Powerball lottery ticket worth $1M expired

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Sad. Someone must've not checked their tickets properly and probaly threw out the ticket thats worth $1,000,000.00 . At least some of the money will go towards school and education that is a good thing.

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maybe it was purchased in lewiston? maybe....

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This is a sad story and a big "OOPS"..Maybe the person died and if they find  the ticket somewhere now they will die..

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I always double check my tickets!

I actually won $7 in the last Powerball Drawing ........... put aside $5 and spent $2 for Wednesday's Drawing .......... hoping lightning strikes twice for the Jackpot ............... Woo Hoo Dance 

I will double check my ticket no matter winner or not !!!!!!!!!

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In response to starchild_45

It was purchased in Irwin on the other side of the state.

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That is really whole the end the million still helps out.....

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Maybe this was a gifted ticket to an older teenager. An irresponsible teenager who forgot to check the ticket!.

It is sad to hear that the failed education system has received yet again more monies.

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In response to HaveABall

I'm bettin it was a trucker.

Probably from WA.

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In response to rdgrnr

Or some dumbell from Tnn..They like to travel to differen't states to buy tickets..Could never figure that out..

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In response to tiggs95

I buy tickets wherever I go tigger.

And I always got to go. I get all roostered up and sho nuff next thing ya know Big Daddy's on the road again.

I'm a ramblin gamblin man. Lawwwwwd knows I got to ramble.

Might even commence to honky tonkin on occasion and wind up a dancin with them wayward wimmins and soiled doves.

Like the song says:

If anyone asks

And not that they would

I'll be down in Mississippi

And up to no good

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In response to rdgrnr

Good for you ridgey..Bet your wife is glad to get you out of the cabin..You ever in tiggs neck of the woods make sure you got a vest on...:)

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In response to tiggs95

lol tiggs! ...vest?....the type that goes with a tie and a jacket or the Kevlar type?

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It's a shame the ticket expired. Maybe it was an advance play and the person checked the wrong draw then tossed it?

Or maybe lost it (and no one found it, of course)

Or maybe, just maybe, the time for claiming the prize should be LONGER.

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Uh,  sad,

maybe luck will come upon others, yes!

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