Playing same lottery numbers for 15 years paid off


That great! , I know that day will come my way very soon if not tonight very soon I can feel it !Hurray!So Happy winning to Mr Hoffman and his " I told you so" wife. Congratulation!!!!Thumbs Up.I too have been playing  a  certain number for 15yrs.Yes Nod

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That's nice. I use to win the $400.00 every now and then on the Bonus Match 5. But, here lately...I haven't been able to cash in a cent on that game.

Congratulations Mr. Hoffman...!!!

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Congrats to MR Hoffman but.........I can't help but wonder if he would have won ALOT sooner had he NOT been married to his numbers! LOL NO WAY I would play the same numbers for 15 years.


It's a daily game.  He played it for 15 years and spent $18 every time.

Assuming he played every day...

18 x 365 = 6570 x 15 = $98,550

He won $150,017

his wife: "I used to tell him if he would take the money and put it in a jar somewhere, you would have won whatever you thought you were gonna win"

She wasn't that far off.

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In response to bytheshore

Figure he'll lose at least 20% to taxes, so his net is about 130k. 98k in a Roth IRA for an average of 7.5 years could easily have grown to more than 130k. Of course it he had saved up 130k it could have been turned into a lot less than 98k over the past couple of years.

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you get 3 lines for two bucks 365 x 6 yrs = $2,190.00 spent

6 dollar bonus match 5 ticket you get 9 lines 

if one ticket has 3 lines for two bucks all you have to do is play the same numbers on all three lines.

Something is wrong in Denmark!

from Md state lottery

Pick up a Bonus Match 5 playslip at any Lottery Retailer.  Each playslip has 9 game boards, lettered A through I.  You may play one board for $1, 3 boards for $2, 4 boards for $3, 6 boards for $4, 7 boards for $5, or 9 boards for $6.

You must select 5 numbers on each board you want to play.  Make a heavy vertical mark through each number you choose.  Use pencil or blue or black ink.  Red ink will not be accepted.  If you make a mistake, mark the "VOID" box at the bottom of that board, then use any remaining open boards to complete your selections.  Please do not attempt to erase errors.

If you want the terminal to randomly "Quick Pick" your numbers, mark the "QP" box at the bottom of each board you want to play.

You can play the same numbers for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 drawings in a row, including the next drawing, by marking the appropriate "NUMBER OF DRAWS" box.

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PartyCongrats to Chris Hoffman and family.   Wow same numbers for 15 years?  Lovely win.   My palm gets itchy now and then, I know the big one is coming soon.

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I don't play the same numbers ........ I play at the same store almost all of the time ........ they have sold some nice winners .......... I actually won $100 once ....... that is pretty good for me !

Best wishes to all .......... but I need a Jackpot !

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Congratulations to Mr. Hoffman...  Even if he spent a ton of money over the past 15 years - it is always exciting to win...

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As opposed to "divorce" his numbersWink???; I've been "married" to my numbers for approximately the same time and I know they will eventually hit very big just as he knew they would.  Had he decided several years ago to  "divorce" his numbers, he would missed out winning--it's called "patience and diligence"Embarassed  With common sense and hind sight, he knew enough to keep playing because he knew they would certainly hit-i.e. "LOTTERY KARMA".  Congratulations/WTGDance

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In response to bytheshore

I am sure he knows down to the penny just how much he spend to win big.


with the odds being 500,000 / 1 which is actually lower than what the real odds are........

it couldve taken 1,369 years or more for any specific combination to come up......he lucked out...must feel good

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In response to four4me

Just a thought,  I understand your issue.  You gotta take into consideration a reporter that probably doesn't play,  doesn't know the game,  and probably plays quick picks is MIS REPORTING.   Never never never trust anything written or published anymore.  This is just another mistake by the media.

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