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Lottery mistake wins Ohio store clerk $250,000

Jun 28, 2010, 7:41 am

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Mega Millions

An Ohio store clerk's mistake when printing a Mega Millions lottery ticket has won her $250,000.

Naomi Mauller, a clerk at Woolfe's Huff & Puff on Main Street in New Lexington, Ohio, forgot to add an extra Kicker game to a customer's lottery ticket on Tuesday night, so she printed a new ticket and bought her $2 mistake.  Both her ticket and its twin hit, raking in $250,000 for each winner.

"You can't cancel the Mega Millions ticket," said Mauller, 51, a resident of New Lexington in Perry County. "So I thought, what the heck, for $2, I'll buy it. That was a mistake I'll never forget."

Mauller then processed a ticket with the same numbers and the Kicker for the customer. She wasn't at work Wednesday when owner Mike Kane learned two tickets bought from his store had won $250,000 each.

"Mike called me Wednesday and was asking me if I knew why two tickets would have been sold with exactly the same numbers on them," Mauller said. "My wheels started rolling and I thought, oh my God, I bought the ticket a customer didn't want. I told Mike, and he said to get down to the store and check the numbers. And when I did, it was a winner."

Mauller, who has worked as a clerk at the store for the past couple of years, said she wasn't familiar with the customer who bought the other winning ticket.

"He's not a regular of ours," Mauller said. "But I sure do owe him a big thank you and a huge hug."

Mauller said she is extremely excited and the first thing she's going to do with her money is buy a "decent car to get back and forth to work."

"Oh, I'll keep working," Mauller said. "I also want to help my two sons and daughter."

Mauller said she was so excited when she discovered she had won that she dialed her sister's number in Chandlersville, but then she couldn't speak.

"I had to have one of the other clerks tell her I won," Mauller said. "I think all the customers in the store thought I was crazed. But I'm just so excited."

The Ohio Lottery Commission said it has not confirmed who the other winner is. That winner had all five numbers, but not the Mega Ball number.

The winning numbers were 12, 17, 21, 23 and 30. The Mega Ball was 24.

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