N.Y. lottery winner and tenant fight thief

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This crime would support recent discussion about allowing lottery winners to remain anonymous!  Lottery officials should feel really bad when they hear about this stuff happening.

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It was said by 1 of my college professors'. "A 4 sure way to become a welfare reciepient is 2 have a child b4 U get out of high school." Well I say "A 4 sure way to get yourself robbed, hit the lottery." Heck in the world 2day U might get hit over the head 4 a $10 scratch off. LOL

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I Agree! There are way to many people out there that think just because you won some money in a lottery that they are entitled to some or all of your money.

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The guy was very lucky that his neighbor heard the commotion coming from his place and that he came to help so he was able to get loose. It must have been a very scary situation.

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Anonymous claiming would minimize this from happening, but word gets around, even if it's anonymous. If you win and tell just one friend, word will get out. If you win, have no family, and tell no one, friends may notice if you change lifestyle, buy new things, and so on.

If every winner was kept anonymous, then there would be some people who would complain that the lottery was fixed, because all the winners were anonymous and they would think it should be public record to prove the lottery was not rigged.

The best is a middle ground. Smart winners will set up trusts, corporations, charities, and other organizations to insulate themselves and channel their winnings correctly.

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People do NOT need to know that you are is NONE of anyones business,especially the press, how much someone is worth.I like to read about winners as much as the next guy,but some things are flat nobodys business.If a person wants to share their personal business with the entire world,fine,thats their choice.However,if person prefers to remain anonymous,that should also be their choice.When I win the lottery I'll be forced to go through the media B.S.However,as soon as I get my hands on the money I will be moving to another area of the country where I can be anonymous.The state of Iowa will collect their share of taxes on my winnings but in the years to follow they won't get one penny from the taxes on the interest that my money will generate.Their loss could be avoided by allowing me to remain anonymous.

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Hope he invests some of that jackpot in a better front door.   Doesn't hurt to hang a can of pepper spray by the front door as well.


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Hire body guards, sniper, and other preventative protections. With that much money this is no longer a concern, it is the life of the winner.

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He's going to have a sniper on his roof?  Don't you think the alarm system going off would do the trick?

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 I agree an alarm system seems sufficient. I think getting a sniper would be going overboard.LOL

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A man came to his door saying his name was Tony and he was there to repay $1,500 Owens had allowed him to borrow. A man with that first name did owe Owens' money, but he said he knew the hooded man at his door was not his acquaintance.

Loaning that kind of money to an acquaintance (not a friend or family member) will have some people thinking you keep money in your home even if you haven't won a lottery jackpot.

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One of the books about what to do if you win a jackpot suggests taking out kidnap and ransom insurance.

If I hit a jackpot I'd get a surveilance system like the one Al Pacino had in Scarface!

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It's a good thing the victim of this Home Invasion is safe.

His life is more important than the money...Yes Nod

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