$116M Georgia Powerball winner claims prize

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He walked into his boss's office and said they needed to pray.

I think everything's gonna work out good for this guy.

God bless him.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!   Sounds as if he has his life totally together and will manage his newfound wealth well instead of money managing him.  He should be a good example of how-to for all lottery winners.  Congratulations and many blessings to him and his family!  Party

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It says: he told his colleagues that he'd be gone for a long weekend..

Me too I will be gone for a looong weekend!


And, have you heard of the british person whon won 113£ Millions (Brisitsh pounds, I don't even know how many dollars that is!) with the last Friday Euromillion?


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That is totally wonderful.I'd be happy to win a pick 3 in this sorry state.....wish I lived in an A+ state.

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if someone came into my office saying " we need to pray" id be thinking i shoulda gone for the kevlar jacket !

no seriusly , he sounds like he has planned for the win before hand and has things in pretty good order.

being a godless heathen myself  i dont see why all this praying is needed? i mean he already pulled the jackpot, whats he want now?

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So, the government stole (aka "taxed") nearly half of his winnings?


Just think how much more humanity would have benefited from the other 60 million he won if he would have received it?


Instead, the government will waste the 60 million in stupid entitlement programs to reward lazy people and reinforce their laziness.


Something is terribly wrong with this country.

In response to cope

Explains how well the so-called teaparty types are so informed. They can't read for themselves andcomprehend anything. The only mention of taxes in the article is"Render chose the cash option so he'll only be getting $63 millionbefore taxes." That's how the lottery works. You can take the fullamount over thirty years, or you can take the seed-money-only cashoption immediately. Will there be taxes? Yes. But if you're going tocomplain again about the taxes, at least get it right.


US Flag  From a True American Veteran that believes in the ACTUAL Constitution.


Somany believe he "has his life together" because he believes in animaginary friend? Ever consider THAT'S what is at least partly wrongwith this country? So many think their imaginary friend can "beat up"everyone else's imaginary friend. LOL!



Party Now for all the "love" of those "wonderful" christians out there who will now spew vitriolic hatred at me.  LOL!!!

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Congratulations to the 46 year old executive, who will.."ONLY get $63million".

If someone calmly walked into my office and stated we needed to pray...I would immediately call security and 911.

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In response to ScubaGolfJim

I don't consider myself a "member" of the Tea Party movement, but I would consider myself a "Tea Party type", because I believe in smaller government and more individual freedom.  I do also think that I (and lots of other Tea-Party-like folks) are VERY well-informed.  I can also read for myself and comprehend things fairly well.  (If I do say so myself.)

I agree that the person you're quoting mis-understood the concept of the cash value, but taking that mistake and using it to slur all Tea Party-type people as basically stupid morons is unfair and a total non-sequitur.

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Tea Party people understand that regardless of what you earn (or win), you can expect the government to take nearly half of it.


If you don't have a problem with that, then you don't understand the United States Constitution or the reason this country was founded in the first place.

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In response to ScubaGolfJim

The only vitriolic hatred I'm seeing spewed here is by you towards Christians and the Tea Party.

Better tune in to Keith Olbermann and drink another glass of his special Kool-Aid and calm down, dude.

You wouldn't happen to be angry about the turnout for the recent democrat/communist mini-march on Washington DC, would you?   ROFLGreen laughLOL


You can believe all you want in your ACTUAL Constitution (whatever that is), if you want to, where the government takes control of every aspect of your life.

I'll stick with the Constitution of the United States of America which explicitly limits the powers of the federal government.

If you're insecure and feel you need a nanny to run your life, you might want to try Cuba or North Korea.

Most of us here can take care of ourselves.

And we're going to make that perfectly, crystal clear next month.


BTW, I hear the Kim-Chee is excellent in Pyongyang this time of year. Stay away from the canine fare though unless you absolutely must have meat for protein to survive. Icky yukky poo poo.

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yes it was a devine blessing.

yes i am pumped this guy gives credit were credit is due (for him),  and that it rightfully appears that he will be a great steward of such a gift.   i really like that part of the story...

what does concern me,  is what pastor bronner stated in the article that ......."Bronner, who also is a pastor at the Ark of Salvation in Grant Park, explained that it was a service where participants were told to expect "unusual supernatural increase."

that statement for face value is dangerous,  in that it gives the false hope notion that mr render "received" such a blessing because he may have participated in that news years pronouncement,   and that is not true.

he surely wasn't the only one there,  and just by deduction,  he may have not been the "most likely" to win out of all the attendee's based on bronner's type of qualification.  (tithing, business affliation service,  church attendance, amount of "faith" / "belief",  positive confession consistentcy,  etc.)

what i am getting at,  is the false notion that you or i can achieve what bronner alludes to mr gender achieving via a "special meeting",  or something of that nature.

when i lived in georgia,  i watch pastor bronner occasionally,  but he fell to the prosperity side of teaching,  where you could "confess" things into existence,  and that isn't true.   and as i figured he would,  he alluded to it by insinuating that meeting most likely equated mr genders destination.

God can tell us pre event,  what He will do in and thru a persons life.  that part is true.   at times, He can do that thru another person.

what's not true,  is the notion that anyone of us can attend a special "prophectic meeting",  and somehow be guaranteed the same deal.

that's false hope,  and nothing more

actually,  more often than not,  God picks the unqualifiable, the weak, the "faithless" and the disobedient for things he does.

why?   because then God gets the credit,  instead of someone saying "I EARNED IT"....

we can thru obedience place ourselves in a sphere of trustworthiness as well

i think in terms of common sense,  and i wonder what other people think who attended that meeting that night,  who read that statement as to why it wasn't them.    pastor bronner has the burden of informing them their "faith" wasn't as strong,  otherwise it would have been them instaed of mr gender

relax.  if it's supposed to happen to you, it will. 

 if it ain't,  you can't go to enough "meetings",  nor can you buy enough tickets to make it happen

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I'm so insulted by you saying  "Kool-Aid" and all. Shame on you!!!! This is so not right and is very very insulting to all the hard working minorities and majorities of the U.S. You should be far more sensitive to the many struggling classes of people in the U.S.A who the very rich has taken advantage of and left with Golden Parachuts.  With out the minority the rich is nothing, respect us.

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In response to Diamon Life

By "Kool-Aid" he meant that some people will continue believing the current slate of politicians in power will "do some good" for them, no matter what evidence proves they are corrupt and are doing a horrendous job.  There are "Kool Aid drinkers" on both the left and the right in this country.

The notion that calling someone a "Kool-Aid drinker" is somehow against minorities is ludicrous.  It is a term that means someone will continue buying into a flawed and failed concept, no matter what.

There are people of every race and background in this country who are struggling.  I'm not sure "minority" is even going to be a valid term anymore, because EVERYONE will be a minority soon.

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In response to gonnawinwatchme

LOL, those idiots and their ilk would protest billboards saying that murder is wrong too.

Unfortunately for them, this constant theme of trying to make wrong right and right wrong is getting old and worn out.

I'm surprised the ACLU isn't out there suing everybody. They always take the side of anything that's bad for the country too.

It's about time that the sun sets on these idiots that have been telling people to lie and cheat for years and thankfully it is.

If you want to vote illegally for a pint of wine or 5 bucks from ACORN that's fine.

But know that sometimes you also get 3 years of baloney sandwiches and a bunk with Bubba as a bonus.


[quote]We now have a President and Congress that repeatedly go against the will of the people. All polls show that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to virtually everything our President and Congress are doing. They know we are against it but they defy us and go ahead and do it anyway.[/quote]

This sounds like Deja Vu from the previous administration, yet I didn't hear any "tea party'ers" screaming and yelling and calling people communists then, or protesting record spending, record defecits, etc, etc, etc... Where was the "tea party" then? Where was the "tea party" when under the watch of an allegedly "conservative' administration we went from a budget surplus and 5 trillion dollar national debt to a trillion dollar budget deficit and greater than 10 trillion dollar national debt in less than a decade? You can blame "the other guys" if you want.. But, like Bush said (and Obama claimed for himself as well) "The Buck Stops Here." And, your guys (not that the bush admin was 'your guys') are just as guilty of all the same things you accuse the 'other guys' of now, or blame for the current economic woes.

[quote]I can tell you from experience as a Tea Party member that those claims are all lies. I attend Tea Party rallies and events and I participated in the two 9/12 Taxpayer Marches on Washington DC with these people. They are the nicest, friendliest, most decent people you will ever meet. I have never witnessed any racism or hate or violence at any Tea Party event and if I did, I wouldn't belong to it..[/quote]

www dot huffingtonpost dot com /2010/03/20/tea-party-protests-nier-f_n_507116

Something tells me your response to this won't be to cancel your membership with the Tea Party... but, rather more namecalling, "liberal bias blog", "perfect example of communist idiot sheep just believing what they hear", etc, etc... As opposed to acknowledging that this (and a notable and growing number of other incidents) is a documentable, verifiable incident occurring at a "tea party protest". That's not to say that all tea party'ers are racist, evil, scum.... No... that would be about as absurd as you claiming that they are all the "nicest, friendliest, most decent people you will ever meet." ! 

In fact, (if i may) I find much of what you say to come across as hypocritical and contradictory... You yourself have done little more than call names, insult, condescend, and make blanket accusations against entire demographics of people and against anyone who doesn't fit your particular alignment. In fact, your comments are largely little more than intellectually dishonest debate tactics that do nothing to actually address important issues or inform me of the "tea party" way that is going to fix all of our problems. I don't need to hear more name-calling. I don't need to hear vague talking points and ideological "sound goods". Such is already the accepted norm in political discourse these days.

And, from my perspective (as an unaffiliated, registered voter), I see people more hell-bent on choosing and vigorously defending alignment with the same hypocrisy by "repeating" over and over the same hollow talking points from (pick your party's propaganda machine) that are weak on substance and the offering of any actual solutions to our most pressing issues; but big on fear-mongering, hate speech, and the promoting of vague premises that offer little input in the realm of productive and useful dialog. You can't accuse people of being ignorant, and namecalling, when you yourself have just filled an entire post with little more than just that. A post full of intellectually dishonest debate tactics (primarily namecalling, and attacking of individuals rather than appropriately addressing the issues), and light on substance or anything more than a vague ideological stance without supporting ideas of how to actually address and fix issues. 

[quote]But we seem to have a couple people here who base their opinions on what they've heard on the leftwing hate blogs and from their "leaders". They seem to enjoy spreading gossip and rumors and lies without any evidence, documentation or firsthand experience. They should be ashamed of themselves.[/quote]

And, a counter example being the very prominent political figures and pundits who have (and some still continue to) vigorously promoted the spread of completely factless accusations about (i.e.) a president of the united states (rather than offering actual alternative solutions to *issues*), such as the factually defunct claims of his alleged muslim religious alignment (a *factoid* that roughly 20% of the american public believes to be true... speaking of just believing whatever you hear...), or the - equally devoid of any factually supportive evidence - claims against his birthplace. People who are staunch supporters of the tea party... dare I say spokesperson(s)- some of them. People who organize and promote tea party rallies on their highly visible cable and radio shows, making such wild claims without any actual evidence (on national television... with a straight face... to millions of people... who seem to just accept it all as fact, ironically enough). People who make hateful and counter-productive, comments such as (paraphrase) "our president has a deep seated hatred for white people/white culture" and "this guy is a racist"... So, I can certainly see where accusations of racial ignorance/insensitivity (at least) towards the tea party come from when one of your spokespersons spreads such useless drivel... 

This is just (to use a cliche) more of the same. People more interested in choosing sides, and repeating talking points that "sound good", without any independent investigation on their part, or (seemingly) any real desire to be informed about actual issues and possible solutions... pretty much what you spent your entire post accusing "the other side" of. Same ole, same ole... I don't need another party to get that crap. There are already plenty of parties using the same M.O.

My own personal perception of the "tea party movement" on the whole is a lot of misguided hostility. a lot of talk about what is wrong, and not a lot of alternative solutions. It all sounds good on the surface, but I'm not hearing any real substance. I do see a lot of "business as usual" though... just with a different name.

And, if I may... on the topic of big government vs. small government (since that is another re-hashed common talking point of the Tea Party)... It seems to me, that this is not the valid discussion to be had.. The valid discussion is not the size of the government (in my opinion), but the effectiveness, and efficiency of the Government. I don't care how big or small it is. I care if it is effective and how efficient it is. It is currently neither. And, this is just a continuation of a trend that did not start with Obama. And, the ratcheting of the hate-speech, fear-mongering, name-calling, etc from all party lines is NOT doing anything to address the issue. Neither are claims that (while they may sound good on the surface) "our problem is one of big government". NO. Sorry. It's one of ineffective government. b/c the pubs, the dems, the tea party... you are all the same, in my opinion. Big talk. no solution. Motives that don't wash with what gets put out on the surface... Either by the propaganda machine, or by people unknowingly being puppet-ed for ulterior motives beyond their sphere of awareness.

p.s. Apparently bbcode doesn't work here... how do you wrap text with quote tags here? :)

As an aside.. since i'm on the topic and don't have too many people to talk politics with :)

On healthcare... Now, I'm not necessarily in favor of "universal free health care" for this country at this time (though, in an ideal world, I have absolutely no problem with it) but that is b/c it is a far more complex issue than private or public, imo.. And, unfortunately.. again I didn't see any real alternatives being offered up to what was being pushed through by the party voted into power. I saw a lot of kicking and screaming. more fear-mongering. and a lot of "no, no, no"... with the opposing party seemingly offering up their stance on (the very serious issue of) healthcare as being they either had no ideas, or didn't think it needing of any major reform. At least (in this case) I can applaud Obama for undertaking a big issue that needs to be addressed... regardless of what the outcome may be.

Healthcare in this country is a major, major problem... if someone doesn't recognize it as such, well... lucky them, I guess. But, fewer and fewer people fit that mold...

I pose this question. (I feel that the health and education of a society are pretty much the two most important things in creating a sustainable, prosperous people. No one screams socialism about free public education, yet on the issue of our health (which I think any reasonable mind must concede is as vital to a societies long-term success as education is) it becomes "socialist", "gov't takeover", etc... I don't get that. Again... I just hear fear-mongering, not an actual introspective look at the status of our nations health care, and what can be done to fix it, but namecalling and getting people riled up with bumper sticker taglines.

Anyways... here is the question I pose. Do you not find it morally criminal that the health care industry is a for-profit endeavor? (I'm not talking about it being free... I'm talking about it being a "For Profit' industry). I personally find it rather offensive for the health and well-being of an individual or society as a whole to be determinate upon some businesses bottom line. Billions of dollars in advertising each year for the latest wonder drug. uninsured continuing to be priced out due to the constant back and forth between hospital rates and insurance premiums, brought on by bidding wars that afford the insurance companies the privilege of paying only a percentage of the billed amount... multi-billion dollar insurance companies paying as little as 25 cents on the dollar to hospitals. Yet, the uninsured pay full price? And, bear the burden of increasing hospital rates to compensate for ever more lucrative contract deals insurance companies make with hospitals? And, more people getting priced out of insurance, as premiums rise as a direct result of this back and forth.

Should a suit and tie decide to effectively sentence someone to death (by denying their cancer treatment) based on that businesses bottom line?

Should a poor person receive free care while I cannot afford health insurance for my family b/c I'm stuck in this (ever-growing) middle ground. Work doesn't offer, can't afford it on my own, don't qualify for any kind of assistance.

Is it ok that upwards of 90% of all hospital bills (research it) have errors on them? And, a large portion of those have egregious errors? i.e. go in for a sprained ankle and come out with a bill for delivering a baby (true story). get billed 28 dollars for a 2 dollar ace bandage for that sprained ankle?

anyways... i'm typing for a mile now... So, I'll stop :) but, those are just a few small examples of the many negative impacts that come from a "for-profit' approach to the health of our citizenry. At the very least, health care should be a non-profit industry, in my opinion. And, again... I'm not even talking about if it should be a right to have free health care or not... Merely that it should be illegal (in my opinion) for companies to profit billions on the life and death of a people. Or, for them to effectively decide who gets to live and die based on their bottom line. I am saying that it should be a given right (in the allegedly most advanced, prosperous, most powerful nation in the world), at a bare minimum for every citizen of this country to have readily available access to *affordable*, *quality* healthcare. This is a very fundamental flaw in our healthcare system from which many of the other problems stem.

Sorry, but the "tea party" seems (at least in terms of how it is being used politically) little more than an extension of an extremist wing of the republican party that has hijacked it for years, and that should have finally been pushed to obsolescence with the results of the last election... but, no one with any balls in that party stepped up to create a fresh voice. Sorry, a fresh-voice the tea-party is not. Folks in the rank and file may have the perspective that it is, but from my perspective... what i hear coming out of the dialog there, and who i see promoting it... same ole...

sorry for the length and the run-on sentences... it's late and this was very stream of consciousness posting :)


p.s. there is plenty of documentation available of some of the signs people hold up at these tea party rallies that certainly does not paint your tea party holier than thou slant you are claiming...

few examples? 

"Obama's Plan. White Slavery"

"Barack Husein Obama. The new face of Hitler" (with accompanying image of obama's face in a nazi ss uniform, complete with hitler-stache)

"Stand idol while some kenyan tries to destroy America? Homey don't play dat"

"Obama wasn't bowing, he was sucking Saudi Jewels" (complete with cartoon)

"speak for yourself Obama. We are a Christian nation"

"Hey Big Brother. Show us your REAL birth certificate." As if the media fabricated 50 year old newspaper articles documenting his birth, and the government of hawaii was really in on this grand conspiracy.... gimme a break.

"Whoa boys. I'll take it from here" (complete with cartoon of obama waving off gun toting terrorists)

"Slave Owner Taxpayer. Niggar" (can't even spell) 

'Sieg Heil. Hetr Obama"

"wake up america. Your muslim president bowed to his muslim king!"

"We need a christian president"

"obama is the anti-christ"

"impeach obama. aka Hussein"

"obama spends like a woman"

"cap congress and trade obama back to kenya"

"impeach the muslim marxist"

"the anti-christ is living in the whitehouse"

"obama is a destructive, unpatriotic, black muslim"

I could literally go on for hours, I think. The bounty is so plentiful, and readily verifiable if one has even an ounce of research ability, or has actually followed this movement from "the outside" for any length of time... Hardly representative of the picture you paint of a peace-loving, tolerant group of people who would not stand for racism.

Yes... indeed... These signs are all representative of a well-informed group of people speaking out on the issues that our country faces </sarcasm>

Now, I don't use this as a blanket condemnation against all individuals in the tea party or to say that you are all racists (or that you yourself are one)... Only to point out that the picture you paint seems rather one-sided... perhaps you've been drinking the cool-aid yourself? You seem to be blissfully unaware of some of the ranting, hating, racist, intolerant, non-productive, fear-mongering that members of your own party have engaged in for some time now.  You can deny these things if you like, but it only makes you seem more irrelevant (to me, anyways) when you refuse to acknowledge such things are taking place within your party, and pretend as though it is made up of peace-loving, tolerant people with a real message and vision on how to fix america... 

Sorry. but, I don't care what your political views are, or even if you might have teh best ideas to fix this country... when you make signs like the above and say stupid <snip> like above, you've lost all credibility with me. b/c the above does absolutely ZERO to move the dialog forward in any meaningful way. Tea party is the same crap i've been seeing from other folk, and a good example of why i had to stop watching the news.

The above examples of "extremism" within the tea party are abundant enough that I must at least acknowledge it as more than a few fringe people's distorting the message.

p.s. another one you can accuse me of wildness for... but, again, verifiable... some folks like fox news have been found out for exagerrating, and even falsifying in some cases the turnout of some tea party rallies. Even going so far as to pull crowd footage from mccain/palin campaign events and using it in the context of it being a crowd from a tea party rally.


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@Jyna Log -

You registered on a lottery forum just so you could slam the Tea Party movement?  Amazing.

You must feel incredibly threatened by those "know-nothings".  If they are so stupid and backwards, I wonder why you feel so threatened.  Certainly an "enlightened" person such as yourself would not worry about a few rabble-rousers?

For someone who criticizes the spelling and crassness of a few protest signs, you're like the pot calling the kettle black. The LP system snipped out your curse words.  exagerrating?  teh?

Hope you have a nice Nov. 3.

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Another DNC informant breaks Todd. LOL

Obama is a shadow of what he was as senator. Hope? Change? Nope! Thumbs Up

In response to Todd

good job on putting words in my mouth and spending your time going after me and typos  in a 3 am post. rather than addressing any points raised... kinda proves the point... more interested in namecalling than looking at issues.... bravo, sir.

I find it funny that on a lottery forum so many people in here constantly fill threads with political discussions, and namecalling, etc... yet if someone offers a counter...

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In response to Jyna Log

HA HA!  In order to address your so called points, one would need several hours.  Let's face it, not worth wasting hours of your life debating against someone on a lottery forum...especially when that someone registered for the sole purpose of arguing.

I also wish you a happy Nov. 3rd :)

In response to Jyna Log

Gee, one would think with all these racist, insulting, signs proliferating the TEA party events, CNN, ABC, MSNBC would be showing them 24/7.  I wonder why these networks are not showing them?  Could the reason be these signs and slogans do not exist?  Or perhaps they exist only in the minds of the Kool-Aid drinkers.  Or perhaps they exist only in your mind.

I attended the TEA party event in Nashville.  The only signs I saw referenced the out of control spending in Washington, D.C.  (Disclaimer:  I did not see all the signs that were displayed; only those sings around me which was about half of all there were.)  Please post the link to these signs.  I, for one, would love to see if they really exist.


well if people can't see what's going on in this country they are blind to the fact,. wake up people and vote these people out, we can't let this mess fall on our kids and grandkids.

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In response to Jyna Log

Wow, how did I miss this?

A new wacko with more bile straight from the left-wing hate-blogs.

Most likely a young college kid, freshly brainwashed by his or her college professors (I just skimmed lightly as I'm half in the bag and my eyes are beginning to cross) who uses the huffington post to reference as if it were somehow connected to reality or taken seriously in any quarter other than in his or her own mind.

" an unaffiliated, registered voter..." (italics mine)  Ah yes, that's rich. And oh so believable!

"...this was very stream of consciousness posting"    Now dude (or dudette), that was just downright gnarly! Far out!

It would be my distinct pleasure to de-program you and wean you from the left-wing Kool-Aid, provided I can sober up and see straight by tomorrow (later today, actually).

I guess I may be celebrating November 2nd a little early, ya think?

Now, I may have to completely deconstruct you based on the length of time and depth of your exposure to the lies and deceit of the left. If it was total immersion for a number of years in a liberal college it may take some time before you're willing to come to accept the truth. Some never do.

But I'm willing to try.

God help us.

We might even become friends, in which case you could visit my mountain holler and learn how to chainsaw trees and shoot junk cars and trucks in my front yard. Have you ever shot road signs with a 12 gauge shotgun while hangin out the window of a pickup truck doin 90 miles an hour down a winding mountain backroad? Practice yellin YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! as loud as ya can, just in case.

I'll show ya how to have some fun son.


Ah yes, November 3, 2010 full of upsets and surprises!

We went from a Republic to a Democracy (you hear our country described as one from both sides of the isle) and the natural progression is an Oligarchy.

That means one of the two parties will not only fail, it will be outlawed. New order will emerge.

Since the left does not have bile blasters like Limbaugh & Rove, the chances are good the right will rule the Oligarchy. Then all someone has to do is cry “Liberal!” and you’re a target. Heck, Limbaugh years ago said Liberals should be hunted down like the Al qadia! We are so close,…… Being a moderate is now a bad thing if your a conservative!

Each election brings us closer.



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In response to Delta Draw

You obviously are not aware that we have neither a Democracy nor a Republic.  In the United States we have what is called a Democratic Republic.

The last formal Democracy, as far as I know, was in ancient Greece.  That would be unworkable in a country the size of the United States.

The other reason that we are not a Democracy is that the founders always intended that the majority of power reside within the states, not within the federal government -- which was purposely limited in power by the Constitution.  A democracy would bypass the power of the states, and give people in more populous states more power than those in less populous states.

In a Democratic Republic, we elect local representatives who travel to the capitol to vote on our behalf.

Your other comments sound like you have been lurking part-time on some of the various conspiracy forums on the Internet.

Your remarks about conservatives and liberals are backwards and ill-informed.  In case you didn't notice, it is when the progressives (i.e., socialists) are in charge when the government grows large and out of control.  Conservatives want a smaller, less powerful central government -- less capable of destroying the foundation of our country.

These are facts, which undoubtedly will force you to commit additional hours of lengthy diatribe in order to post more unconnected random throughts.

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In response to Delta Draw

Uh-oh, did somebody have tee many martoonies last night?

In response to Todd

Die Gedanken Sind Frei! My thoughts are free!

Todd, take a lesson from real news reflectors like Google. They list the headline and the REFERENCE.

I am quite aware we no longer have a republic, we are a democracy,.. there is no in-between.

The YouTube I posted clearly will give the history lesson you need about Rome and our form of Government “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it”B. Franklin. But you say otherwise! How quaint it is that rewriting history serves a purpose!

Now you say we were delivered a Democratic-Republic (see how easy it is to slide into that poison idea?). You fail to understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic and what history says we are supposed to be. Leaning toward a democracy, we now have mob rule in one of two parties simultaneously (the TEA’s are bought lock-stock and barrel by the NEOCONS). I hope you get every penny’s worth of government you desire (guess who is footing the bill?), you will have earned it.

You don’t like where I get my news? Where I take history lessons from? I would rather be independent in my views than to be spoon-fed them by ill-educated editors as yourself. You going to try to influence my vote with your versions of history and news? Sounds like Mob rules. It will soon. Your choice is one of two mobs that have globalist influences from the CFR. Pick your poison.

We are at the democratic progression of a Republic. Is that what you’re trying to say? Take a few minutes and watch the video.

The USA will morf into one ruling class, the provisions for such ‘temporary’ government are in place by law, in the event of some kind of crisis. We have been given away long ago by politicians on both sides of the isle. The provisions suspend our national Constitution, our republic Ma’am. Search is your friend.

You see right and left; the conflict. New order arises out of conflict. It is the motto on our dollar bill. It is the long-term goal and design. You are caught up in the sensationalism of the day, you do not see the greater scope.

I am a Constitutional Moderate who knows the word Democracy does not appear in the Constitution of the US or in the individual state’s constitutions. Ask a new citizen who immigrated here, they are better educated on our Constitution and government than you are. They know the difference as far as you know, and beyond.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei= My thoughts are Free.


Note: the funny looking thing is a black powder horn.

rdgrnr's avatar - walt
In response to Delta Draw

"I am a Constitutional Moderate..."


Uh yeah, as if that wasn't apparent.

Most Americans love and live by our Constitution and many have died for it.

And you use it's guarantees to attack it.

You'd be awarded the Key to the City in San Francisco.


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