N.J. couple claims $82M lottery prize

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Congratulations to the Lucky Couple!

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did john say '' holy crap''.

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Congratulations to the winners!

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best of luck to the winners

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congratulations to this couple on winning and they look really happy on the links i have seen


Acting Executive Director Jourdain stated, "John and Sandra did everything right that you could ask of a winner in a big jackpot — they signed their ticket, put it in a safe place, and then sought professional financial help. Those are the steps we love to see our winners take before they come forward."


Very prudent on their part. Will we read horror stories about this couple down the road ?

Most likely not.

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I Agree!  CheersI

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They're both former bankers, so you know they know how to handle money.  And they STILL decided that they need advice. 

That said, a banker here (branch manager) was just arrested for embezzlement, so I guess not all bankers are good at handling money. 

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Party time!! WTG!!!



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Congrats to the Belawsky family!


I hope the Belawskys step forward and take cash option. To add insult to injury, it was a CA SLP pick.MadBashSmashChairI Agree!Party

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"I hope the Belawskys step forward and take cash option.

Do you ever actually read these news items before making those nonsensical responses?

"Villas, New Jersey, residents Sandra and John Belawsky today claimed their portion of the near-record $330 million jackpot from the Mega Millions drawing held on Aug, 31. They chose the cash option, to receive $48,615,187 before the 25 percent federal withholding tax."

"To add insult to injury, it was a CA SLP"

And had you actually read the story.......

"The Belawskys purchased their winning ticket on Aug. 30 at Blitz ' s "Hole in the Wall" Villas Market, 902 Bayshore Avenue, Villas."

I think a Top 50 Poster should know difference between a Mega Millions ticket bought in Villas, New Jersey and a CA SLP (California Super Lotto Plus), don't you?

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It's interesting that both the winners, the man from Maryland and the couple from New Jersey are experienced with handling money. I wonder if the final two winners will have the same job occupation. That would be really cool and very interesting indeed.

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I think that this is the second couple from Cape May County NJ this year who were large MM JP winners--must be the idyllic life style that clears the machines to distibute winners--Hmmmm--maybe it's time for a move.

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