Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $133M sold in Calif.

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Nice win ...........

I hope that the winner is a nice person ..........

I also hope that they are not hounded by the leaches of society ............

Best wishes to all who win and also to those who don't !!!!!

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Sheesh! another gross 3-digit millionaire California ticket jackpot winner ... the rest of the country needs hope too!


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"Morro Bay liquor store to get $665,000 commission."

That's a nice sized commission.

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August 28, 2010 headline

"$133M Mega Million Jackpot goes to Calif Player"

This is a repeat from five months ago....

March 6, 2010

"California Player Wins $133M Mega Millions Jackpot"


BTW, Morro Bay is a seaside village on the central coast of California (which is really beautiful).  So if the person who won actually lives there, then that little bit of paradise just got sweeter.  I hope the best for them and that they handle it well.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

That's enough that the stores clerks shouldn't expect a tip from the winner.

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In response to Perfecttiming2

Yep, check the Related Stories box above.



Whoever wins the lottery should be aware that, if someone knows they've won, which may be obvious after awhile, they'll try and get money from that winner. It is a fact of life that your "Leaches" gravitate toward people with money, particularly new money.  Not only strangers, but family members, friends, associates and especially people who have participated in lottery pools with the winner (My sister-in-law won $122,000.00 jackpot in the California Lottery, and her fellow workers were all set to sue her, claiming she was part of a lottery pool.) will show up at their door with palms up. Many an unwary lottery winner has been inundated with DEMANDS for money from people they knew. In this economy, it might be a good idea to keep a low profile if you win big.

In response to RJOh

The store clerks don't get squat.  Only the store owner gets the commission and they are, IMO, usually too cheap to give anything.  I would be very surprised if the clerk got anything from the owner, except maybe a 100 bucks if the clerk is lucky.  If I won $133M/3 ≈ $44.333M cash payout after taxes, I would certainly give a tip.  I'd probably give about $12K.  (Under IRS rules, a person can give up to $13K to another person without paying federal taxes)

In response to Perfecttiming2

First, California is a big state and has the largest population so expect the most winners to be here.  California is so big, that there has often been talk of splitting the state in two, a North and South as with the Civil War.  Perhaps California will also have a civil war.  Embarassed

Second, because Morrow Bay is a seaside village, there is a chance the winner already has money and might not even need it.  I'm just speculating, of course.

In response to Daveyl


so tell us, what happened to your sister-in-law?  Did she get sued or was she allowed to live in peace?  Tell us, tell us, we want to hear the rest of your story.  Big Smile

But you're right of course.  I have always said here, that it's best to go the blind trust route via attorney.  $122,000 isn't that much so I don't know if I'd bother.  After reading your post, perhaps I would now.


Congrats to the winner but dang its always cali!


O.K. the stats in here show 1 in 175,711,536 spread over 41 states. That is just to win the big mega jack pot; the stats show that 3,904,701 to 1 for getting five numbers and not hitting the mega .Other stats show for Super Lotto plus in California are   41,416,353 to 1 for hitting all five plus the mega, and 1,592,937 to 1 hitting all five without the mega. Pretty high odds and that should reflect the numbers of winners per the most densely populated areas and the areas that have the highs amount of lotto sales. In other words the states and counties that sell the most sales and have the highs population should be the state and county with the most wines, right? Well as per the lotto information New York sells the most lotto sales? The New York area also has the highest population in the country as per the U.S. censes. Why then is California way ahead of New York in winnings? New York sells more tickets and has a higher population. Let’s look at what area in California that is winning, the L.A area wines more than any other county in the state, winning the majority of mega and lotto’s everything over $100,000, from the majority of scratcher tickets to mega and lotto. In California one could say that the L.A. area of 15 million populations is why, but not so fast the bay area’s combined population extends to North of San Francisco to the South Bay passed Gilroy area to the East Bay that never stops till it gets to Sacramento. People that live in this area knows it is one big metropolises area not separate like the San Diego area from L.A. The other thing about the amount of winners per sale central California also has more sales that LA. So let me ask, is the L.A area just luckier that the rest of the country and luckier that the rest of California or is more going on here than meets the eye ,oh let me also tell you that the lotto is based out of LA. This is great that an area outside of the LA area has won but remembers that of the 14 or so mega winners in California only three have been outside the LA area     


Dpoly, they dropped the suit, since their lawyer decided early on they didn't have a prayer to win on that basis. She was very generous to the employees at her workplace, and they should have appreciated the fact that she and my wife not only cooked a huge meal for them, but she bought several pizzas, fried chicken buckets and soft drinks for the celebration feast.




No, it's certainly NOT "Always Cali". In fact, the vast majority of jackpot winners are back east. We do have our own Lottery Jackpot, though, and the winners naturally are from the state (or Mexico...)

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In response to rdgrnr

There's that word luck again..Stop it there is no luck involved..tee hee tee hee tee hee...



Sad but true. There's also a gang problem down there, and most of the retail outlets are 'English Optional'. The air is actually not as bad as it was. For the chunky variety, you should head east toward Ontario/San Bernadino. My favorite saying about that region goes: "It's a nice place, but I'd like to see it once".

In response to Daveyl

Excuse me ! I thought we were talking about the lottery news.Some will find an opportunity any where to bash the people who are in charge of helping the poor.Shame !No No shame!

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PartyCongrats to the winner........My jackpot story is coming soooooooonnnnnn.

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Where can I find the number of $250,000 winners in Washington state?  They don't allow the multiplier and it seems they pick up quite a few of those type of wins.

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In response to louise black

Yes tiggs agrees with you louise 100%..You ever been to Ypsilanti?..



I'm trying to point out that the lottery is big money for the State of California, and that the original selling point was how it would benefit schools. Our schools aren't benefitting, but the state rakes-in billions each year selling us on the 'dream' of winning. I don't know if you're aware of California's liberal legislature, but I can tell you straight out whatever they DON'T want, WE DON'T GET! Every liberal measure passes through our governing bodies like greased lightning. Whenever a conservative, overwhelmingly voted-for issue crops up, the liberals take it to task until we're eventually informed that some judge overruled it (Usually reported with a malevolent smirk on the news anchor's face) That is why I have related my view on this lottery issue: If the liberals didn't want a lottery in California, we wouldn't have one.


At times  I go to the liquor store, and play the lottery ,and  i win small amounts of cash ,and the store clerks and the tell some of the store customers that i'm a frequent winner, I my self think it's none their bussiness, and whats annoying they play my numbers too,(the clerks), they ask me  whats my favorite number for the day !,Itell that's a good guess, What's your opinion? confused but still playing the game.

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In response to Todd

California has been on a rather annoying streak for nearly two years now... Hope the state (along with NY and NJ) go on another year long cold streak, hell make it two.

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In response to eastside

Yeah, some of those lottery clerks need an occasional attitude adjustment upside the head.

We need to make that legal.

Nothing violent, just a quick smack in the head to wake them up.

I think it could even prove to be beneficial to their chakras and chi and all that by loosening things up.

Therefore it would actually be considered Earth-friendly, Green and leaving no Carbon Footprint.

And what could be more important than that?

Drop everything and call your Congressman.

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