Dual multi-state lottery sales may keep jackpots lower

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Thanks for posting this article! I wasnt aware of the states that are going to commence the addition of the Large jackpot games.

Its great if you are into choosing a game . I just am a dedicated Powerball player since that is how amy resident state started out. Will be nice to play mega from time to time though and not have to go one state over.... I fear though that my state (PA) will start the taxing of these wins since those will be high revenue for them then....they already are doing so  over the gaming (casinos)....

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"Lottery commission representatives in California and Ohio, both Mega Millions states, said they will not be participating in the Powerball cross-over on Jan. 31"

I knew it. California wouldn't of course.


I don't care about winning $100 Million+ jackpots to be honest. $50-$60 million is big enough to me.

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In response to luvrh

Me, either. I would happily take it, if I won it, tho. lol

I would rather see 10 people get $10 million each, any day.  Heck, I honestly wish powerball was $20 or $30 million every draw, and someone won it everytime. Instead of one person being *filthy* rich, I'd like to see a bunch of people "well off". I feel like I'd have a better chance to be one of them, and a lot of other people that NEED it, too.

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Are they leading up to a matrix increase again?????  Unhappy  Clown

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Jackpot now are the results of the number of tickets sold and states contributing 30% of sales to the jackpot.  Unless that formula changes, I don't see why jackpots should be any smaller, in fact they should continue to roll to the same size, just quicker and more often.  Facts are with more states participating, the starting jackpot should increase too.

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In response to RJOh

I wish Ohio would sell powerball. I like to play both but have to drive across state lines to do it. Save my gas Ohio.Bang Head

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In response to luvrh

Same here. Too me, it doesn't matter what size the jackpot is. It could be 20 million or 300 million for all I care, I just want to win!

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In response to lottocalgal

I'm sure they will join later. I bet when California and Ohio see that the other states have increased their profits, they will change their mind.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

That's what you say now that you've never won any lottery jackpot, but if won a $20M jackpot the next drawing after a $300M one had just been won you might be disappointed.

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Reason being that if there are more tickets sold in a given time period it is more likely that there will be a winner, rather than have the jackpot roll over.

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In response to LadyMylena

Thats soooooo True ladyMylenda. 

Even If Powerball winners won  something like 2 or 3million it would be life changing.  I mean depending on your age, if you won lets say 5 mill,  you could even retire.  Even so, it would be life changing for anyone.  Think about it,  paying off your house  20  years early (life changing) Putting you kids through college effortlessly (life changing)  Even putting it in that bank as your own personal retirment savings is life changing because you can feel safe knowing that you don't have to work until your;re 70 or 80.   Since  Mega Millions and I have issues, I would love to play Powerball  but California killed my dreams on that one.  I try to never play Mega: i make my husband play that one cause he seems to have better luck with it.  But if Powerball came to Calif, I would not stop playing SLP and definately not Fantasy five,  I would just add Powerball to it.  Maybe not Five lines  but A single line for every draw.  $2 is not much  but multipe that by  thousands of people and it adds up.


I see where this is going.We are going to have a national lottery very soon.

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In response to johnph77

You make a good point, these games do seem to be won after their jackpots roll to a value that attracts a certain number of ticket buyers.  With the additional states their jackpots won't need to be that high to attract that certain number of ticket buyers.

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