Lotto fever isn't what it used to be

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It's depressing to never ever win anything. I still play hoping for lightning to strike.

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How succinct.  How eloquent.  I couldn't have put it better myself.  Unfortunately.

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I wish that's all it took.  I live in the lightning capital of the world!  Smiley

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There is a name for this and contrary to what the Lotteries want you to believe it isn't Jackpot Fatigue.  It's called Loser's Fatigue!

I know because I suffer from it too.


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That  Big-jack-pot  she-ain't-what-she-use-to-be,  ain't-what-she-use-to-be,  ain't-what-she-use-to-be.

That  Big-jack-pot  she-ain't-what-she-use-to-be,  ain't-what-she-use-to-be,  ain't-what-she-use-to-be.

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Is it better to get cash option or annuity and why?

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As I stated in another thread earlier, playing for a large lottery jackpot use to be an event.  Before MegaMillions came to Ohio, I would travel to Indiana to play PowerBall and to Michigan to play the BigGame and there were always long lines of folks waiting to buy tickets if the jackpots were over $80M.  Sometimes there would even be a TV news team covering the event.

These day more states participate so there are more places to play with smaller crowds at them and $100M jackpots are kinda expected so they are not news worthy unless someone local wins.

I have noticed that $200M+ jackpots are making the news but with so many places to play there aren't the crowds of people waiting in lines to buy tickets that were common ten years ago.  Lotto fever still exist but its harder to find.  I plan to buy tickets for the $325M MM drawing but I'll probably wait until just before the drawing, ten years ago I would have been standing in line 24 hours earlier just to make sure I hadn't missed a chance to buy tickets.


I guess a $200 million cash value jackpot ain't what it used to be.  groan  Roll Eyes

I'd sure take it !


I hope there is a Mega Millions and a California Super Lotto Plus winner at the next draw.

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I hope it's you- I hope you step forward, choose cash option,  and do not have financial problems later in life.

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hahahah!  Well good luck to you too, but honestly I hope it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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"At one point, Mega Millions sales in California were expected to fall 37 percent below budget for the fiscal year that ended June 30. The final numbers aren't out, but the lottery got a boost when a Mega Millions jackpot reached a record $390 million in March. A lack of big jackpots was to blame for poor sales, lottery officials said"


I've been saying it forever only to be shot down by people on this post. The general public wants large jackpots more often...period.

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I'm hoping several people split it, and not a pool, either- several individuals. Who really needs $330,000,000, or whatever it will be after cash option or not and taxes?

Re: the topic title, funny how we get desensitized so quickly, isn't it?

Someday there will be a $500,000,000 jackpot- and as soon as it's announced people will be talking about a $600,000,000 jackpot, etc...

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Yes, DoubleDown, you may be right: "$200 million cash value jackpot ain't what it used to be."  Of course, I have jackpot loser's fatigue, but I am afraid of not playing: say what?  My numbers came out and I did not play them!

Usually, when people stop playing...then, their ship comes into port...and unfortunately, they are not there to catch it: they are running toward their ship -- but the ship is pulling out to sea. How sad, how tragic!

Moral of this scenario: no one knows when they are going to hit, the age they are going to hit, and how much they are going to win. Yeah, we hear of 60 year olds hitting -- a rare 70 -- but they were patient!  If you are in good health, hitting the jackpot at 50, 60, or even 70 can bring prosperity. 

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