Fla. Powerball winner claims $73.8M lottery jackpot

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Wow, one ticket and a quick pick too.

Very nice!

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I wonder if the people that pay the tax on their winnings get a tax refund when it's tax time?   beaudad

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Sound like good people, good for them. And with one ticket, I bet people who spend a load on each drawing would be upset.


Must be nice. Thats why I atleast bet atleast $1 for each powerball and mega millions drawing. I know somebody has to win and it might be me.

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Congrats to Mrs. Choras-Hanna on her win!

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use the money wisely and please help the poor and unprivileged

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"Choras-Hanna is an out-of-work medical assistant. .........

The three said they plan to share the money, officials said."

Congratulations to all of them!   Party

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She obviously hasn't been told how stupid it is to play Quick Picks.

Poor soul, she's probably too high strung.

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Congratulations four sharring Powerball jackpot, lump-sum winners!!!  Woo hoo, after paying the additional 34.9% federal (no state taxes, lucky, lucky!) taxes that leaves apx. $25.3 million dollars for you to share (probably 1/4th each)!

Also, it is great that of the four faithful player winners that only Alexandra needs to quit her commitment to an employer.  Yep, an apx. $6,347,350 NET, each is a wonderful sum of monies to thrill in for decades!


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The tax is a killer. Too high. Other than that, congrats to the winner!!

In response to beaudad

Typically the lotto officials will initially deduct about 25% or more of the lotto winnings.  The lotto winner will then be required to pay the rest come tax time.  So yes, there usually is a hefty tax bill the lotto winner must pay on or before next April 15.

In response to Genome

It would be nice if I could buy Powerball lotto tickets when the jackpot is above $200M.  Unfortunately, because I'm in California, I am unable to.

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PartyCongrats to the winners.........I hear yah CAL-LottoPlayer..........

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Wow, nice win ......... I think that it is nice that an unemployed person won !

I hope that a very nice disabled person is the first Mega Millions Jackpot Winner from Pennsylvania ! (shhhhhhhhhhh ..... me)

There would be much less info revealed .......... name and town ........ and disabled status ........ NO MO !

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