Man throws away winning lottery ticket, but still collects

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I don't understand where he lost the ticket - in his trash can at home or at the store's trash can?- Wouldn't they then dump it out and be able to find it as not much time had passed?  Very peculiar, and I can't imagine having to tell a spouse that you immediately lost a multi-million dollar lottery ticket.  Also, quit the job already - That is unbelievable!


Talk about ladyluck sitting on your shoulder!! Most state lotterys would say:No ticket,no millions for you.

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Congrats to the NY Lottery for handling the situation well.  I can't believe that guy could throw away the ticket.  I would encase the thing in kryptonite to protect it.

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 $70 million in prize money goes unclaimed annually


How in the WORLD does that happen!?!? People are morons!!

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Hope he doesn't throw away the check


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wow..... for a whole year of waiting congrats to you and ur family....

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In response to GamerMom

Wow, $70M annually is a lot.   I forget how much the annual total for FL is, but there have been several very large unclaimed jackpots.  The largest single ticket that was never claimed was for $53.7 million. 

I agree with Todd about the handling of the situation and am happy to read that the NY Lottery did the right thing.  I wonder if this man was in shock when he threw away his ticket.  I wouldn't go near a trash can after winning a jackpot either.  But I check my numbers at home anyway.  I'd be too paranoid to walk home after a clerk shouted "She has the winning ticket!"

" But Martinez had to cool his heels for a year because, by law, whoever turned in the actual ticket would be entitled to collect, and officials had to make sure no one did so by the 365-day deadline. "

I guess this means he didn't sign it!  So, even if the video showed he bought the ticket and accidentally threw it out, the New York Lottery is saying it wouldn't matter since it's a bearer instrument.  Interesting. 

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In response to MaddMike51

I agree! This guy is very lucky. He may have went through a tough year, but I am sure he is happy now. Congrats to him!

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I'm surprised they didn't tell him tough. They have done that in the past. He was lucky twice.

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What he did do right was to validate the ticket.  That is how he got his money.  By validating it, the computers picked it up that the jackpot winning ticket had been turned in.  If he hadn't validated it, he would be SOL.

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I am very happy for the couple.  I bet waiting a year was really hard.

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Partywow, this is my kind of story!!! i never get a friggin' receipt for my numbers, nj lottery sucks! [unless i win] ... anyway, you mean to tell me he's about to be richer then, possibly, most of the people in the building where he and wifey work? WOW! now they have their american dream story!! love it!! i wish them the very best - i love it when people ine these sucky jobs [did housekeeping in college and believe me it sucks] get rewarded!! TGIF and someone is going to be debt free! now, we just need to work on the rest of us!! TONIGHT MAY BE THE NIGHT FOR A LUCKY SOMEONE!! jackpot is HUGE!


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Linda Holley, the health-care worker was the lucky one, she was able to quietly collect her $19M jackpot while Degli Martinez got all the attention.  That's almost as good as collecting it anonymously

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In response to Todd

He probably thought he had safely stored it until he got home.  Had he not pursued his claim with his verification receipt, that ticket might have shown up.  Sounds like NY Lottery waited for someone to show up with the ticket and explain why Martinez had the verification receipt.  They might have done some jail time with out a believable story.

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