S.D. Lottery considers adding Mega Millions

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Hopefully, if/when they decide to add Mega Millions, they don't remove Powerball. It would seem a better financial decision to just add it like the other PB states did.

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With total lottery tickets sales of $21M in 2009, one MM or PB jackpot win could be a real boost to S.D. economy.


It sounds good to me to offer mega millions, and you never know they might drop hot lotto but I doub't powerball.

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Does this mean they have to change the Matrix of the game??? maybe like one more number or Mega Number?

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My daddy was from South Dakota. I thought he was the only one in the dadgum state.

I thought they called it the Badlands cuz he was there.

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In response to Down

chill out people,

they wont ever even think about removeing pb

states can cross sell both, = much better income for states


also down, no they wont be doing anything to the matrix, they just added a ton of states less then 2 months ago, same as pb, no matrix change

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