America's multi-state lottery titans agree to ticket-selling partnership


That's just friggin' great.  Now the odds of winning are going to be way worse.  This may be the end of me playing the MM and PB.


This is going to kill off State run lotteries.

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Of course, the odds stay exactly the same.  Just faster climbing jackpots and more jackpot winners.

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I see those changes as a natural evolution of those games, and welcome Powerball BACK to Georgia. Banana

I questioned why the Georgia Lottery eliminated it in favor of "The Big Game" (which morphed into "Mega Millions") back in 1996.

The sooner they implement these changes the better.  It's the next best thing to being able to purchase other states' lottery tickets online.

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These games are state lottery games.  A dollar earned looks just the same as the dollar earned on a pull-tab.

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I agree.  In-state games will continue to exist, and will do just fine.  People play the in-state games because they have better odds of winning. 

After all, that's why many people play Pick 5 instead of Pick 6:  even though the top prize is much lower, the odds of winning it are much better.

There will always be people who don't see the big picture of more choice, more options, and more excitement that this announcement brings.  Heck, there are some who will get upset at ANY change at all, no matter what it is.  But I have to say that this is one of the most-requested topics I have heard from lottery players in the 10 years Lottery Post has been around.

What a great day for lottery players in every state!

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Right, however, using my own state as an example, if Indiana adds the Mega Ball, I suspect they would see a huge drop in sales for their own state run lottery, the Hoosier Lottery. A drop in sales could cause states to discontinue their state run lotteries and stick with the larger Mega and PB. IMO of course.

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I welcome Mega Ball to Indiana. Cant wait to play it here (currently drive to Ill. to play).

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I hear you, and I agree in that any time you change the offerings in a state, it does have a ripple effect.  But it's a complex thing, not always a zero-sum game.

For example, the days of the week that the new game is drawn can determine the effect.  For example, in your state, Indiana, the Lotto game is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday, so the addition of the Mega Millions game, with its drawings on Tuesday and Friday, may not impact the Lotto volume as you're expecting it will.  In fact, the addition of a big-jackpot game on alternate days can actually help sales, as it can turn occasional players into daily players.

There are many other angles too, not just the draw dates.  The point is that in-state games will continue to exist, and the lottery directors are careful to ensure the games continue to flourish, because the lottery depends on it.

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Thats why we drive to Georgia too.The pick 3 still remains on my desk everyday.Well let me just run on out and play these picks,I dont think so.They will do whatever they want no matter what we think about it.But I have a choice.And it will still remain on my desk and not played here,No disrespect to any player or anyone.

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This is going to be interesting

1) more winner more ofter and jack pot stay 100M or below or

2) no winners for numberous drawing and maybe a Billion dollar JACKPOT Hmmmmmmmm


I believe mostly that they wont carry over as ofter as now, but once in awhile their Will be JackPots beyond what were use to seeing. Good Luck everyone

I wished all State had progressive jackpot for 5 numbers without the bonus like Calf.

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I agree with you TN Player. All the way!!Bang Head

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Folks can now use the money that they would have spent on gas (to drive out-of-state etc.) to buy their lotto tickets now Smiley


I think it's great, PowerBall is adding two more states to it's list so it brings it up to 34 states in Power Ball  the odds suck. I have better odds in Mega Millions but have to drive to Illinois for a ticket. So with this change I can get my ticket right here at home and not have to drive to the state line to play Mega Millions. Finally a great idea.

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