Lottery winner donates $3M jackpot to church

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Does this mean he gets a free ticket to heaven? 

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In response to JackpotWanna

Lol...1ST Class all the way!


What an idiot. If he donated a portion I could understand, but the whole thing?

You can't buy your way into some BS heaven nonsense, even if it were true.

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Definitely not like the church recently in the news that would not accept any donations from lotto winnings.


If properly invested the guy donating would have been rich for his entire life AND could have donated at least TWICE that amount every year for however long he wanted to.  What a shame he donated it all.

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In response to dejack03

How do you know the guy isn't already rich.

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I Agree! For all we know he is very well off money-wise or maybe, money just isn't important to him.

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I've been thinking on this one.  The reason we play lottery is to win the big one right?  Maybe to make our lives better?  I think that the donation of the total amount to the church would suggest that the person was either rich to begin with and needed a serious tax break, is a complete nut job or actually thinks this donation will get them into heaven which is not the case. It reminds me of Jack Whittacker, who donated  multi millions to churches and even built a church through his foundation but still chose to live a life of sin.  What does that say about his place in heaven?

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"Before using the money for the church, they will donate the first payment to a charity called Love 146 that works to abolish human trafficking in Southeast Asia, Crabbe said."

Someone Play 146 in Pick 3. Maybe you'll get lucky

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... or that the guy hasn't just discovered that he has a terminal illness and isn't likely to live long enough to get much use of it anyway?

... or that the guy knew about the financial problems the church was having and decided to play the lottery specifically to help the church if he won.  Some people really do have values outside of their own needs, you know.

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He's not an idiot.....In todays parable, Jesus the Son of God Talks to his Apostles and explains that in the next few days he is to be Betrayed, torcherd, crucified and then put to death.  Peter approaches him and says no, in God's name, not you lord, and Jesus turns to Peter and says:

Get thee Behind me Satan...That's how Humans Think and React, thats Not  Doing God's Will.......

Point being.......The winnner was not an Idiot, because he was doing God's Will...wether  you believe in God or not....He's Still on the Throne. 


I don't believe in putting all your eggs in one basket.I would have donated to many different charities and I would defiantly never give money to a church.


But..his money.His wishes.

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OH, and you have a monopoly on what the truth is? Just because you believe that fairy tale place exists doesen't make it true.

Stop being a sheeple and think for yourself.

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