N.Y. Lottery launches record-breaking scratch game

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I can think of a lot better things to do with $30.00

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In NH, most all the $20 and $30 tickets don't even offer a one-time prize/payment of $1 million, nevermind for life!


Yep $30.00 for a single ticket isn't going to go over to well. I'd rather take that $30.00 and play the mega-million $5.00 twice a week and take my chances.


I've got some advice for the people in the article complaining about the cost.


Duh !

Nobody is putting a gun to their heads....

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I am considering buying once a month. $1 million a year is a life changer!

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Itz a scam.  If someone 20-year-old wins, and lives up to 100 years - where will they get 80 millions?   And also it is not the most expensive scratch-off in the nation - I read somewhere Texas used to have (or still has?) a 50-dollar game.

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Has anyone bought one yet?

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can i buy a ticket. er ah no. i can't buy one because i am on the wrong coast. dang it. i wish i was there and i would buy a few.

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In response to barbos

Actually we have THREE $50 scracth off. 2 of the rolled out last year and one this year.  Wealso have one $30,one $25, and FOUR $20 scratch offs....

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I'll play from using the winnings of other games. When games offer better odds to be a millionare I'll take it. Of course, with moderation.

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I hope someone buys one on their 18th birthday and wins. Then goes on to live for a long long time. Since they're "only" getting a million dollars (before taxes) I'm sure that the revenue taken from this would grow at a faster rate than a million dollars a year.


I would hope I'd be the doorman, and not the doorman's friend across the street.

I don't know what the odds are on the prizes. Maybe there are a lot of winners for $30 back i.e. free plays. Ironically the cheaper scratch-offs can eat more money than the expensive ones because most people they win $2 or so they immediately play it back and keep doing so until they lose whatever they were going to spend. Thus it would make strategic sense to have it chock full of small prize winners.

You would have to calculate what is the "return" for the $30 (expected average winning including the top prize) vs. waiting for a $50M Mega or PB prize and buying 30 tickets or whatever. Not to mention the top prize is an annuity only, right? And not to mention forget about systemizing a scratch-off, at least on MM or PB you can filter out bad numbers.

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Has anyone bought one?  What are the other prizes?   Are there 30 chances to win on this $30 ticket?  Guess I should go into a store near me and see, huh?  Bash

My hubby will buy one!  He isn't afraid to take chances on the scratch-offs.  I would rather put my $30 in the slot machine; the penny ones!  One pull of the penny machine brought me $216.00 last Monday!  Woo Hoo!!   LOL



Alternatively, you could just go to your computer:

The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 3.528 million. Spending the same $30 on MM tickets would give you odds of 1 in 5.857 million. The same $30 in MM tickets would make you about twice as likely to win the 250k 2nd prize as you are to win the 50k prize in the new scratch game.

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