Store owner jailed one year for stealing $5.7M lottery ticket

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mmmmmmmm............... a fool and sombody elses money

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Good !

All crooks should go to jail !

I hope that the money was taken from him !


Waiting for my lottery win tonight ........... I will check the ticket myself !


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"A former convenience store owner who cheated a customer out of a $5.7 million lottery ticket has been sentenced to a year in jail."

He only gets a year for stealing 5.7 million dollars? I would think that stealing that much money would be seen as a bigger felony.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I think they should cut off his walnuts. That would be a lesson well learned by both him and others. This happens way too often.

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What a guy! Mad

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Hopefully the poor lady got to enjoy the money before she went.

I'm sure he'll live to be 100.

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His greed caused the poor lady to lose a long lasting friendship, surely that in itself deserves more harsher punishment. Perhaps a bill board with his mugshot and a description of his despicable acts should be put up. I'm jus sayin


he gonna pay all that money back to the customer always member to sign on the back of your lottery ticket


yea ok, he's sorry... he is sorry he got caught.  prime example of why you should check, double, and triple check your own tickets!!!

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I wonder why the penalties for lottery related theft are so light.  Surely he should have gotten more than one year in jail which he probably won't have to serve but a few months.

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If a person does not know how murch thier ticket is worth when they go to cash it they should not be buying lottery tickets..

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In response to tiggs95

Oh tiggs95 ... some folks become lottery gamblers, like us, via receiving tickets as birthday/holiday gifts -- they eventually learn by joining blogs like


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Only a year for 5.7 million dollars?

Is it the same for bank robbery up there? Would you only get a year for robbing a bank of that much?

And Canadian prisons are probably like resorts compared to the joints down here too, right?


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