$85.7M Powerball lottery jackpot is Lousiana's 14th


I hope it was one of the fishermen!!! They really need the luck over there good for them!!!

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In response to earthdragon72

I Agree!

If it is a fisherman, business owner, etc. we will probably see this story on the evening world news.

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Congrats !

I want to see the headline that Pennsylvania gets it's first Mega Millions Jackpot ....... sold at the store I purchase my tickets ....... with my name and town only !

US FlagWe the People ........ Not We the Politicians !

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PartyCongrats to the winner(s)..........

On another note does anybody know what it means to find a cicada and what to do?


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In response to Halle99

Kill it.

Them things on the hi-way at 70 mph on a motorsycle are like catchin a beer bottle flat in the face.

They're even worse if they hit ya in the teeth cuz they're full of some kind of yeller pus, like squeezins from an infected boil and ya can't keep it from filterin through your teeth at that speed and ya wind up swallerin most of it afore ya can commence to stop. It's real nasty lookin when it runs down your beard and dries up and stays there too. I had a restaurant say I couldn't come in one time cuzza that. I still had a couple live ones in there I didn't know about though. They musta come crawlin out when I was talkin to the hostess.

Kill it!

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..depends on whether or not the thing was in its shell....or out.


In it, don't play anything today..

out of it, try a triple.

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In response to rdgrnr

Hi rdgrnr,

LOL you are so funny.....I is considered good luck......I can't kill it.


Congrats to the winner.  I don't want to take a thing away from his win. 

Now why can't Tennessee have 14 jackpot winners?  And let me be one of them.

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In response to Halle99

Ok Halle, listen close now, that there locust bug you got ain't no good luck, in fact, in the Bible it was called a plague - a plague of locusts.

And what are ya gonna feed it? They eat crops. You got crops?

They're like the piranhas of the bug kingdom. You think he cares about you? He'd commence to clean your carcass down to the chittlins in about 5 minutes was you to turn him aloose.

Ya gotta do the right thing now, Halle

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