Massachusetts lottery causes may have historical precidence


Unfortunately, Massachusetts does not have a good track record of using additional revenues properly. The gas tax was increased in 1991 with the plan to repair roads and bridges, but obviously only emergency type work was done and the bulk of the money went elsewhere, because the casino proposal is for the same type repair work.  I have no confidence that the alleged casino money will be as stated or go to the proper use, and once a casino is here, it is here to stay. Has a state ever torn down a casino after discovering the money and other things were not as stated?

The lottery itself, intended as "extra" money on top of regular taxes, apparently no longer supplies that extra money. Why can't this additional millions a year be used for repairs and other projects?

Now taxes and the lottery are not enough, we need casinos. Who can say if that will be enough? 

The dirty secret may be something I read this week. That Massachusetts pays out tremendous pensions and health care to public employees, uses police details costing over $50 an hour etc. This is where the money will be going while the bridges and roads rot. The real rot is within, but it's easier to scream for a casino than to fix it. There will be no fixing anything is casinos come, just more scandals and waste.


i live in mass and if theres a casino anywheres near me i will move  no thanks  they just bring crime and trouble 

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