CBS publishes second hatchet job on lottery

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If they want a hit piece that works maybe they can cover the problems in the Tennessee Lottery is having and the problems with comuter drawings.

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Wake up and smell the coffee CBS..! Lotteries don't target anyone one individual, where are you getting your information from? Christ, you can't even clean up your own backyard ( your stattion), and now you want to create something that is totally untrue again. Why are'nt you covering the Tenn cover-up in the lottery??? You don't become number three from reporting the truth, you become number three from reporting the trash.

Maybe Katie can become Ms.Hargroves press secretary, would'nt that clear up this situation.! 


whats wrong with giving people a dream?  After all thats probly the best part about hitting a lottery  they should investagate how these numbers are drawn if anything

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That interview is defintely slanted.  Rent in that area must not be anymore than 250.00 per month.  The utilities, gas and groceries must be free.  It takes more than $15,000.00 per year to live even if you are a single person.  Most of the people I know make at least 21+ thousand a year and most of the folks I know who play the lottery make almost $50,000.00 per year.  The lottery offers it's players a dream that many can't seem to find in their job's retirement plans...a guaranteed stream of income which will provide for them in their golden years.  This dream is not affected by greedy corporate types such as the owners and managers of the now defunct Enron corporation.  My investment in this dream is strictly under my own control.  I can choose to play or not.

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In response to Littleoldlady

The  interview  is  factual ....Black  individuals  are  manipulated  and  short changed  into  believing  the  lottery  is  fair  and  and  honest ,......they  are  not  and  the  corprorations  which  back and invest  and  sponser  state  lotterys  are  corupted;

I like  to  play  the  lottery everyday  but  do  the  sate  change  the  balls ...YES...does  that  help  them  or  the  players  helps  them :

instant  t ickets  ;  are  found  only  near  the Governors  residence for  big  winners  the  dollar  tickets  which  sell  in  the  millions  are  never  real big  1.00  -100  max ...thats  what  the  poor  get  back  the  millions  go  to  the  big  ticket  prizes  and  the  profit  from  their  ticket  sales  are  pocketed :

enron  wwas  part  of  the  9/11  cover-up  ;the  world  trade  building  housed  the  evidence  for  calf. eroen  7billion  corruption  scandal ...when  world  trad  center  went  down  so  did  the  evidence  to  put  the  gulity  people  away ;see  for  yourself:

and  this  one  which  shows  the  money  trail:
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In response to computerhead723

Excuse me, but that is a statement that you need to clarify, because I can't for the life of me make sense of it.

You said, "Black  individuals  are  manipulated  and  short changed  into  believing  the  lottery  is  fair  and  and  honest".

Please explain how state lotteries are able to pick out the black folks and make them believe the lottery is "fair and honest", but somehow all the white folks and other races are informed that it is a crooked enterprise.

I thought this was a poor vs. rich thing anyway, not a black/white thing.

The odd thing is that according to the lottery, it IS a fair and honest activity.  So black people ... or ANYBODY for that matter ... would be correct in believing it is fair -- not "manupulated" as you say.

I just can't stand statements like yours that make everything a conspiracy against a certain race, or social status, or gender, or religion, or whatever.  Has it occured to you that MOST people don't win jackpots?

Now, if you want to be upset at computerized drawings as a means to manipulate, then I'm with you on that.  But that targets ALL players, not just the black players or the poor players, or whatever.  It's unfair for EVERYBODY.

If you stop thinking everything is a conspiracy, you'll live a happier life.

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If CBS wanted to allege anyone they should have went after state and federal government for adopting the lottery in the first place, and the reasons why states took over the numbers racket from the bookies.

oops i know why because it's a cash cow and the state and federal government couldn't figure out how to make extra money for this country so the opted for a sideline affair gambling. Siteing many different reasons benefiting the old, schools, teachers, fire departments, police dept, library's, stadium authority and every other general service in state and federal government to help offset taxes.

Yet even with the lottery in place in many states taxes still go up almost on a yearly basis. Why states don't divide their scratch games into several groups and or sell scratch games to generate money for their specific deficits behooves me.

People play the lottery because it's their for them to play and they advertise the dream of possible independent wealth. Who in their right mind would pass up a chance for that

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In response to Todd

Todd  this  is  your  sand-box ..not  mine ;

.and  I  had  the  immpression  I  could  speaak  my  mind  since  I  have  read  articles  supporting  my  claims;

first  I  like  State  run  lotterys's    because  that  way  it  can  be  held  accountable  by  the  people  and  law  enforcement; I  want  the  state  to  continue  lottery  games  ..but  to  disconnect  them  selves  from  corporate  interest  and  insttutions  like  GETEC ;

I f  a  lottery  needs  a  ticket -machine  BUY  them *  dont  lease  80,000  of  them ;

have  all  draws  overseen  by  the  state  police  simular  to  Pennsy. lottery ; not  KGMB ;

this  way  the  lottery  is  fair  and  above  board ....then  disasters  like  Tenn.  lottery  would  never  happen;

report  the  amount  of  income  the  lottery  makes  from  sales  of  each  game  daily  not  yearly 

from  the  reports  I  see  the  largest  payout  in  NY  history  was 12 million  dollars  but that  was  no  where  near  the  proffit  made  that  day  on  the  pick3 and  4 sales  alone;

government  and  lottery's  need  to  be  more  transparent  in  their  operations !!!!

I  don't  expect  you  to  believe  Blacks  or  loww income  consumers  are  targeted  more  unfairly  than  middle  class  or  upperclass  citizens  ,but  its  true ;

the  mom  and  Pops  stores  in  low-income  neighborhood  are  selling  lottery  tickets  and 

the  amount  of  large  winners  who  purchace  lotto/instant  tickets  never  win or

 are  far  below  national  trends  VS    those  same  games  sold  in  higher  income  neighborhoods  or  near  the  Govenors  residence  and  Board  members  who  over see  the  state  run  lottery ;

I  hope  I  have  cleared  up  this  confusion  , but  my  beliefs  are  mine  and  are  not  the  same  as  everyone  eleses .....the  lottery  is  as  only  good  as  the  citizens  who  Administer  the  system: 

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It doesn't matter whose sand-box this is.  We both have equal abiltiy to speak our minds.  You said your opinion, and I said mine. 

Don't get upset and start implying you are being "silenced" or anything just because I put up a good argument.

I never said that there is no corruption at state lotteries.  That would be pretty dumb if I did, considering the number of corruption stories I've published here in the past.

I said that I think the statement that "blacks are being manipulated" is not only wrong, but insulting.  Also, the new article mentions POOR PEOPLE, NOT RACE.  The amount of money you have is not a race issue, and I'm not about to make it one.

I have no idea where you get your statistics from, because I don't think you're using any.  The actual statistics of winning ticket distribution consistently show that there is no bias against any particular geographic or socio-economic areas.  It is completely dependent upon the number of tickets bought in the area.

Look, I am just voicing my opinions and I am trying to give you the benefit of my experience.

I have been keeping abreast of the lottery industry every single day for the past 8 years, as a result of running this site.  Of course I have gained a lot of knowledge over that period.  It only makes sense!

You are 100% entitled to your own opinion, and you can voice it with the same enthusiasm that I voice mine.

I am posting my opinions because:

  1. I enjoy discussion lottery topics (why else would I have created this site?)
  2. I have experience and knowledge to share
  3. I like to make sure that all viewpoints are represented
  4. I like to give people such as yourself other opinions to consider

I do not post my opinions in order to censor people.  If I wanted to do that I'd erase your post.  I don't censor opinions, only spam ads.  If you agree or disagree, post away!

Lastly, when I readily spout facts and statistics, there is always a segment of people who start saying that I work for a lottery, or that I'm in cahoots with them.

So I will say proactively that nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have never worked for or with a lottery.  My opinions are my own.  My facts and statistics are based upon my own research. 

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i didnt like State Rep. Garnett Coleman comparing the lottery to drug dealers. in my opinion there is no comparison between selling illegal drugs and lottery tickets.

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In response to Todd

said that I think the statement that "blacks are being manipulated" is not only wrong, but insulting.  Also, the new article mentions POOR PEOPLE, NOT RACE.  The amount of money you have is not a race issue, and I'm not about to make it one.

I have no idea where you get your statistics from, because I don't think you're using any.  The actual statistics of winning ticket distribution consistently show that there is no bias against any particular geographic or socio-economic areas.  It is completely dependent upon the number of tickets bought in the area.


WeLL  I  was  infering  that  large  chain  stores    and  spermarkets  with  multiple  locations  who  sell  lottery  tickets  have  larger  winners  with  bigger  payoffs  than  in  small  corner  stores: These  chain  stores  are  also  in  the  malls  and  plazzas  in  middle  class  america  quite  different  than  your  foriegn  nationals  who   own  the  vast  number  of  mom  and  pop  conner  markets; When  these  stores  sell  lottery  tickets  ,this  includes  lotto,cash5  and&&instant  tickets ,  their  winngs  are  no  where  near  the  huge  giveback  they  are  in  the  larger  chain  stores;

 welfare  recipients  play  lottery  in  hopes  of  buying  food  and  moving  to  a  better  life  after  a  small  windfall this  does  not  happen  so  they  keep  trying and  trying  ...(  how  can  the  lottery  target  blacks  and  hispanics  and  not  other  races  /

easy  use  .... corporate  Phsychlologcal  conditioning  : Heck  even  Freud  had  no  idea  what  can  be the    unconditioned  responce  of  people  with  the  right  advertisement  and  media  we  are  Blitzed  with  today ;



Sigmund Freud (born Sigismund Freud) May 6 1856 – September 23 1939; (IPA: ['zi?km?nt 'f???t]) was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who co-founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind, especially involving ...
If  people  can  be  fooled  by  majic  on  national  TV  or  in  person,  who  is  to  say  we  cannot  be  fooled  by  the  lottery  , they  change  the  balls  they  work  behind  closed  doors  and  we  only  see  the  stage  set  after  the  manipulation of operations  during  the  draw  .....I  am  not  saying  dont  play  I  say  we  can  all  be  targeted  the  media  artical  only  pointed  out  the  poor  ....I  am  sure  we  are  all  targets  and  sheep  for  the  slaughter:  Look  at  9/11  and  then  look  at  the  evidence  they  have  compiled  against  the  9/11  even  though  people  looked  and   heard  explosions  and  all  the  evidence  pointing t o  a  cover  up  by  our  own  government  , yet  nothing  is  done;
People  feel  helpless  unless  their  told  what  to  do  @    We  often  only  see  what  we  want  to  see  or  expect , yet  the  truth  be  told  ,we  are  all  manipulated :
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Everybody I know that plays numbers are not poor, uneducated, or a so-called minority.  Remember what CBS stands for: Conspiratorial Broadcasting System.

They maybe #3  of the big three, but the big three are not what they used to be.  They are actually much smaller if you compare by viewer shares.  Hint: Look at Arbitron or Nielson.

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In response to dvdiva

U will never "C" an

uhahhhhduuah   an


on the great state of TN.........from abc, cbs, nbc or cnn for.....

improper management  ..........of the LOTTERY  .........."ITSELF"!!

because, they are not in the business to INFORM the PUBLIC !!

 the Lottery Post is about all the INFO

on the what's going on

 "NOW" new's

(U or most people gona "GET")

LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> some of U need a ....>>>JACKPOT!

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In response to computerhead723

It's not necessary to play the race card. People of all walks of life play the lottery and in every city and county where lotteries are sold. Winners come from many state areas also. A ticket holder no mater whom has the same chance of winning as every other ticket holder.

I have heard people say no one in Baltimore city has ever won the lottery. This is not a true statement there have been winners they just didn't go public about their win.    

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