Hoosier Lotto in a dry spell

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I, for one, am really glad to see this issue raised again in Indiana.  There has already been one attempt to legislate computerized drawings out of existence there, maybe (hopefully!) this will spark another attempt.  I hope it also gets notice in Tennessee, where the oversight meeting is just a couple of weeks away.


the lotto in my state of indiana is doing something dirty with this constant not hitting on the jackpot but ima just play my tickets and pray for the best


Im glad someone finally put a percentage on the likelihood of this happening at well below one percent.  If Tennessee had a computer glitch that didnt allow doubles maybe Indiana has a glitch that doesnt allow the same numbers to be drawn if they were printed on a ticket, hence no doubles either haha.   It surpassed the magical 50 million mark, now the year mark might be the magical date this falls.  And no money is won when you hit 2 numbers, just a free play that is in itself worth about 20 cents, typical lottery spin. 

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In response to Todd

I  completly   agree  with  you   on  this  issue  computerized  drawings  are  not  good   for  the  players .The  benifit  is  too  the  Lotterys   and  their  corporate  partners ....its   a  money   maker  very  little  payouts  and  all  profit :

laws  would  push  those   Corporate  Enterprises into  a  better  system  a  ball   draw  in   the   eye  of  the   camera  and the  citizens  of  this   state:

But  like  I  said  before  there  are   many   insidences  accross  the   USA  where  no  one   has  won  for  over  a  year ....people  dont   want  to  make   waves ....(just   ask  KY Fooled ,he  hits   all  the   web  sites)   case  and  point  the  pick  10  NY  cash   amount   for   all  10 =500,000.00

with  up  to   10  winners   per  draw ....number   of  winners  for   all  ten  in  the   last  5yr  =( 2)

and  you   never   know  if  that  winner   was  not  related  to  the  lottery  personal ,since  it   is  a  draw  that  is  never   teleivised;


IT'S completely driving me Insane!!!!!


your not the only one

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In response to SmoothJuice

why  dont  you   write  to  the   Governor  or  the   inspector  general   of  your  state ;

tell  them  you   dont   want  computerized   drawings  in  your   state ...its  simple  and  you   are  paying  there   wages just   like  every-other   tax  payers;

"A  journey  of   a  thousand- miles  begins  with  a   single  step"

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In response to computerhead723

FYI-- Everyone has been notified years ago. The day that the bill to eliminate RNG was supposed to be brought up in the Legislature was the day they all walked out---isnt that a coincidence. You plead in vain if u live in Indiana. Rule of law is non existent here. EVERYONE HAS BEEN NOTIFIED! Since the Lottery is now getting scrutiny expect it to be won now. How do I know that? Cause when someone brought up the fact that there had not been quads in so long then the quads came out. There is NOTHING random about it. Just look at the daily game payouts and compare them too ANY State. It is hideously insane. But they are untouchable. Indiana makes Tennessee look like Cinderella.


we're in the same boat jeff.i don't spend and won't spend another dime until tennessee brings back balls.period.


i'm predicting that the lotto jackpot will be hit this saturday (hopefully by me) it will be the one year anniversary since it was won (actually 364 days but who cares)

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In response to computerhead723

my  information  was  incorrect  about   the  NY  pick  10  ..for  this  year  there  has  been   a  few  more   winners ,they   dont  tell  you  on  the  news  anything  so  here is  the  facts  for  getting  all  10   or  the  largest   payouts  ever!!!


Winning Numbers DrawnTotal Payout
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Yes that is a long time.  But you do have to look at the odds.  I mean if the jackpot is really this high and they are only selling about $1.5 million tickets a drawing, that is a lot of uncovered combinations.  Now for how long this has been growing the odds are probably pretty small that it would have lasted this long.  But odds are odds.  I really don't see how it could be a fraction of a percent though.  I mean when the jackpot is small it seems like they don't sell many tickets at all. 

But by the way the jackpot only grows by $500,000 a drawing?  When they are selling $3,000,000 tickets a week the jackpot should be increase by at least $2,000,000 a week not only $1,000,000.  But I guess it does make up for the beginning jackpots when I doubt they sell enough tickets to warrant the $500,000 increase.



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Ohio's Classic Lotto, a 6/49 game has a starting jackpot of $1M and is increased by $100K each drawing that it's not won.  Unlike Hoosier Lotto which offer a free play for matching 2, its lowest prize is $2 for a match3.

Since the Hoosier Lotto payouts(10/17/07=$195K)is higher than Ohio Classic Lotto payouts(10/17/07=$22K), I assume it's attracting more players, however the Ohio game jackpot has been won three times since it started less than a year ago.  It's truly is a mystery why the Hoosier Lotto game has gone so long without a jackpot winner. 

P.S. Ohio Classic Lotto picks its numbers the old fashion way, it uses a ball machine.

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In response to RJOh

A mystery? Hardly. One needs only to look at the 0 straight winners on pic 4 every day and the ridiculously low pic 3 payouts. The mystery becomes obvious.

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In response to computerhead723

exactly why I quit playing keno here in mich...not televised and computerized equals no dough from my pocket!!!!!!!


I hate to predict this but, someday (your state or my state) will convert to computerized drawings. People will wise up and not play as much or at all. Some people will realize that not only the drawings are rigged but that they seem to have more money to spend without actually winning anything because they haven't been playing either or playing as much. If nj ever goes computerized I'd probably be tempted to go to other States or just play Mega/Powerball.

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In response to LosingJeff

 todays  indiana  mid  day  came :



just  as  I  said  in   my  rule: 

if  a  one (01)  falls  with  the  number  it  will   fall  with :

  01-05 -02- 06 - 08-04-07 in   this   case  (04-08-07)this   included  the  pick  3;

their  will  be  no  000  or  999 or  333  nor  339 nor  309;

the  number   must   fall   with   one  orr  more  of  the   listed  numbers  untill  it  changes;

its   is  possible  for  101 or  109 but  319;372;387;898 ect;;;;

well  after  tonight  I  re-evaulated   indiana  and  I  am  gonna  stick  my  neck  out  on  this  but  for  the   next  -4-7  draws  or  untill   changed  this  is  What  I  think;

when  a  ( 01 )  is  in  the  number  it  will  fall  with  the   following  number  or  numbers:

01-05 -02- 06 - 08-04-07....its  a  little  help  ...

so  when  you  play  make  sure  if  you  play  (example)

1953  -not  1390  but  3124  or  3126  is  better;

good  plays ....5138...7487...3884....6812....2711....1725....5286....5289

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In response to computerhead723

I appreciate the help, but I got 3 of 4 numbers 90% of draws on pic 4. What people do not understand is that in Indiana you can win on paper, but not by actually buying the ticket. Again, the payouts are beyond ridiculous compared to ANY state in the Country. Not even close. If you play on paper you can win. Otherwise, dont play at all. By all means, I am willing to send Todd all the tickets I have accumulated. I would guess that of all these tickets I would win a minimum of 20000 in any 5 states of choice over the past 5 years.  Indiana 400.   And trust me it is alot of money. Absoultely NO RETURN IN INDIANA. Go stand in any store in Indiana and hear the great comments about all the money being won. lol. Well anyways, enough of talking about this. It is my belief that they will allow a winner tonight, but no later than wedenesay, seeing how the are on the skyline once more. Unless, of course, God Almighty is gonna let this run for awhile to further raise suspicion. The later I hope.

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And the joke continues

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While you are at it, go check out the big pic 3 and pic 4 winners yesterday for the lottery with the current largest jackpot in the USA. Tell me what you think.

In response to LosingJeff


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