N.Y. looks to join Powerball lottery


Problem gamblers?


Isn't that a person that has a problem finding a game to bet on?Wink

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Hmmmmmmm amazing....

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Seems like NY has a case of the lottery greed, especially after posting record sales.


Hmmm.....I going to put on my psychic  cap.....I predict the winning powerball jackpot  tickets.....will follow the trend of the  NY lotto jackpots and Mega millions jackpot winners .....the winning   tickets will be bought in NYC.....and/or on Long Island, NY.....


Won't PB and MM have something to say about a state playing more than one multi state lottery?

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Just as much as Coke has about businesses selling Pepsi.


That sounds good. I can't wait for this bill to pass.

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The clerk where I buy my tickets told me a couple of weeks ago that we were going to be able to buy Powerball in NY. I can't wait. Now, as the article said, I won't have to go to Connecticut anymore to buy the tickets.


Aaaiieee, then PowerBall will screw with the odds AGAIN, and make the big prizes more difficult to win!  I certainly hope this doesn't happen.

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No Pity!  No matter what the odds are, somebody at sometime will win. Let Powerball begin in New York, I'm ready and waiting.   Cheers

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I personally would like to see TN get MM too.  That would tickle me pink !

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Come one and come all have a few good hits in NY and you become a member of the 60/40 club the state gets the 60 and you get the 40 wow .

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In response to megamillionaire

I can't wait for this to happen...I'm from NY and also drive to CT on the weekends for PB tickets....I had asked a few months back in a posting about how would I be taxed if I hit in CT but live in NY...Some really nice helpfull people  had some great information ...Now I just hope that I got to use that information.....PartyCheersParty


I wish SC would get Mega Millions! It would be very good for the state in my Opinion cause GA have MM and NC has the powerball, so the state would visitors from the neighboring state for one of our Jackpot lottery.

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To be honest it will not matter because NY state rarely wins the 1st prize multi state jackpot ,the Mega is an example,NY state has bad luck.

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Oh, MaddMike51, you're one heck of a good modern day term definer! Banana

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Of course, it depends how close the New York resident lives to Connecticut, Vermont or Pennsylvania.  Because if they can drive once a month (buying 'advance plays' for next 10 games), each of these states charges a lower "Lottery Tax" than New York does, so they will NET MORE $$$.

State Lottery Tax is:  Connecticut = 5%, Vermont = 6%, or Pennsylvania = 0% NOTHING

So, strive to drive to Pennsylvania after every 10 drawings, where winning tickets are State Taxed at an exciting 0% I Agree!

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I want to play MegaMillions in PA along with Powerball !!!!!!!!!!!!


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In response to foragoodcause

What!?? If you say NY has bad luck when it comes to MM jackpots what will you say about Massachusetts?? Ever since I moved to MA about 6 years ago only 1 jackpot has been won, 1!! otoh NJ is the haven for jackpots.

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