Mass. lottery store is success story

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Sounds like a Cool place to buy tickets!   

Found this interesting and believe lots of lotteries could learn from it .... "That's because the pool of money at stake is bigger in Massachusetts, and the Bay State sends more of its lottery income back to players in prizes, a strategy that lures core players back for more every day."

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I found it interesting people were allowed to smoke. Nice touch.

Where I'm at, more and more entire towns are banning smoking in public places.

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Sounds like a great place!

Personally I'd pass on the smoking- a smoking section in an indoor public place is like a peeing section in a public pool - but the rest sounds great!

I'd love to run a place like that. I'd have different guests come in, one day a numerologist, one an asrologer, etc....maybe even "Madame Zelda" herself!


Norm Cooper, a kindly, red-faced 62-year-old candy maker from Salem, N.H., stops by Ted's "almost every other day" on his way home from work and drops $110 on scratch tickets. He won $5,000 two months ago, and scratched his way to $1,000 earlier this month.

WOW, $55.00 a day ($110.00 every two days) on scratch-offs; from a candy maker?  No wonder the price of chocolate has increased so much lately; some one has to pay for his habit. $55.00 a day, at 365 days in a year, comes to over $20K, a year, in card buying. If you have the money, then spend it any way that makes you happy.  Give me a hundred million, and I would do exactly that!

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Maybe its time for me to change careers.  Open a candy store with lottery. 

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You're absolutely right. This is something that many lottery directors know and try to practice, but they usually have to answer to the state legislature, people who nothing about how the lottery works, and elected officials often refuse to give lotteries the jurisdiction to raise payout percentages, thinking it will hurt the beneficaries of lottery income. Of course the opposite happens, but nothing changes anyway.

Bottom line, the lotteries of America can learn a lot from Massachusetts.

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In Oklahoma, this exact arguement is being fought.  The legislatures are so afraid of impacting their take of the lottery (thus having to make up the deficit from some where else) they refuse to allow the lottery officials the ability to increase the prizes, games, or options.  Besides, if the lottery actually started to make money for Oklahoma, then those whinners who are against gambling would be proven wrong.  No legislature will ever allow another legislature to look stupid.  Would you like it publiced that your friends are idiots?

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"Would you like it publiced that your friends are idiots?"       ROFL   ROFL  ROFL


Think the public knows already!!!!!

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They're allowed to smoke *outside*, which is allowed close to everywhere. There are a few places where it's illegal to smoke under a roof or awning outside a building, so there's a chance that puting up an awning for the smokers wouldn't be as helpful as he'd like.

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That in it self is a jackpot. 20 k a year times 10 = $200,000 in ten years.  Wow! My wife would have a fit and most likely do bodily harm to me.  Each his own.  Good Luck. 

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Fifty-Five dollars a day? That's nothing, meet Jose Salmon:


Hopefully he had enough sense to follow through with what he said.

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I am new to NH and do not understand why the grand prize for their $20 scratch tickets are only $250k, while MA is $10 million!  Does anyone know the reasoning behind it?  The grand prizes for all their tickets are few and low - I think that they should be embarassed, and I don't understand how anyone could be motivated to spend their money on NH lotto tickets.

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*Shrugs* Maybe having around a fifth of the population has something to do with it which in turn probably means they have an even smaller fraction of players compared to MA?


Anyway, if I lived near there I'd check the place out and probably end up leaving it cursed. Eek

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