Feds freeze online poker champ's winnings

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"All players who were affected by the current situation have had their funds returned to their accounts,"

Thats not small change they are talking about.

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"I can't believe the government is reaching into people's bank accounts like this," he said. "For a lot of serious players this is their lifeblood. This is how they make ends meet."


I thought I had it bad and have been considering calling gambler's anonymous for the past few weeks.  Here I am beating myself up for wasting 20-40 bucks on powerball & scratch-offs every week praying for a miracle....but at least I don't depend on it to make ends meet.  My lifeblood is my 9-5...not the lottery or card games. 

That really sucks what the government is doing to them though...they're punishing the's all a gamble, isn't it.

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Thats not right, the feds are just greedy trying to hold peoples hard earned money.

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This gov of ours is a joke! Bankrupt, greedy, wasteful, corrupt, manipulative, etc. Talk about money laundering & counterfeiting ... that's all they're about. 

I usually try to keep a low profile and stay out of it but this BS is ridiculous. As much as they put on the backs of all of us, they ought to stay out of our personal affairs! Oh, and I will 'gets' mine!

When is enough ...ENOUGH?!?  You've corrupted the whole world with your TOXIC ASSets - have you no <snip> shame? And where's the freakin' "CHANGE"? I see alot of the SOS going down. Amateurs & clowns - that's what we have here.

Okay, time to get back to winning. I said what I had to say. It's not ALL that I could say but what good would it do any way? We're on the edge of disaster with not a brain in sight!

Hey, maybe I'll become the new Lottery CZAR. Don't get me started!


Hippy   ..."Now, I'm OUT!!''


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The government is allowed to do anything it wants. We are approaching socialization little by little.


The united states federal government is a government in name only. These guys and gals are leading the American poulation down the path to total economic destruction. This government does NOT produce ANYTHING of VALUE and they intend to take EVERYTHING of VALUE owned by the American people. This country has been in the hands of the worldwide corporate rulers since 1913 and the country will continue to remain in said hands until it is officially a banana republic. As for gambling winnings being confiscated, the government will stoop to any level to deny average Americans the freedom to enjoy themselves. It dosen't matter who is in office, the worldwide corporate OWNERS will do whatever they want. Call me a conspiricy nut if you want, but everything in this world (economically and politically) is steadily progressing towards total worldwide government control.

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Online Gamblers need to get smart and do like the big corporations..BUY A LOBBYIST AND LOBBY CONGRESS!  Pad some of those congressmen's pockets and you will quickly see how this problem goes away.   Want to fix it?  Throw some money at it.

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If you voted for him, you are the sucker.

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There is a lot of things I do not agree with the Government.  Lots.  We are taxed on our money once, twice, three times.  Seems like every few weeks they find a new tax to put upon the average citizen. 

Every nickel and dime gets taxed???  What about those in Government that gets the free trips?  The free goodies still?  Do they put that on their tax records?  Did they ever?  You betcha they didn't, its okay for them.  Its them and us. 

I know, non smokers agree with the huge increase tax on cigarettes.  I don't.  How come its always a tax that hurts the working men and women?  Take away the tax deductions away from the working man and women and give the rich a tax break?  What kind of Government would do that?  Ours - OUR Government did it and no one put up a fuss.  Why?  Because we forget too soon.  We lost our fight for injustice, its not American anymore to fight for our rights, to march on Washington and tell them we won't take it anymore.  We should, we ought to, but we won't.  We have become complacent, lazy, too self absorbed in our own world of texting and video machines, lets not forget the cable TV melting our brains.

What we need is mental fitness.  We lost the will to fight when in the 1960's - 1970's when we did march nothing changed.  We were outnumbered by the 'older' generation, well we are the older generation and we have the numbers now to make changes.  But we have become discouraged from a long time ago and its hard to rethink, regroup, but we must. 

The Government can't figure out how to tax the interment.  What a HUGE pie to cut up by  the States and Fed Government.  Where do they start?  How much can they get?  How do they collect?  And I'm sure they will find more ways to make our lives miserable with more taxes. 

This Poker Tournament has been going on for years and they just took notice of it?  What about all the other winners, what are they going to do with them?   I can't remember how many years this tournament has been going on - at least 10 years?   Now they want money from it???  Why??  Because they were too stupid to use the money they already taxed us on for things we really need instead of TWO wars we didn't need?? 

I recently blogged about unfair parking tickets.  Guess what was on my local news?  My City subcontracted tow trucks, the tow trucks towed cars that was LEGALLY parked to an Illegal parking space in front of a fire hydrant.  Then the cops came along and gave them a nice fat ticket. Not once, but twice that was reported in the news segment.  Nice huh?  Its another form of tax.

They didn't give the guy a chance, I'm sure he would have included his winnings in his tax records.  I just hope someone helps this person out and backs him so he can win the grand prize at the tournament.

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In response to a$VeryLuckyMan

Whether you know it or not, these laws that give the Feds the power to take this money were enacted during the BUSH administration and the Clinton administration.  Obama has nothing to do with this.  You small minded embiciles blame everything on him.  It is as if nothing was wrong or happened until he became President and for your information, they were millionaires BEFORE he became President. I am sure they can afford the cost of the trip!!

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In response to Littleoldlady

Well, he did spend about half a million dollars on "date night" in New York City.


feds  musta got a bad beat super suk out somewhere down the line....even still tho.. I wouldnt put money into those fine if you win a freeroll........  When I play poker I take the 2 hour ride to mohegan casino  get paid as soon as tourny is over or walk out cussin...........Red Devil  .......Jester

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In response to Todd

That money could have been used to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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