24 year-old Calif. man claims lottery riches

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Congrats from one Jersey native to another.


Having just turned 20 a couple months ago, it's good to hear when someone younger gets to win the jackpot, it always seems to be people who are middle-aged and older and already have most of what they want out of life, and don't desire to make much change. Not to say they don't deserve it by any stretch, it's just that I haven't seen a single story with anyone under 30-40 years of age hitting a jackpot until now. Cool story.

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That should work out well he studied finance in college.  Congrats to him!

it always seems to be people who are middle-aged and older

Most likely because that's the bulk of the lottery players right there.

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Winning at 24 will leave many more years of great adventures!!

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This is truly an inspiring story for any young lottery players who are feeling discouraged about winning: luck and patience are key ingredients. Yes, most older winners win because they probably play more regularly.

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In response to Todd


hlp explan dis win 2 UR>>?

favaront poster>>>>>>>>>!


was D ##'s a QP?????????!

WAS it Hi$>Hi$>PICK'$$$!!


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In response to robmang

Don't worry, plenty of people from all ages win.  There are lots of stories posted in LP's news section about 20-somethings winning over the years.

If older folks tend to win more, it's purely a function of more older people playing the lottery.  Same goes for male vs. female, area of the country, cities vs. suburbs vs. rural areas, etc.  It's a very predictable fact that people who play more often win more often.

See the previous news story about the guy from Colorado for a great example of that!

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Congrats to the winner.  I just read that the first person in FL to come forward with a PB winner is 22 years old.  He won $50,000 because he spent the extra $1 and got 4 out of 5 and the PB.   Age doesn't matter to the lottery fairy.  Unfortunately for me, the tooth fairy has an age limit.

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In response to psykomo

Quick Picks!

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Roll Eyes hmmmph .....

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I use to live about 5 minutes from where this guy won. Congrats to this guy and I wish him all the luck.

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In response to psykomo

He picks his own numbers.  Usually 2 plays at a time.

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I thought so too, but got confirmation from different outlets that they were random picks.

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In response to Todd

from MSNBC:

At a news conference Wednesday, Moitz explained that he played random numbers that just happened to match the winning combination, 2, 11, 19, 21, 34 and the Mega number 38 in Friday's draw.

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In response to Steven948

You don't want someone like me (an old man with cancer) to win? Why? I'm not angry, just curious....

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In response to Todd

He has a cool name too, dontcha think?


Congrats Todd! May this enable you to realize your dreams!

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In response to grengrad

I'm kind of with justX on this. There are plenty of people who managed to lose it all before dying, so they wouldn't have enjoyed it for any longer if they had won when they were a few years younger.  OTOH, perhaps a few of the people who went broke would have made it last longer if they had been 10 years older when they won.  I expect that the vast majority of people would be better at handling sudden wealth when they're 40 than when they're 20 to 25.

I might have been able to have more fun per year when I was 25 than now, but I'd much rather be retired and financially secure from 50 to 80+ than be rich from 20 to 30 and then be broke again. Not that I think I would have blown it if I won in my 20's, but I think very few people can really be sure how well they'd handle sudden wealth, especially at a young age. That said, if I win the $120 million PB tomorrow, part of me will be thinking I'd have been happier winning $10 million 20 years ago.

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In my opinion, I don't think its the age at all that deserves to win.  Its a good person who deserves to win.  Everyone has a story to tell at any age.  The 20 year old who wants to pay for college and help out his parents who may be sturggling...the 40 year old who has worked hard at his job for 20+years to support the family..the 60 year old who wants to retire in style cuz dang it he/she deserves it...and the 80 year old who dreams of leaving some money to the kids...the grandkids....and event the great grandkids.


I'm happy for anyone who wins a large amount of money no matter how old they are.  We ALL have a story that we would love to have a chance to tell.

Mine?  Well lets just say I'm 35..I got 3 husband and I have been married for 17 years and we worked hard trying to get by.  We struggled the whole way, but we do it together and that all that  counts.  With every step forward...we had taken 5 steps back.  Luck has never been on our side lol.  Things are looking pretty bad for us financially and we are again struggling to survive.  I play my dollar cuz they say a dollar for a dream and hope for the best.  I have given up all extras in life so I can at least have my internet lol... A click of the mouse and I'm in Hawaii...then Japan...then Italy lol...cheaper then a plane ticket.

Im GETTING old (at least I feel old) I deserve to win?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And so does everyone else on LP no matter how old you are!!!!!!   LOL


In response to dingo



    A great post that you wrote ... but I have to point out that I don't think the Advance Play option is a naive  choice, because of course he drawings are mostly done with a Ball Drop not a Computer generation (Except I believe in Tennessee)




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Does that make you guys kind of mad that young people like this win the Lottery???

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In response to robmang

Let's see what your desires are when you reach middle age.

I believe anyone who plays have some desires and dreams of what they want to do with the big win if they win it. Or why else, why would they play. I do know that there are some people who play just for the glory of the game or the excitement that gambling brings them, but that's rare.

We all have needs and dreams. Many young people don't understand this because they have not experienced the trials and tribulations that us older folks have, as yet.

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In response to Down


I think we're happy for almost anyone who wins.

Except the convicted rapist that won some years ago.

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In response to Lotto*Love

Wonderful note, very inspiring.  Sorry to hear of your situation, but as they say, this too shall pass.

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In response to Litebets27

It doesn't make me angry for those who win.  I am not happy for anyone who does  because they are complete strangers.  IMO how can you be truly for someone you dont know.  The only exception to that for me, is TRULY if someone here on LP  announced that they won.   although I don't know anyone personally, there still has been some level of communication and I would feel happy that someone I know (write to) that shared some life experiences and opinions with me, won the lottery and their life is made a bit smoother,.I truly would feel happy for them. 

For the sex offenders and criminals that win.  GOD knows I am not happy for them but it makes me feel better because I always think, maybe its all just dumb luck, not Karma, God or anything else. Cause if THEY can win, anyone can.

SO that being said,  someone on LP hurry up and win so I can finally say I "KNOW" SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY WON THE LOTTERY!Thumbs Up

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Also have to say that I concur heartily with JustX and KYFloyd--I've been here for a while and see the younger ones posting hot cars and huge homes as their first purchase--I think the clue is to know yourself so completely that you will be able to make your money do what you wish it to--without attracting undue attention--but that's just my opinion.

Best of luck--young'un--hope you feel on top of the world a year from now, and for many years thereafter.

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In response to lottocalgal

Are you really angery that a stranger won, or just indifference in your feelings towards the winner. This is understandable.  Unless the winners post a hardship story when they win and tell how the win is going to help them, we usually can get that warm cozy feeling of happiness for them. Until they show up a year or two later showing how they messed up their winnings, loss everything,  in court because of the winnings, killed themselves because the money didn't bring them happiness etc..etc.

And then....How well do you know your LP family?Skeptical

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Awesome win, congratulations to him for having won .... using his own numbers!!!!!  Best wishes for however he chooses to utilize his newfound fortune.  Party

Am always happy for anyone anywhere who lines up their energy and wins a jackpot.

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In response to dpoly1


Thanks for posting this....

I'd like to think that every person on this site has an amazing story to tell....I know I do!

I get more joy out of hearing the "stories behind the win" than I do about the fact that someone won.


Look at that smile on the guy's face in picture. 3 words...

must be nice!

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