New Penn. Lottery 5-digit game on sale Aug. 26

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"Pick 4 on steroids"

Sounds like it will do well.

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In response to Todd

I think so also but think twice a day is too much for starters... I think the players will mainly be those playing pick 3 and 4 presently and twice a day might have them rethink their lottery dollars.

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This is funny...I was just wondering why a state hasn't introduced a 5 digit game and PA all of a sudden is getting one.  Interesting but the odds are so high.


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I like it.  Gives you many choices, and reasonable odds for what you choose.  I wish they were as creative in my state.

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In response to Badger

I agree.

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Very nice game.

Do you think they read ideas here at Lottery Post?

I posted how nice I thought a five digit game would be a couple times here at Lottery Post.

Need it in S.C.

I am going to suggest it at their message center on the S.C. site.

Edited here.

Just shot over to the S.C. website and made the suggestion to consider this type of game.Big Grin

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I guess I'm the only one who sees the potential for a disturbing trend, here. Skeptical

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I presume it will carry the computerized draw for daytime and the ball feature draw for evening?

I read the retailer site and it didnt clarfiy to well how the draws will go, nor does it have the ways to win....

Very vague at this point to make an informed decision if this game will last or worthy of playing.


Is this away to boost the sales? I read there sales are down.

People think twice with prices and the loss of jobs.

In response to ThatScaryChick

This type of game would be a great for states without pick-3 and pick-4 games because of all the options. Allow players pick-3 straight and box bets on the first 3 digits, the last 3, or even the middle 3 and the same pick-4 bets on the first and last 4 digits. 

It might create a dilemma for the players because they could see the digits they picked being drawn in the wrong position; their numbers could be drawn in the last 3 positions when they played the first 3. And even more so in states like PA with traditional pick-3 and pick-4 games where they could see their numbers drawn in the other game.

By just playing the pick-5 game, players can win at least $1000 on a 50 cent box bet. Since the percentages favor 2 of the 5 digits matching, it's more likely to be $2000 and not bad for a 50 cent bet.

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Hummmm, I’m not decided on this game yet, not sure I will play it or not!

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Looks ok but they should have done a Pick six version instead.  Some people will probably opt to just bet 10 bucks on the pick 4 straight for way better odds at 50Gs.  However, I dont believe many people would try at 100 bucks on a pick 4 vs a pick 6 for 500Gs for a buck.

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Sounds great, wow, is it computerized?


Hello posters, this is my first post. I wanted to ask everyone, how does this new game affect the time limit of the nighttime TV drawings, will more time be added to the TV drawings or not if the game is drawn by a machine for the televised drawings?

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