Store clerk is winner of $258.5M Powerball lottery jackpot

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Huge congratulations to Chris Shaw and his family!   Party

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Job well done..congratulations to the young man and his family.Hurray!


Congrats to the young manand his family.  I pray he summons wisdom in his choices and decisions.  Im so sorry he came forward so fast without getting his affairs and advisors lined up. Moving this fast so soon after winning the 10th largest jackpot ever, doesnt bode well for someone of his stature, but I hope and pray his does not turn out to be a young version of Jack Whittaker or David Lee Edwards.


Congrats to this young man.  However, I'm always suspicious when the clerks of the store win but this one sounds legit.

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I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot from Mr. Shaw in the future.

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I am happy for this young man and wish him the best.

I can relate to the $28 bank account .... I have had my bank account reach that level many times since I lost my job in 2001 and became disabled in 2008! It is not an enjoyable life. You just have to hang in there and hope that better days are ahead.

As for him coming forward so soon ..... that would be me also ...... I am sure that he needs the money right away ..... if you are not able to handle the weath, waiting will not help you ...... as for me, I have had ample time to ponder what to do if things turn around for me financially!



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Natasha Woody said that she sold the winning ticket to her co-worker Wednesday night, adding that at the time he joked about having the winning ticket and told Woody that if he won he would give her $2 million.

I smell TROUBLE with this statement that Natasha Woody told the media!! with that kind of money at stake, people will find a way to turn that joke into a reality. 







Congratulations to him!!!!PartyI might add that I won $7 bucks...

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In response to Lucky4Life

u might be right however he may not have had the resources to get his teeth fixed. Last time I checked a dental visit cost a lot more than $28. Free clinics are not free at all anymore.  Dentist want to be paid and by the time he waits for medicaid to help, all his teeth would have fell out by then.


Yeah I say him on the news as well.  I don't think he has any idea how much money he now has...He is talking about paying off his electric bill and other bills....  I just wanted to say fella those bills are gone you are a Millionaire.  Take care of your children, your family and yourself....Including get your teeth fix.  (There could be reasons he has bad teeth, gum disease, Bar Fight)  Do yourself a favor and skip town for a couple of weeks.    I know he only made $7.00 an hour and may not have the money yet but he should do something to get away from all the "New Friends" and "family" that's going to be calling him for money.....   Good luck with your new fortune sir.....  I hope you use it well and prosper.


This might seem insensitive to some but I'm going to say it anyway.

I love it when someone such as this man wins a jackpot.  There he is, doing his best (or the best he knows how to do), plodding along, trying to pay bills on minimum wage, and then lightning strikes.  At least he now has a chance at life provided he does not become another Jack Whitaker.

I wish him well.

In response to GASMETERGUY

I agree with your sentiments and I'm very happy for the young man; his co-workers vouch for him, say he's a good guy, etc.


I think, however, there could be potential problems on the horizon, given his age and life experience as we know it so far. 


Someone in their 20's working at a convenience store suggests minimum education beyond high school, unless he's working there and going to college at the same time. Hopefully he uses his windfall to take some business/financial classes, not that heneeds a degree after winning PB, lol, but simply to help him make decisions about what to do with, what...clearing about 90 million dollars after taxes? The Jack Whitaker example is interesting in the fact that Whitaker was a middle-aged adult and a successful business owner...and still manged to piss away so much money.


The other wild card here with the new winner is family. If he has a solid, stable group of loving family members who will help guide and direct him and not leech off him, that might be the biggest 'plus' in his favor. I sincerely hope he has that family support-center.

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"his co-workers vouch for him, say he's a good guy, etc."

Like the one who reminded him publicly that he now owes her 2 million? Yeah, I'm sure going to put all my faith in those people in forming an opinion about the guy.

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Congrats to the Lucky Winner!

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Sweet win!Thumbs Up

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I'm very happy for the young man. He came forward in a hurry, most folks wait awhile.

I have to laugh though because many of the winners of big jackpots like this young man  seem to be spur of the moment buyers.  Maybe I'll start waiting till Im down to my last buck to buy my tickets.

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The nasty comments about this young winner have been removed.  If anyone has a desire to say something nasty, or wants to spread or create rumours, then do it someplace else.  And hope you never win, because paybacks are ... well, you know what they are.

In response to KY Floyd

We shall see, but I sure didn't take her comment to mean that "he now owes her 2 million."Bash

In response to txwnr

lol now thats funny.  being a store clerk has nothing to do with him winning.  trust me i know.  i've worked at stores that sale lottery tickets.  his chances of winning is/was no greater than anyone who doesnt work as a store clerk.    now if that was the case trust me i'd have a few jackpot wins under my belt already.

on another note i do think he came forward way to fast.  but on the other hand a report i read said the income tax is only going to be 6million.  i think it would be very hard to screw up 118 million dollars.

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Why is it a lot of times when people with a colored background win something, people have to focus on the not so nice points in their lives?

The link above contains a story about the winner. That story points out that he has xx amount of kids from xx amount of wives. I'll bet they

couldn't wait to report that this guy had $28.xx in his bank account yet played lottery tickets here and there. As far as his front teeth go, well,

isn't it more important he HAD A JOB??

I'm happy to see he won it. As long as he tried to do his best to support what he has and is not a rapist, murderer or child molester/abuser then let

him have it, more power to him. Even if he blows it, it is his and that's all that matters.

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MY congrats to Mr.Shaw and his family,but I do agree with some of people who have wrote comments on this article I would have remained incognito.Dance

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Don't worry kobra your time will come,one day we'll be reading about you.Blue Angel

In response to Todd

Thanks Todd for shutting it down from the negativity.  It is ironic, that within this blogging community, we often talk about the negativity that a Jackpot winner will receive from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  Just jealous, envious and negative folks.  It is apparent, that some are in our midst and frequent this site.

But to all those who have won, regardless of their outcomes with their jackots, you have the experience that millions the world over would love to have. To those of us who have yet to hit that big jackpot, keep swinging for the fences and when your boat comes in, be sure that you take all of the years of wisdom shared within the archiueves of Lottery Post and walk accordingly.

Del S


Read an updated story on the winner (wouldn't let me post it here); seems like a great guy.


Hope he gets the right (honest) advisors. I do wish he had remained anonymous; I think all this would be easier for him (or anyone else) to deal with, but maybe you don't have that option in Missouri.

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In response to Kobra

*hard to screw up 118 million dollars*

Actually it isn't hard at all...look at celebs who go broke. All it takes is a couple of careless moves and BAM! broke.

Lets hope He uses common sense and does what he truly desires with HIS money. Really this is all about Him and what will make Him happy...trying to please other people is impossible...please yourself, love your self and others will see it. Smiley

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Congrats to Mr. Shaw and his family on their win! Smile

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In response to Kobra

To help with calculations for when you soon win your multi-state, multi-million dollar jackpot, I thought I would notify you about the error you took away from the report.  You wrote: "But on the other hand a report i read said the income tax is only going to be 6 million."  NO, NO, NO ... it will be apx. $48.54 million total fed and state income tax paid (figure apx. 34.9% ALWAYS for Federal tax, AND additionally, Missouri charges 4% as a state tax= 38.9%).  I wasn't sure if anyone else would mention this to you.  Peace.


ALSO, congratulations Mr. Shaw on your big lottery jackpot win!!! Be sure to quickly hire a tax attorney for strategies, estate planning, monthly annuity withdrawal trusts, limited family partnership, small business entrepreneur start-up, liabilities, gap insurance, housing, while you are waiting the 2-4 weeks for the monies from all the states to be collected, combined, and electronically transferred into your checking account!


In response to Todd

Twitchwell I wish the guy a bunch of luck .... but @ the same time and ban me if U must .....


but I reckon with both kids and the couple Exes .. he gonna find himself armpit deep in trouble b4 he even collects the first dime

In response to THRUST

*hard to screw up 118 million dollars*


just look at antoine walker from the NBA... he screwed up 110+ million over a period of time.....


but im happy this guy won.......Congrats to him and his family

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Another person is relieved from financial stress by playing lottery. I am so happy for this young man.

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