Tickets for new Washington Lottery raffle go on sale Sunday


Uh no the true odds per dollar on winning the top prize is 2.5 million to one with a severe lack of lower tier prizes. Where is Bill Oreilly to stop the spin with these dumb raffles already.

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Um... I'm not sure how you can disagree with a mathematical fact.

These raffles are great for people who want to win a million dollars but they are not designed for people who want to "win" $2.00.

There is nothing underhanded or strange about the raffles. In fact, they exactly like the world's most popular game, El Gordo.

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I think I might go for it. I can lose twenty times on MM, or once on WA's raffle. Decisions decisions...

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I'll get a ticket for it myself. I wonder why the site doesn't push more for tax-free earnings on state sponsored lottery games.

I didn't know it had three one million dollar prizes. The ads and the website make it appear there is only one prize. Only this site made it clear. Odds of winning a million would be just above 100k then. 

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