California woman receives surprise $1 million lottery check

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I am hoping that the PA Lottery will "surprise" me with the first Jackpot Check for PA in the Mega Millions!


They can show the check ........ but not me .........

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Congratulations to this winner. I didn't know that person won $1 million. How did this person win $1 million?

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Nice lady, nice family, nice story, glad when they turn out like this one.

I hope this makes her retirement years very happy ones.


I feel you, They can show the ticket but not the face.  I would have so many lost family members than you could know for sure, also I would be afraid that some fool would try to hold one of my grandchildren for the money, it's crazy if you win the problem that could accure if your face is placed all over the newspaper and internet.  I could sure use the money to forfell some dream I've had in helping other find their self alone with JESUS.   I would like someone to please share with me the winning powerball numbers for July 17, 2010.

If you can, I would more than appreciate you letting me know what they were.  If the good LORD bless me, I would bless you.  Don't want it all, just a nice piece.  If you got Viginia powerball numbers for that date please pass it on to me.

You have a BLESS day!

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Congratulations on your surprise $1,000,000 pre-taxed windfall!

I'm surprised that the CA Lottery was able to get so many people to take a weekday off from work and drive far in order to receive only a $1,000 pre-taxed check.

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In response to Candy3

Hi Candy3, welcome to Lottery Post!!

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Congrats to the Tate family!

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This lady lives a block from me!! I was really surprise when I saw her picture on Yahoo. Suck for her that she can't keep it annonymous since CA Lottery is trying to make a advertisement by using her.

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In response to victorl3ichiban

Unfortunately, you have to move now victor.

Think about what the odds against two big winners being a block away from each other are.

Can you say super, ultra-astronomical? I knew you could.


I would recommend you move to Arizona. You don't need any permit to open-carry guns there which makes it a fun place to live.

It drives the libs absolutely insane! 

I used to go to popular lib meccas like Sedona and I would be absolutely bristling with weaponry and I'd just walk up and down the downtown area giving them crazy looks and smiles. Nobody wanted to make eye contact, let alone talk to me. What's funny is that the lib men get way more scared than the lib wimmins. Male liberals are terrified of guns. So I would move there if I was you. It's worth it just for the comedic effect. I wish I had made videos.

Good luck with your new life in Arizona! I'd help you move but I'm not that close.

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lol.   Congrats to the Tate Family.

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I bought lottery ticket on this Saturday at a gas station every close to where this lady lives. The cashier said, "She is just down the road." Now I cross my fingers for Mega Millions this Tuesday.

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I am hoping for my million dollar check here soon. Yes Nod

Sweet win for her! Thumbs Up

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