His and Hers: Wisconsin spouses win identical lottery jackpots


He married his boss, or did his wife hire him? Does he go home and complain about his boss or is he afraid to becase that IS his boss??? Will he quit now or will she quit, or both? His boss has to ask HIM for permisson? Was he playing Lottery on company time? Color me confused!

Your homework assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out what is special about that set of numbers vs. the draw history. By "make money" meaning more than spent before this one? I'd love to see a backtest of the system he used, what it picked and what came out up to now.

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Wow, that's awesome. Congratulations to the winners.


PS- one important question, where the heck did "49" come from, they only go to 39.

What were really the numbers, and on what exact date? I cannot seem to find that sequence
anywhere in the recent draw list for WI SuperCash.


The winning Megabucks numbers for Saturday, August 16th, 2008 were:



Suppose somebody got numbers and games mixed up when reporting.

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His system? A box that has been split into whatever number of sections needed, each with a piece of corn in it and a chicken. Big Smile

Anyway, congrats to both of them!

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He said his wife, who is his boss at work, had asked if she could play the same numbers he played


I bet this was done on company time...and it makes no sense at all, if he played them why would she want to?

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Congrats to them! I bet they are happy that they both bought tickets.

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He claims he developed a secret formula that has helped him make money in the lottery over the last 20 years, although he says his winnings have been small compared to this jackpot.

Finally someone who claims to have a secret formula for winning the lottery actually won.  I wonder if we'll see him winning even larger jackpots?


I have algorithms too! Most of them secret. I did win the Pick 5 all 5 numbers a few years ago but not near 350K. Please find out what day they won and what the numbers really were, and I will when I have time figure out if I can what kind of system might have been used. Also would be interesting to know how many winners total on that drawing, in case other people had the same "Secret"!~

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i agree i looked high and low for those numbers and no luck... and like you said the super cash is a 1/39 game

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Man, wife both play wrong numbers and win jackpot?

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Will he quit?  That $350,000 is before taxes, remember.   That's maybe $215,000 that they will each see.  If they invested it all at 5%/yr, they would have an income of approx $21,500/yr.

Unless they are already getting social security or a pension, that isn't enough for two people to retire on. Don't forget, that $21,500 is earned income and will be taxed also, so they won't have all of that to live on either.

It will certainly help out, but you need a minimum of $500,000 to invest in order for one person to quit working and live off the income IMO. And that isn't a swanky retirement.  You would still be watching your pennies.

The govt pretty much makes sure you can't retire from lottery winnings unless you win MILLIONS.

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According to a google search she is a CPA.

He works for her i doubt either will quit working.


Their total take is 700K.. even so I wasn't serious that they should quit on that amount, I wouldn't either, but you can just imagine them late one night in bed.. "Honey?"  "Yes Dear?"  "I'm thinking of resigning."  "You better not! I'll bop you with a rolling pin."  "OK Dear, see you at the Office tomorrow."  "Yes, get some sleep, I'm giving you a performance review tomorrow morning!"  "About my work?"  "No, the other thing!"

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