Lottery ticket bought in Queens hits $133M Mega Millions jackpot


good for them


...should've been me...

In response to CaesarsGhost

it will come back to georgia!!!


"The player selected the lump sum option instead of getting 26 annual payments."


Do you have to choose your method of payment when you purchase your ticket in New York?

I've never heard of this before.Most states allow you to decide on the method of payment when you redeem the winning ticket,don't they?

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Texas still makes you choose between annual pymts or cash option at the time you buy your ticket.

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They might be trying to get everything in order before they come forward.

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Years ago Ohio had a cash box to check on its play slips but now there's no box and the jackpot winners have the first sixty days of the 180 days claim period to decide whether to take the cash value or the annuity.

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In response to MaddMike51

HEY new york state ,you have to choose  at the time of purchasing the tickets........

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gocart1 & LottoPools,I don't think states should make you make an important decision like that until you have a chance to your lawyer & financial advisers.I'm glad I live in a state that allows you to wait before deciding how to take your money.

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Never - ever - take an annuity !


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I agree.But what is right for me might not be right for someone else.


i hope thats what they are doing

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I have friends who live in the area, i have to find out if one of them is the WINNER! :)


Yea in NY and NJ (where I live) you have to choose the payout method should you win the jackpot right there at the store. By default though, if you buy qp's and don't say anything, it always gives you the cash value, probably because it is the overwhelmingly more popular choice. I wouldnt trust an annunuity anyway. Cheers

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In response to dpoly1

I don't agree. Especially  if you are young. Look what happened to Whittaker, Edwards and others.

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