N.C. lottery store owners, employees winning big and often

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N.C. needs to get on the stick and start conducting these investigations/sting operations that other states have been doing.

The whiff of fraud is unacceptable.

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Sound like some of their cousins from California! who were stealing

folks  winner tickets.

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The owner of the store, Becky Ozmun, won a dozen jackpots in about 13 months - including a $10,000 payout and a $150,000 prize.

One employee of a store selling tickets in eastern North Carolina won 10 times in a little over a year - including a $100,000 jackpot.

Sounds like these store owners and their employees have a pretty good system - winning a lottery jackpot almost every month while their customers are lucky if they win a jackpot once in a life time.

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Being around the Lottery Day In and Day Out makes many a Lottery Retailer an avid Lottery Player:

Truth Be Known: The more you Play, The more you Win!

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In response to Raven62

Where I buy my tickets, being around the lottery day in and day out give the store owner and her employees more chances to say to their customers "good luck and remember me if you win the jackpot".

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Smells like rotten fish to me. some jackpots like P3 or P4 for instance..granted but scratch offs?  I don't think so.  Someone needs to investigate them.  If stores are winning that much, the players can't be winning anything. How in the world can a store repeatedly cash in a winning scratch off? They would have to have someone who scratched for them everyday..all day!  How do they know where the big winners are?  Are they concentrated in one spot or one area? 


I recently bought some pick four the first day they started the game, bought a few and one ticket had all three of the numbers picked but the last number was a 0 not a four thought I would have won a few dollars not the jackpot but vender scanned the ticket said it was not a winner so I e-mailed lottery officials and the numbers have to be all the same of night it was picked made my mind up not to play this game again.

I am sticking with power ball.

But its probably all rigged as to who wins the large amounts.

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In response to PLAYERWILMNC

Aren't the rules of the game posted on the back of the play slips and at the lottery website?   Or did you just read the pick3 game rules and thought they applied to the pick4 game too?


I'm glad that someone shed light on this. I don't think store workers should be able to buy lottery tickets from the store they work in. I've seen many times where customers go in a store, buy 10 tickets from a roll and win nothing. Then the clerks/owners will buy the next 10 or so and win. One store I stood and watched this while waiting for someone. It pissed me off. I've even seen one lady writing down pick 3 numbers that customers are playing.

I really don't think that ncel will do anything about it!!

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I have posted many times about this guy at the store in which I play my lottery, he can call the winner all the time, even prints out a ticket without me asking and hands it to me.  Once he gave me one of those instant tickets that was for promotional and it was a winner.  Mind you, I always play the 3 digits, sometimes I 'get' a four digit in my workout that I can't ignore. 

But I think working with numbers as I did as a cashier at Giant Food Market did a world of good for me with numbers, the same numbers would come up for the total sale, so I would play it, most times it would win.

I know it sounds fishy that they would keep winning, but if you have that type of a job working with the lottery all day you are bound to see a pattern of numbers that other lottery players are playing.  Just like on Lottery Post, go to predictions and see what everyone else is predicting and make deductions.  I even trid HARD to get behind the counter with the lottery machine because I thought it would give me an edge.  LoL!

Once it has hit the media things will be done, investigations, mistery shoppers, all kinds of attemps to find out the truth.   

They changed the machines in PA so that the clerk doesn't touch the tickets for validation anymore, the customer puts the ticket under a scanner and the amount shows up on a screen and the clerk pays you.  Now, we have to have the State FORCE the retailers to PAY the customer the amount and not tell them it will be paid via check/money order.  Or flat out refusing to pay at all.  Once it took me a week of running around and then a 50 mile trip out of town to get my straight 500.00 ticket cashed before I found my current retailer.

It may come down to using a stand alone machine to cut the fraud soon.  The stand alone machines now are horrible, not user friendly, but I don't expect much from the PA Government when its not what you know but who you know. 

Maybe I should see if I can get another job at the market on the lottery counter?

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Each state's lottery commissions should step in and do investigations on suspicious stores. This to protect their good names and keep player's confident. Or perhaps open up the official online lotto purchase (to save the middle man, retailers) system for players. Providing accuracy and convenience.

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In response to trulyblessed

I think Trulyblessed is on to the main technique that these winning stores use.  They watch the sale of tickets on the particular games that have the big jackpots and buy tickets after they see customers not win for several tickets.  I have also observed this myself in a Maryland store.  The state lotteries usually send a lot of big winning instant tickets to the stores that are producing the most profit for the state to keep the customers coming, so the owners know that their odds are better than lesser retailers of getting a roll of tickets with the $10,000 - $100,000 winners. I personally don't buy the instant tickets for this reason and mainly because it is just plain luck with no skill to win something.  The same goes for slot machines in today's casinos.  They are all computerized and connected to a mainframe that allows the casino to instantly change the odds on any machine.  I have noticed while playing these that every 10 minutes or so, as one goes to place a bet, the machine will freeze for a few seconds, the lights might flicker once, and then one can make a bet.  If you had been winning a little, you may start to now lose.  This cycle keeps repeating during the hour as they slowly bleed you of your money.  Of course they also "move" some of your money up the line to another machine where someone gets lucky and wins big, but overall for the night, the casino takaes in a hefty profit.

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In response to RJOh


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This is not hard to believe that some store owners who sell lottery scratch-offs win often. In Ontario Canada in the '70's these were the only 'type' of tickets sold-no lottery organization like we have today and store owners would take their batch of scratch-offs home and examine them under intense light and were able to identify the winners from the losers. They won everytime they scratched the ticket for the covering scratch-off material was not thick enough to hide the numbers below. That has all changed now but my suspicions remain. If there is a will there is a way. Some store owners can do things you can't do!



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I believe to things,they are either stealing or palying on their lucky day,i read a book about it and it was amazing.In 2006 i won many times in the daily # because 2006 was a lucky year for me

In response to JordanT1021

I've seen clerks take scratch-off tickets from the roll without paying for them.When they lose they just take another & another & another until they win enough money to pay for the tickets that were losers.Eventually they take to many and it catches up to them & they either get fired or arrested or both.I don't think that employees should be allowed to play the lottery at the store they work at while on duty.

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In response to JordanT1021

JordanT1021, the balls were weighted down in PA way back in the late 70's or early 80's.  I was living in NJ at the time.  So it is possible.  They put whilte liquid die in the balls and the number that hit that day was 666.  That's how they got busted.

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In response to MaddMike51

I Agree!

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I Agree!  I look forward to online lotto purchases, then if someone doesn't like a particular lottery they have a choice of where to spend their money.

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You are right and they shouldn't be allowed to play scratch offs while on duty and at the store where they work.  I worked at a lottery place years ago and that was how the rules went.  She had to stop the employees because they were racking up.They played on "credit" from their paychecks until they got a good hit on the scratchers and then they would pay back what they owed and pocket the rest of the money and wait for the next "sucker' to start buying from a new roll of tickets.  They knew approximately where the winner would be located in the roll.  They even kept a cheat sheet to tell them what part of the roll the last winner had come from.  I was amazed.  They knew all of the prize amounts, etc. so they knew what they were trying to win.

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Another nail in the coffin that goes agaibacknst NC palyers - There aren't any readable codes on the scratchers, therefore you can't verify whether or not you have a winner... I can't see all that well - and this is certainly a stab-pin-the-back... That's why I prefer scratching in VA at least it will give me a comforting code TWY = $20, TWF = $25, FTY = $50, HUN = $100, etc. etc.


Sorry for shouting all, Pogo

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In response to Pogo

I thinking that maybe, just maybe they found a way to see what's under the painted area.  Maybe they are using Infared light, Blue light, x-ray or something that can see through the paint. Just a thought.

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In response to Littleoldlady

I just don't understand why it is allowed, littloldlady.  That's why companies won't allow employees to play in their sweepstakes. It leads to dishonesty and cheats.

I guess as long as the "suckers" continue to play and NC rack up the profits it will never change.  I guess they can care less who's winning as long as they get their profits.


They probably scan the tickets in the lotto machine before stocking it in the bin next to other tickets to see if its a winner & how much the prize is, then document it on a notepad to remind themself or other employee that when such and such ticket comes up to buy it theirself.

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I live in South Carolina...I know of cashiers that keep a tally of the rolls that are winning batches.  Also, it's ALWAYS the same darned clerks that win big prizes all the time.  I see them repeatedly listed as winners and they brag about it.  Some rolls are winning tickets others are not....if they know u well enough and like u, they will tell you.  I've known others to lie as well.  For instance....she told a relative of mine to not buy from this batch because someone had just won 500 on it which means there's not another one in there.  Well, she didn't listen and bought it anyway....guess what....she won 200 bucks.  The clerk was trying to sway people away from what she wanted to buy when she got off from work.  She also had family members come visit at the store and they would "buy" them for her. 

Once clerk got fired for buying tickets while at work and winning all the time.  She went to the gas station a couple of miles down the road and kept winning there too.  Guess what...she finally hit the big one....100,000...and is now working at a different gas station.  So don't tell me something isn't up.


I myself had a winning jumbo ticket worth $1.000 and the clerk told me that this was not a winning ticket and this lady did not want to give my ticket back to me. I had to show anger to her to get my ticket back, this lady was trying getNo Pity! an opportunity to switch ticket I guest. Don't even let them touch your ticket if you win a cash prize that you have to take to the lottery office.

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In response to MaddMike51

I agree. Although, I don't have a problem with clerks playing pick 3/5/6 games because there isn't really a way to cheat like there is with scratch off games. (Though, I'm not counting the ones who lie to customers about not having a winning ticket.)

In response to dopey7719

Looks to me, Im in the wrong careerSulk Off                  Green laugh

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In response to trulyblessed

Yes the clerks at Food Lion do that all the time. Writing down the numbers especially if you a regular and win often.  I've heard them say that the regular winners are the numbers to play.

I don't think they should be able to buy at the establishment that they work at, I won't say that they are cheating just yet because if you play a lot then you will win, but let them just play at other stores to see if they are actually winning on their own luck.

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