio?

I mean C'MON! If I had a Hammer?  (barf, gag, puke) Why not the sickle too Vladimir, my comrade?

I loved his Lenin hat and goatee too. That really put the icing on the cake.

I knew you'd come out eventually.

Should we have a coming out party?

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In response to Delta Draw

Sorry, you're not as smart as you think.  We are not a democracy.  That would mean that you and everyone you know personally votes for every local, state, and federal law and measure.

If you don't agree with that concept, then I'm sorry but you need a course in civics, as well as US history.

I correctly predicted that your response would be pompously long, but light in truth and facts.


Sorry to hear that Mr. Render put his name and identity out there for every "crackpot" to see.

He said Render is concerned about "crackpots" coming after him and is guarding his privacy. The phone numbers at Render's home have been disconnected, and he couldn't be reached for comment.

Render didn't tell her that he'd won. She only realized her boss was a millionaire after a local reporter e-mailed her a photo of the winner included in the Georgia Lottery's announcement Friday.

"Yup, that's him," she said.

In the meantime, he was establishing the limited liability corporation, Nichelle Leando LLC., that he would use to cash in the ticket.

Isn't this putting the cart before the horse???

He and his family still have a huge target painted on their backs for every "crackpot" so why bother?

How did the reporter know where to send the email?

Good luck and God protect you and your family Mr. Render.

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In response to Jyna Log

Sorry Jyna, I withdraw my offer to deconstruct you.

After reading your posts while reasonably sober, I see it would serve no purpose other than requiring me to rehash and explain what most would consider common knowledge and common sense to someone who's idealism would not hear of it.

Your reasoning and rationale are sophomoric at best and I would be somewhat taken aback to learn that you had attained the majority necessary and required to drink a beer in these United States.

No offense but perhaps another time.

In response to Todd

It’s not about being smart Todd, you said “In the United States we have what is called a Democratic Republic.”   It is more about being honest.

How about citing your references to back that up? I cited Ben Franklin and  the constitution of the US and the states.

Which way do you want it? What civics course did you take that teaches otherwise?

Is this your form of fair and balanced reporting? Tell enough lies that eventually people start to believe it? Time and again you distort what is in print, and on the same page! It makes me question what you consider fact and the nature of this site. How reliable are your facts?

Your lesson in global economics is coming home soon. See the Fox video below, it is fair and balanced.

You think you vote on every federal law and measure? So you voted on the bailouts, heck we all did so what is the problem? You are too insane to know what you write.

Going to lock this thread and remove some of the posts because you have ultimate control to do so like you did the other day? Grow up. Find a forum to express and promote your political views and force feed lies to the readers. Subscribers were not informed this is a soap box for your political agendas. Cite Every story you say is news or pay royalties to the sources.

Readers should be given  honesty and truth in reporting with cited references, otherwise it's not trustworthy.


Here you go ridge, and I know since your comments on the news about Oregon’s raffle that you can view it. I used the Pete Seeger vid because it was in English. The message was in the song, Try not to get your panties in a bundle over it.The song has value to any person who is a free thinker. Are you a free thinker or a sock puppet?

Here is one: Ron Paul is a member of the CFR. He knows what is going on. Has he gone rogue or is he tipping his hat?

Either way it does not matter because the crisis demands new order. BTW, I like your McCarthyisms.

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@delta draw,

No, it's about being smart in this case.  You're posting a you tube video with no relevance to the subject matter.  I have noticed that you basically write lengthy diatribes about topics and points that you want to discuss, whether or not they relate to the matter at hand.

I'm not going to participate in your unknown political philosophy, nor do I frankly want to hear any more about it.  I was simply pointing out your incorrect assertion that the United States has "gone from a Republic to a Democracy".  That is a ludicrous statement, and basically demonstrates that there is little value to the rest of your disconnected and rambling points.



The Youtube is in context if you are a well informed type. There is no such thing as a democratic-republik as you wish to browbeat me with. The first youtube i posted in this thread is all the education you need to stay with the topic, that is unless you want to redefine terms and that is fowl play. Answer me this : DID you vote for the bail-outs?


From page 1, you jumped someone and wrote:


I don't consider myself a "member" of the Tea Party movement, but I would consider myself a "Tea Party type", because I believe in smaller government and more individual freedom.  I do also think that I (and lots of other Tea-Party-like folks) are VERY well-informed.  I can also read for myself and comprehend things fairly well.  (If I do say so myself.)

I agree that the person you're quoting mis-understood the concept of the cash value, but taking that mistake and using it to slur all Tea Party-type people as basically stupid morons is unfair and a total non-sequitur.

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In response to Delta Draw

Oh my gosh, you're all over the map.  I have no idea what a "democratic-republik" is.  Spelling much?  Just go back and read my previous posts to understand the proper terminology and facts.

No, I did not vote for the bail-outs.  It's funny how you're proving my point about the fact that the United States is not a Democracy.  If it were a pure Democracy, then you, I, and everyone else here would have personally voted on it.  I guess that is too deep of a concept for you.  Maybe you best stick to YouTube videos.

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In response to Delta Draw

No, I learned there is a way to watch you-tube but it is very time consuming and I certainly wouldn't waste a nanno-second of time to listen to that old communist, Seeger.

But you go ahead and enjoy your moment of communism in the sun since Obama tricked a majority of Americans into voting for him. Yes, it will fail and yes it will be short-lived but at least it provided you the opportunity to come out of the closet and admit what you really are.

Decent, hard working, patriotic Americans are going to show you what they think of your preferred form of government and Obama and his Democrats brief fling with it this coming Tuesday.

Obama's abbreviated experiment with totalitarianism will soon join the Soviet Union on what President Reagan called the Ash Heap of History.

Please pardon my coy smile.

In response to rdgrnr

"A new wacko..."

You make such a thoughtful and reasonable point. Thanks, I'll consider it...

Most likely a young college kid, freshly brainwashed by his or her college professors

All about me, huh? Well, since you've never met me, let me let you in on who I really am. I 30 something, small business owning, proud parent of two. And, yes... I am actually a registered voter, and am registered as "unaffiliated". It may be difficult for you to believe, but some people actually prefer to look at the issues on individual merits, and are less interested in picking sides, and drawing lines, and trying to pigeon-hole people with your labels and name-calling.

It would be my distinct pleasure to de-program you and wean you from the left-wing Kool-Aid, provided I can sober up and see straight by tomorrow (later today, actually).

I think this would be a rather impossible task for you, considering you've already got me judged and pigeon-holed about as inaccurately as you possibly could. But, it's cool. I'll be your "left-wing" nut of the day if you like. I'm all about hearing the views of folks who may have had different  paths than my own, but you offer me nothing but more name calling. It's boring, and such an easy path to take. You, sir, seem to be more interested in judging folks, and attacking them with your labels than anything else. I'll pass... 

I guess I may be celebrating November 2nd a little early, ya think?

Actually, I'll be quite happy come election day as well.... b/c no longer will the republican's in D.C be able to do what they have done for the last 2 years... which has been little more than say "no, no, no"... while offering up no alternatives of their own. They've been a party of resistance, and more (as is typical in politics... from all sides) hate and fear-mongering, and attacking people (like you and your cohorts here in this thread) rather than ideas. 

Well, come November 2nd, they'll be in charge, and that <snip> won't fly anymore.... Myself, and everyone else will expect them to produce results. They won't be able to sit with their thumbs in their ears, saying "no, no, no"... they'll actually be expected to offer up some REAL solutions to the very complex issues that we face as a natioin... issues that don't get solved by people name-calling, and auto-labeling anyone with an opposing viewpoint as some sort of "whacko", "nut", or "nazi" or whatever else you might like to call me.

Now, I may have to completely deconstruct you based on the length of time and depth of your exposure to the lies and deceit of the left. If it was total immersion for a number of years in a liberal college it may take some time before you're willing to come to accept the truth. Some never do.

I'm flattered. If you'd actually like to know a little about my past, I'm a military brat. spent much of my youth moving from place to place. I've lived equally in rural areas of the south, and in larger cities around the country. From Florida to Alaska, Washington D.C., po' dunkville Alabama (for 10 years) where I attended a 4 year university (how dare me get an education... nothing but "liberal propaganda", huh?)

I'm still quite young (30 something) but in the last few years I've come to realize some small truth's... One thing we'd likely agree on in a general context (though not a specific one), and that is that most people have such totally skewed perceptions of reality due to the filters through which they consume their information. In the last couple of years, I've taken very deliberate efforts to remove the most blatant of those filters wherever possible. If I want to know about the possible fiscal impact of recent health care legislation, I don't get it from Glenn Beck, or Keith Olbermman, or filtered through any media. I go to source for that information. In this case, it would be the 112 page Congressional Budget Office report that is available for free download via their website. If I want to know (as much as I can) about what was actually in the health care bill, I go to the library of congress, and I download it... and I begin to read. I don't take your word for it, or anyone elses... I prefer to READ it myself... and make up my own mind as to how I feel about it. This is why I choose to be unaffiliated. I choose to make up my own mind (I'm sure this is difficult for you to believe given your pre-programmed, and artfully expressed, bias against me). I choose to be as informed as possible. I choose NOT to pretend to know about things that I do not when discussing issues. I choose NOT to use media outlet talking points as my foundation of knowledge. I choose to make up my own mind, rather than tote some party line on the issues.

We might even become friends

It's possible, though not likely if you aren't even interested in actually knowing me. You seem to have me all figured out already as it is. And, if all you are going to do is call me names and talk down to me, it's also not very likely that I would acknowledge you as a friend, or friendly towards me. I do have quite a diverse (but small) group of friends though. I'd wager they are diverse enough that you won't believe me when I tell you that they include a black muslim, a black trans-gendered person, white christians, white athiests, etc. My children are mixed race, and my spouse is from Indonesia. Perhaps that is difficult for you to fathom... but, not me. People are people. we are not so very different. Our labels are the thing that divides us the most. There is most always a common ground to be found, and a shared experience amongst people. It's our contrast that attracts me to these people, and allows me to explore where those shared experiences might lie once we are free to have a relationship that is not burdened by silly labels such as those you have placed on me... someone who you have exchanged a grand total of one anonymous internet posting with.

 in which case you could visit my mountain holler and learn how to chainsaw trees and shoot junk cars and trucks in my front yard. Have you ever shot road signs with a 12 gauge shotgun while hangin out the window of a pickup truck doin 90 miles an hour down a winding mountain backroad? Practice yellin YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! as loud as ya can, just in case.

I don't own a chainsaw b/c I'm back in the city for the last couple of years... but, my prior residence was a rented, cozy 11 acres in the country, about 15 minutes from a town of 10k people, where I chopped my own firewood... but, I mostly used an axe :) I'm pretty out of shape these days though, so I'd be glad to borrow your chainsaw if you don't mind :) p.s. Can't say I ever shot road signs... I can shoot other things that don't involve law-breaking and vandalism in the process. I am a gun owner. my gun ownership is currently limited to handguns, as it is a more (imo) practical weapon for it's possible (though hopefully never to be faced with the situation) use here in the city. I never really got into hunting, but I always enjoyed shooting guns with my father out at a shooting range, or in the country somewhere. It's a hobby that I've continued to enjoy in my adult life.

p.s. I did get my minivan up to 100... does that count? even if I didn't have my kids in the back and a shotgun hanging out the side of the window?

I'll show ya how to have some fun son.

Should I bring the moonshine? I know someone up in North Georgia... I'll make a pitstop.

p.s. "dad"... I have a father. I'm quite in awe of him and what he has overcome from his childhood, to what he has accomplished in his life as a 30 year retired military veteran, who served two tours in vietnam, As a true war veteran, who was put into a really <snip>ed up situation, and did the job he was tasked with above and beyond. As someone who doesn't talk about or gloat over his war experience, or use it as some sort of political clout. A history that I have pieced together over about 6 years of research, meeting and speaking with his comrades, reading letters he wrote home to my mother (his then fiance), etc, etc.

Though our past has had its rough spots, and we differ politically, something tells me you wouldn't hold a candle to him, nor that you would have any meaningful insight to provide me that he has not already.

Granted... my knowledge of you is limited to a few hate-rants on the internet, but something tells me that I will never look upon you as a father figure. Though, I suppose it should have been a given that "son" was not meant as a term of endearment, or an offer of insight... but rather a slant, and yet another condescending jab at the tail end of a post without substance.

With Kindest Regards,

Your (allegedly) left-wing, liberal, brainwashed, uninformed, whacko "friend"

label me if you must. write me off, and ignore that which does not fit your mold if it makes you feel better.

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@Jyna Log:

I would like to take issue with something you've said here, and it is an extension of a wide-spread canard told by liberals.

Conservatives do not get "such totally skewed perceptions of reality due to the filters through which they consume their information."  (That is your quote.)

The Internet is something relatively new, yet conservatives have existed since the country was founded.  In fact, conservatives' beliefs are the same as the founders of this country:  limited federal government, power to the states, and people should keep most of the money they earn, rather than having s socialist government that takes away from one group and gives to another (i.e., class warfare).

Liberals, on the other hand, feel they know better than the men who founded the country.  (Which is obviously delusional.)

Those of us who are not "Gen X" or "Gen Y" formed our political opinions before conservatives even had a voice in the media, and before the Internet.  When I was growing up, liberal media was the ONLY option.  Yet somehow I managed to form an informed and intelligent opinion without "filters through which [I consumed my] information".  100% liberal propaganda, filtered in any which way, is still 100% liberal propaganda.

The conservative ascendancy is certainly helped by the fact that conservative viewpoints finally have a way to get out there.  But more than anything, conservatism is on the rise because since 2006 the country has witnessed what happens when liberals are in charge.

Myself, I clearly remember the disaster of the Carter years, so I did not need a more recent example of a liberal disaster, but I guess much of the country needed a reminder.

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I think this is incredible and indeed a blessing!

I need to receive "the Business Anointing" and unusual supernatural incresae.

I need it NOW! LOL!


Sorry Jyna, I withdraw my offer to deconstruct you.

Thank goodness... After reading more of your posts, they seem to have confirmed the fact that you have little to say about issues, and much to do with labeling and namecalling, and engaging in classic, and cliche intellectually dishonest debate tactics. If I actually had to listen to you say some of petty, ignorant, hateful crap you spew on to me in person for long enough, your hate might just rub off on me, as we come to blows. Is this really how you talk to people in the real world? Full of arrogance, names, and hate, and completely lacking in the ability to be respectful to those who do not share your views?

Your reasoning and rationale are sophomoric at best

I suppose that would make your constant use of name-calling, labeling, etc and disrespectful tone the schoolyard equivalent of kids fighting over a shovel in a sandbox.

You claimed that all tea party folks are the most tolerant, well-informed, etc, etc, etc people one would ever meet. I merely challenged that notion. Not to label all tea party'ers as racists and bigots. But, to point out that your assertion was a gross overstatement, and not an accurate reflection of reality. Truth be told, I follow it quite closely, and yes... I find the overall tone coming from the tea party to be one that I largely perceive as hostile. Heavy on rhetoric, and talking points, and weak on substance... Like most political "movements" in this day and age. 

I suppose I didn't need to point out the fact that the tea party is quite obviously NOT lacking in intolerant, disrespectful, hateful people, b/c your posts serve to illustrate that point quite clearly. Do you not see the hypocrisy in claiming that you are part of a movement that should be identified as having the most tolerant people I will ever meet, when your posts are about as far from tolerant and respectful as it gets? And, you've failed to illustrate how "well-informed" on the issues you allegedly are, b/c you seem to be too busy name-calling and being disrespectful to all who do not bask in your glow of self-proclaimed awareness and insight into the "real world". Rather arrogant if you ask me. Definitely not tolerant. and, pretty silly to claim ones own self as wise and knowing. Especially when you've given no illustration of your alleged wisdom. But, have expertly illustrated my point better than my long ass rambling posts.

Though it is clear you do not fit the mold you place on the tea party, I will not assume that all tea party'ers are as disrespectful as you. I am hopeful that I might meet one who is reasonable, well-informed in their conclusions, and with whom I might have a healthy, and productive dialog with in order to gain some *meaningful* insight into how they came to their current position. Not to change minds, but merely to understand and recognize any possible validity in this movement, besides just being pissed off.... at something... and screaming, and calling people names. 


I would like to take issue with something you've said here, and it is an extension of a wide-spread canard told by liberals.

Conservatives do not get "such totally skewed perceptions of reality due to the filters through which they consume their information."  (That is your quote.)

Firstly, I never said "conservatives have a skewed perception...." I said "most people"... this would include "conservatives", "liberals", "christians", republicans, democrats, etc, etc, etc, etc.

We'll agree to disagree on this point. I don't believe it to be "liberal propaganda" b/c I apply the statement just as readily to "liberals"... Though, I'm referring to folks who actually identify themselves as such. Not anyone who doesn't agree with you, so they are a liberal :).

Reality is, our perceptions are largely formed by the talking points of popular media, who condense complex issues down into talking points, and rarely ever provide (in my view) the supporting arguments that are supposed to go with those "talking points" (well, my opinion anyways, and I acknowledge it as such). Just b/c "conservatism" has been around longer than fox news doesn't really mean much when applied to current reality to me.

I apologize, but most of the people I see calling themselves conservatives these days are anything but in practice. sounds good to say "small government", "low taxes", etc... but, doesn't accomplish much. it's a talking point, and not an accurate reflection on the behavior of "conservatives" i've witnessed in office in recent memory.

Personally, I'd call 2000-2008 to be quite a disaster, but I presume you might not? I have no issue with "conservative principles" on the surface... at least the ones you stated in your post. But, I fail to find a president in recent memory who would fit that bill. The government has continued to expand, even under the watchful eye of so-called conservative presidents. Folks like to talk about how much our current president spends, and I'm left wondering where they were when our government was spending like mad and continuing to expand its influence and reach, even into the business of governing individual morality, under the previous administration? I often see from the conservative side of things something that is clearly not an example of limited government. When you start passing laws telling people what they may or may not do in the privacy of their own home, or telling people that they may not marry and have the same legal rights as you, b/c you have a moral objection to their way of life (even though their way of life has absolutely zero impact on your own). I'm sorry, but that is not limited government. 

So, let's look at Reagan... a conservative? he spent an awful lot of dough, and government under his reign ( like it has under most recent presidencies) expanded pretty dramatically. He's also responsible for the Earned Income Credit. A tax law that "takes from the rich" and "gives to the poor", and probably one of the largest sources of "lost income" (if you will) for the government come tax season. Speaking of socialism. If repealing tax cuts on the wealthy is socialist/communist, then so was Reagan. I'm not calling him one. Just merely pointing out the fact that he, and pretty much every president of the last many decades would be considered socialist, and this country would be as well.... free public education, social security, EIC, Medicare, medicaid, Federal grants for college tuition, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc) We are actually quite "socialist" in several ways. Now, you can say that free public education, and federal grants for continuing education is a bad thing if you like.

Personally (for all it's flaws) I'm grateful that we have a free public education system. (problems with our education system aside, and saved for another discussion :) ) One that my children can take advantage of. If they were raised in my spouses country of origin, this would not be the case. many children there do not attend school beyond a couple of grades b/c it is cost-prohibitive for them to do so(though, I believe they have recently moved to a public education system of sorts as well... at least for the early grades. Just don't quote me on that).

It is also my hope that my children will one day have equal, affordable access to quality health care in this country. I do not think it is sinful to think (free or not aside) that the health of our populace should not be a for-profit industry, as that is ultimately at the root of many of the problems in our health care system as it stands. That's not even going as far as to say that it should be "free". Just to say that whether or not someone lives or dies, gets a treatment or not, etc should be made based on their income bracket, or some billionaire ceo's bottom line.

The 24 hour news cycle created the monster that is "news entertainment" (aka wwe wrestling). FOX News has been enormously successful at capitalizing on that opportunity (from a business perspective). But, just like I haven't drank any "liberal nazi cool-aid", I ain't drinking what they are selling either.

I appreciate your response.

p.s. I still think we should be focusing more on the *effectiveness* of government, rather than it's size. I don't really care if it is big or small. I care that it is effective or not. It is not, and has not been for some time. This is nothing new. And, saying the problem is that it is too big, is a bit too general to begin addressing the actual fundamental issues with how our government functions these days.

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Listen son, I can understand now why your daddy ain't got much use for you (not that he doesn't love you, I'm sure he does). You just talk too much son. And you got a feminine way of talking. Kinda like a girly-man. No father wants to see his son carrying on like that. You sound like one of them Californy Dancin Boys in the other thread. Just be yourself and drop all the pretentious "sensitive" crappola. It's creepy. That dung might fly in your favorite soap opera but this is the real world now, skippy. Act like a man. 

If you got something to say, just say it, boy! Don't drag it out for 6 paragraphs when you can say it in one sentence. People are having 16 anxiety attacks waiting for you to complete a thought.

And quit lying! Do you really think nobody here is intelligent enough to know your political persuasion based on your rhetoric? Really? 

Do you really think nobody here can spot your worn out talking points and overused cliches?

If I hear " I don't care if government is big or small, I just want it to work." one more time, I swear I'm going to puke. You better tell George Soros and those moveon idiots to get you some new material to recite.

I don't want to hurt your feelings son but I know what your game is and believe me, your game ain't that strong. If you came here to practice for the big leagues, you came to the wrong place.

And let me give you a little advice for your next attempt somewhere else, sonny boy: Don't stress how "unaffiliated" you are and then go on a rant about how 2000-2008 was "quite a disaster"    and then segue into a critique of President Reagan and how terrible he was while tossing little bones of "I have no issues with Conservative principles..."     along the way. It's old, it's lame and it's been done before - a million times. It's easy to spot and it doesn't work anymore.

I say these things only for your own edification. I don't mean to embarrass you, you've done that yourself.

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