Lottery scams dupe thousands


Attention all LP members, if you have elderly relatives or mentally disabled relatives, please be on the lookout for them. Don't allow this to happen to your loved one. This is a sad story that happens all day every day to thousands of people. Do what you can to protect your loved ones. The government and police will only do so much and you already know there will be no justice done on behalf of your victimized loved one.

Let us learn from this horrible-horrible story and start thinking of ways to protect the financial resources of our loved ones.


Whenever these scammers say we just need a small fee to cover the taxes, paperwork, etc.  you should know it's a scam.  I would just say to the scammers instead of me sending you money, just just subtract the fees, taxes, etc. from my prize, then send me a check.  Then, I would expect them to hang up, quickly.

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I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree! 

First clue is if you haven't specifically entered a lottery or contest .... how can you be so special as to be singled out as a winner??? 

Legitimate sponsor contests and sweepstakes always state up front FREE entry, FREE postage or freight delivery of prize to your residence.


Why fall for foreign lottery scams? The domestic varieties are big enough scams anyway.


Konane, we don't vote in sufficient numbers to relieve our regime of their powers. Illegal aliens, dead people, dogs, cats and hamsters vote these people into office, not counting those dependent constituencies they cultivate with government jobs, hand-outs, Affirmative Action policies and other Big Brother programs. I'm afraid anyone who gains high office these days is well aware that they must 'play the game' in order to sustain their lofty posts. Remember this phrase: "Tweedle 'D' and Tweedle 'R'". That pretty much sums it up.

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150 checks in one month? Never seen a dime back? It boggles the mind that people would continue sending money for these scams. Dementia? Sounds more like greed. If they had a 6 figure bank account to start with it doesn't sound like they really needed the money in the first place. Or am I missing something in this story? Folks, find something better to do with your time. Volunteer!  

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Please keep in mind that the target demographic is the elderly not those of us who are still cynical enough to catch on and hang up. After working with the elderly for many years I've come to notice that the elderly are very trusting and gullible. These are educated people who trust what you say because they have no reason to distrust you.

EX: If I was to betray Mrs. Jones trust, she will be distrustful of me from then on. But if you came along right behind me and did the same thing Mrs. Jones would take you at your word and have the same thing or almost the same thing happen to her again.

When it comes to trust, dealing with the elderly is like dealing with young children. They will trust you to all ends of the earth. That's why so many elderly people are getting ripped off everyday not just by these scum buckets but by their personal providers and family members.

Greed has no boundries. Sad but true. I remember a saying when I was a kid, "Once an adult, twice a child." never understood it until I started working with the elderly.

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That is a great line,Perdue...."Once an adult,twice a child." And how so very true. I adore the "elderly",and it is so unfortunate that they are preyed upon like this. God Bless them. I can't help thinking that if these people had children they wouldn't have been so easy to scam,a child would have stepped in and stopped it. Or even a friend perhaps. They must be very alone. When older people are on their own with no "supervision" so to speak these are the kind of things that can happen. Do you know what your elderly mother and father are up to? Call today and ask.     


Such a sad story.  Can't help wonder what will happen once their bank account has a zero balance.No Nod

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Your mind stays on Lord Jesus Christ; you have a sound mind and the spirit of discernment. You don't; your free game for all the devils. And it doesn't hurt for you to be greedy too. Dementia is selective dementia. I've seen it time & again with senior citizens.

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tell them to take the money you owe them out of the money you won then mail it!


guy i apologize, but is the guy´s name...people are making PR around names like that...dont know how come nobody picked it up...the best is for them to change their names...

sometimes people could make codes out of names like that or a spider´s web/ring out of names like that...

sometimes is hackers bragging about it...millions is a code word....

i rather people use childrens who have those names than senile adults....give the kid some candy or a couple of bucks instead of having grown adults in that nonensense....

imagine someone with the last name: Bullets...they will make so much PR around him...

millions sometimes could reffer to a big house paid for already...For if you won a house all you will need to do is work to amass millions, millions could also be a stock that will always be hot or the lottery winning numbers or something, a ship, doesnt have to be real cash....


there are people out there too with extreme sense of humor....milliions could be the cure to a disease/ailment, ect it doesnt have to be real cash...

is also a way of people saying: I GOT A HIGHER I.Q THAN YOU or can remember things more for if you had a supermemory you will have a higher I.Q you will not need to go to school....

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I'd like to knock nine kinds of hell out of the lowlifes that take advantage of nice old people like that.

Especially when it's a World War II Veteran.

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How sad

We need 2 listen & share these stories . One day we will reach this age and older . Being alone can make u do strange things. Pick up the phone or e-mail or drop a line 2 someone today.

Show u care


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I was just thinking. If you have an old checking account that has been closed for years and you still have checks from that account-write out a check! After the check bounces for insufficient funds they get stuck with a $35 fee for a returned check!


Hiding Behind Computer if I had a nickle for every scam email I get ........I wouldn't have to play the lottery


I really don't understand why all of you are so afraid of getting ripped off.  Last year to my surprise, I received an interesting email from a deposed prince in Nigeria.  Prince NuGamba and he explained he had $53 million dollars in funds tied up in the country's banking system, but he couldn't remove the funds because the bank was controlled by the new leaders of his country.  He further explained that an American could receive a wire transfer of all his funds and he needed my help.


In order to assist him I was told I needed to wire him $12,000.00 dollars to expedite the wire transfer and for my assistance, I would receive $4,000,000.00 for my share of the funds.  I remember thinking like some of you think, then finally decided to help Prince NuGamba and wired him the money.  Three days later I had to wire him an additional $8500.00 because he had under estimated the fees and wire transfer charges.


I figured since I had invested my money thus far, there was no reason to jump ship.  I wired him the additonal $8500.00 and the next day I got a call from my bank for me to come down.  I went to my banker and he explained that a wire transfer for $53 millions dollars had arrived and from that transfer, there was a deduction of $4,000,000.00 to be directly deposited to my account.


I sent Prince NuGamba the rest of his money and now I am happy to say I am a millionaire with plenty of money to do the things I have been unable to afford til now.  So, if you get the opportunity, I say go for it.  Your distrust will cost you millions.  Wink


hearsetrax, LOL! My favorites are the Nigerian Diplomats who possess the proceeds from a Royal Estate, and will share it with you for $20,000.00 Earnest money. Some guy sends THEM scam emails, which convinces the Nigerians to jump-off two-story buildings as an 'audition' for an action movie part. They actually do it!

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JesterAre you serious, this kind of scram happen to me all the time ,after I told them where to go with their scram they kept e-mailing me , like  I was going to believe them .Sad It's shame what they did to those elderly people,but after all the bird in the hand is always better than the bird in the bush.Leaving

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I have a relative. He was scammed too, about $1000. It was a few years ago. At first, scammer only asked for $25. Gradually, the dollar amount escalated. One day he showed me a letter notifying him that he had won a sweeptake. The odd thing was that he had never filled out a sweeptake form before; then, how could he possbily had won it if he had not enter it in the first place. They asked him to mail out over $500. I told him it was a scam and provided him with many stories, but he insisted. I that time he had no money, so his son chipped in the money. I was so mad; I even yelled at them for being stubborn and naive.

A couple months later, I asked him did he get the money. You know the answer, a big NO. It was a thousand-dollar lesson had learned.


I think people who look for easy money often fall into scam artists' net.

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