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Couple hits lottery bigger than thought

Jan 11, 2008, 10:03 am

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Michigan Lottery

A lucky couple expecting to cash in their winning Michigan Lottery ticket became a bit peeved when a store clerk turned down their request.

Bad Axe gas station and convenience store owner Eli Kabban said the man and woman showed up Wednesday morning with what they thought was a $150 winning ticket they'd bought Friday.

They complained when the clerk told them they would have to collect their winnings in Lansing, the state capital, 150 miles away.

Kabban said he took the couple into his office and explained the ticket was actually worth $250,000. He says they were "in shock" at the news.

The couple asked that their names not be released, but Kabban told radio station WLEW-FM that they are getting financial advice on how to handle their windfall.

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