Store manager charged after winning lottery


I didn't know that store owners couldn't buy instant tickets from their own stores.


How would they know when the ticket was purchased to know whether the daughter would have been on video?


Why is being against lottery policy an unlawful purchase?


"We are one of the few states that doesn't allow retailers to play at their store"

That is interesting.

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I think that's a great policy that all states should have. With the reports of so many clerks and owners beating the odds and winning jackpots and such it just might help to keep them honest. Afterall, if they're truly that lucky, their luck should continue when buying their tickets somewhere else.

None of them should be allowed to buy where they work or cash a ticket that was bought where they work.

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In response to bomatt

Somebody called in an anonymous tip. That's what happens when you don't keep your mouth shut.

I don't like that rule. As long as the employees are buying them like everyone else, what's the problem?

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In response to Nino224

The problem is this; clerks can and do cheat. I've heard of them running a needle through the scratch material to see if there is a winner. Buying the winners and leaving the rest for the public. At the very least there is a pattern to winners and losers. When a roll has produced many losers in a row there is a winner coming up. A clerk who is paying attention can then buy a few and win. This leaves the public to lose. I do not buy scratchers for this reason. It is hard enough to win on a level playing field. When there is money involved trust no one because anyone can be a thief. The lottery is seen as a money tree, easy pickens, hence the wide spread cheating with winning lotto tickets. Without self scanners people who play multidraw tickets are vulnerable.Bang Head I love this guy.

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In response to rdgrnr

I agree, that's like employees entering in a contest put on by their company or department.  They have the edge of inside information.

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In response to Nino224

Nino, check out some of the articles in the "Related Stories" box at the top of this page.

I don't like a lot of rules and regulations and laws either but there's a lot of crooks out there.

I had one try to scam me not long ago as a matter of fact. I took 5 winning tickets in to cash them. They were all multi-picks, four were expired and one still had about 12 draws left on it. The clerk ran the tickets and while she was getting my cash someone asked me a question and I turned away momentarily. When I turned back around she handed me my cash and said congratulations. The cash was all there but the exchange ticket for the ticket with the remaining draws wasn't.

When I asked her where the exchange ticket was she looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. I explained to her what it was (as if she didn't know) and she reached down in the garbage can, pulled out the ticket and said "This thing"? She said she didn't even look at it because she thought it was just a "receipt or something" and threw it in the garbage. (Yeah, right). She's been working the lottery terminal in this store for 3 years that I know of. She knew exactly what she was doing.

It's because of people like that, that we have to have rules in place to make it a little more difficult for them to rip people off.

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Hmm didn't know you can cash multidraw tickets with some live drawings left. I usually wait until last drawing before cashing it on the rare occassion when i do win...


I was in store recently and saw some mistake tickets on lotto terminal. They were multidraw and wanted to buy them but they wouldn't sell me at remaining value. They wanted me to pay $4  face value but was only good for 3 more drawings. What's the deal? Nobody gonna buy them anyway and figure it fair to everybody.

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In response to jeffrey

I guess you're right. It's fascinating what people will think of to get over.

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In response to rdgrnr


Who knows how many times that trick HAS worked!

Did you tell her off??

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I'm curious..

Are Lottery employees allowed to play?


I dont see anything wrong with employees buying tickets, scratch or lotto drawings.   I have seen people play and keep buying and buying and not hitting....and they keep going till they hit.  THen one they hit might just be  a little dollar one out of 20 tickets.  No one knows where and how the winners will be coming up. 

I would be more concerned of the scratch ticket manufacture....of them figuring out where big winners are placed and then send someone in to buy.  To watch certain serial numbers when they appear.

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She bought a ticket in her own store,big deal.They need to change that stupid law!

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In response to Nino224

No, she knew she was busted and got all scared and pathetic looking and I'm a softie with women anyway so I didn't say what I had on my mind.

There's two terminals in that store so I just go to the other one now.

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In response to Rowen

Yeah Rowen, you can cash in multi-draw tickets after any win and they give you an exchange ticket for the remaining draws. 

Just make sure the exchange ticket doesn't get "thrown out".

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