Powerball lottery jackpot reaches $102 million

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Please please please ..let it be me........this wednesday....I swear



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I'll be good


102 million i'm trying to bring that back to indianapolis i need to look into the numbers some more i'm starting to see some patterns.

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maybe i have that 800,000 ticket!!! i can't tell until i get my lotto ticket sent to me.

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I'm actually shocked. I thought that it would have been won last night.


i know, usually when powerball gets high someone hits it...this the first time in months since it broke the 100 million dollar range

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Hasn't been this high a while. I hope I win it.

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Getting Big! Nice size jackpot. 


its waiting to get to $111 million so i can claim it. thats my lucky number yahhhhoooo!!!

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I went up to Mount Washington on Sunday, so I was sure to stop along the way and buy a ticket in Hooksett and Bretton Woods Smiley

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Blue AngelI pray that it's my blessed day tomorrow! This couldn't be a better time for me to win!! Hyper My daughter wants to be a Disney Channel actress and this certainly would get cover all those costly expenses

for her to go to Hollywood! DanceGood luck everyone!

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Just wanted to pop in and say good luck to everyone tonight.  I bought a ticket on a whim on Wednesday night, not realizing that the jackpot had gotten so high. 


Now, of course, I have to continue until someone wins.  Wink 


Good luck everyone!

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