Mega lottery winners to leave 'check-by-check' days


First, I congradulate them for their winnings.  I was hoping it was one family.  I sure wish iy was mine, but Im not hating. 

I know that LP members are just divided on the "anonomity issue" as the country is divided Republican vs. Democrat; or Obama vs. Clinton; male or female.  The fact that they have come out and made the talk show rounds, really starting Sunday, while tax, legal and financial businesses are closed disturbs me for their sake.  Even Lottery officials will tell you to take some time to get credible advice from tax, legal and financial persons. 

$164,000,000 is no chump change.

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as for the lucky stiffs .... and thar dreams of a H3 and such nonsense I still say I hope they end up on our list of what not to do when ya get that lucky

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He's just Mad he didn't win...... hater..

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If Nader becomes president, then America might have to change its name to USSA,

like  the old USSR.  Get the drift? 

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Well I don't hope for their downfall. I hope things work out for them and their family. Why wish bad things on these people?

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Just think: If Nader would have won that $270 million Mega Millions jackpot he could finance his campaign.


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Her husband told Fox 5 the one thing he had always wanted that he will now buy is a "big four-wheel drive truck."


My hubby has told me if we win this is what he wants as well.

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"Mega lottery winners to leave 'check-by-check."

 Yeah, no crap. God? I doubt it, it is called luck.


I don't get it, they said "Thank God, God is a good God".  In the Christian Religion, gambling, like lottery, is a sin.   Winning the lottery is not something you thank God for.

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Gambling is only a sin if you're betting the rent money leaving your family for the church to care for and don't give 10% of your winnings to the church.  There are some fringes that won't take bingo money and such, one even told a winner to burn their lottery ticket.  God doesn't care if you play lotto, it is a state approved activity.   If you're worried about evil money just send it to me and I will clean it for you.  Be warned though, sometimes the cleaning process also removes all the ink, you might get back white paper.


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"Robert Harris, a 47-year-old iron worker from the small southeast Georgia hamlet of Portal, said he picked the winning numbers — 7, 12, 13, 19, 22, plus the Mega Ball number 10 — based on his grandchildren's birthdays."

I gotta say this certainly marks paid to the theory about not playing only birthday numbers because you'll have to share the prize with dozens of other winners.  Everything we know is wrong.


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it depends on what their definition of gambling some, gambling is strictly dice and cards. Besides.....the bible says "In all thy ways acknowledge him". All means the good and the bad and if you would consider this the bad then they still followed his word by giving the Glory to God.

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Green laugh

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I Agree!

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For the one's who are posting negative remarks.  Hey can't you just be happy someone who really needs a better way of life finally got a chance at it?  I hope they use it well and buy what they want and help out their famlies.  


More power to them.  Seems like they're regular folks.  I'm sure they're well grounded in family, friends and are good, down to earth people who'll do the best they can with this.  They don't seem like the kind of folks who'll end up like David Edwards, et al.

 Does anyone know how much they'll get after taxes?

The fun thing about playing the lottery is the chance to actually win.  I would probably do the same thing; not even think about winning until someone reminded me of it.

Best of luck to them.  I really, really doubt if they'll end up messing the whole win up.

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In response to hearsetrax

In your other posts, you called this couple: "idiots", "HUMAN TURDS" and you posted at least a couple of times that you hope they will end up on your list of what not to do when you win the lottery. It is not funny hearsetrax. Do you really think that because you are hiding behind a moniker, the words you write will not condemn you?

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I noticed it to and he comes off as being a bit jealous. Sadly, some people have nothing better to do, then to wish negativity on others. No Nod

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Congratulations to the Harris family, good for them, WTG!!!  Party


I would normally not want to start a religious argument but your point is not well founded.

Read Acts (1:26) - the Apostles "drew lots" to divine the will of God in selecting a replacement for Judas Iscariot.

It is Christian doctrine to thank God for his Grace - which is "unmerited favor".  Hopefully the money will turn out to be a blessing to their family and through them, to their community.


Even if you decide to go public and not use an anonymous trust, why do you have to announce your name to the world the next day, before you've had a chance to think about anything? Would it kill them to think about this for a week and then go public? I guess it would.  The "attention is overwhelming"? No sh*t, Sherlock.  It looks like they are going to the Jack Whittaker school of idiotic lottery winning.   

>Earlier Monday, Tonya Harris told CNN that "God blessed us... God is a good God."

 Wow, God wants them to win $270 million. God wants Manny Ramirez to hit a home run too. I guess God wants a few people to be really rich and famous, but is not so concerned with the poor huddled masses these days.                               

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Hands down, the best part of this lucky couple's story was the power outage!  Robert drove to the store, filled out his bet slip in his car, went inside and the lottery machine was down due to bad weather/rain.  He went home without playing that very important slip, but asked his wife to go back and play it.  Can you imagine if they didn't pursue it or the wife was too tired or didn't feel like going?  Power outages can really wreck havoc with people's futures/lives - Thank goodness for the Harris' that they didn't let it wreck havoc in theirs!

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i am there with you.  Just as we've learned in the past few months some felons have won various lotto jackpots. 

They will lose it all n 7 years.  Going public before you claim the prize.  oh well...they will have jack whittakitis.

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Hey Guys,

Has anyone seen the Cruise condo on the travel channel.

I think it would be an good escape after a 270 million jackpot.  See the world in style and privacy. It cost about 2 million but it is worth it.  Just a dream for now.   

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 BravoBig money!!! Money 

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You all have to realize that not everyone knows about the downfall of some past lottery winners.  Especially if they don't access the internet or do their research of what to do when you win.  I can bet that all of us on here have done our own research.  I know I have.  Smile.

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In response to One2Adore

I Agree!

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In response to BobP

I know that if I ever win a jackpot, I wouldnt give 10% of it to the church. I mean.. Why should I ?!? Is God going to be mad at me if I don't ? The main thing about your religion is that you have faith in it and believe in your own special way. There's no need to give any of it away to the church. All they do is pocket it and give the Vatican most of it and they got more money than they will ever need as it is. When that basket comes around to make a donation, it's like they should have a note on it saying 'Pay for your sins!'(another guilt tactic). It's a big business for some religions...always looking for handouts and making you feel guilty to give money. I believe in God and Jesus and that's all I need to get me into his Kingdom when it's my time. Donations wont get me in, that's for sure! If I were to make any contributions, I'd help the poor people personally by building some homes for them to keep them off the street and out of the cold, or volunteer my time to work in a food kitchen. Most donations don't end up where it's intended except for the back pockets of cons.

All I have to say is Congrats to this family and hope they enjoy their windfall.

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