€126M Euro Millions lottery ticket was purchased online

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See young people win too!  WTG!  Lucky boyfriend or is it good bye boyfriend!

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CONGRATS To the lucky ill lady

  its funny that you can,t use an american credit card to buy euro millions tickets ,but you can use the same cerdit card to buy all the american lottery tickets you want ,on line.whats wrong with this picture.

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In response to gocart1

hey TODD,,,,,,thanks again for the write-up...US Flag

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Congrats to the lucky winner!


Awesome!  Congrats to the winner!  She is set......I would try and get out of Spain as soon as possible.  If she would like to come to America...I would be glad to show her around!  LOL

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PartyWOW Lucky woman......My turn next.....

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Amazing. Congrats to her!

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Congratulations Thumbs Up


If thats what it takes to win a jackpot,then bring on the flu.I can put up with a little vomiting and diarhera for that kind of money!

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She gave me a great idea,i will buy my ticket online too!

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Congrats to her!

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Some people have all the luck! can anyone tell me if there' re having problems with

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Congratulations to the big jackpot winner...she is very very lucky.

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No you can't. Buying American lottery tickets is a strictly cash affair. I'm surprised nobody corrected you unless I am wrong and guys will come out to correct me.


Yeah at 25 the young lady with no children has time and energy to put the money to good use, I wish her success in that.

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hello maringman,

    what about

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We're talking about ON LINE Tickets maringmanUS Flag


Most US Americans do not realize that the US is almost the only country in the world that taxes gambling winnings.  The others usually do tax only those who operate gambling businesses.  As a result this lucky young Spanish lady will keep her entire sum of E126 million (US$170 million).

Also a comment about the Megamillions and Powerball Jackpots.  They are the pretax total amount of payouts over about 30 years and therefore are quite deceptive when comparing the amount posted for the Euromillions which is actually the real amount and no taxes.

Unfortunately if a US resident had gone to Europe and bought the winning ticket, he would not owe any taxes in Europe, but his Uncle Sam would require him to declare the winnings as income and pay the full income tax on it here.

The USA should join the rest of the world and quit taxing gambling winnings like most civilized countries.

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Thanks robroy PartyHyperDanceParty

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I hope she doesn't have swine flu!

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I have an uncles who's truly named sam but I have never met him and I'm sure this isn't him so I would have my EuroMillions Jackpot winnings deposited into my bank account in London and do like they say DONT ASK DONT TELL Europe here I come again.....


congratulations to the winner!


I too am not aware of being able to buy lottery tickets in the USA from the State Lottery Offices.  Is it a third party that operates  online lottery purchaes? if yes, Do you receive a receipt showing what number you played and amounts prior to the drawing? Who are they regulated by?

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I use to paly euro millions on line also,a few years ago,,until the us courts ruled againest it

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It's official ... I was just visiting and I noticed that one can now on-line subscription, credit card purchase:  Lotto, Little Lotto, and MegaMillions tickets (the MegaMillions tickets even give you bonus advance plays if you purchase 26 or 52 weeks of tickets at the same time).

Soon more states will begin allowing folks to purchase advance play MegaMillions subscription tickets on-line too.Thumbs Up


Brings back ancient (when I was 7 or so) memories of an ad in (a comic book?) someplace saying someone won $100K while "home in bed with the flu".

Many of the subscriptions (i.e. NY) require that you be a resident of the State you're getting the subscription. True online play should be done entirely via internet and such that potentially anyone in the world could participate.

I have ""won"" several Lotteries around the world: the Nigerian Lottery, the World Lotto, and some other Euro Something Lotto, for a total of approx. 29 billion dollars in various currencies some of which I didn't know exist. I was notified via e-mail on these, from some "Barrister" person (someone from Starbucks?? They got that over there??), and still eagerly waiting for that 1st check... those "processing fees" are a bit steep but hey I'll be a millionare.. and that Photoshopped ID card with the blurry emblem and the shifted watermark looks sooooo convincing! I guess if I got a notification I won Euro Millions I'd've clicked the Report Spam button.

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