Lottery winner: 'Kind of exciting, I guess'

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Nice story.  She only plays $2 each draw.  Goes to show you don't need to spend lots of money to win the lottery.  Always have limits.




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I guess you should feel just as good about your one ticket, as say ten!

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In response to JackpotWanna

PSYKOMO want's to 2nd D motion Party

& CONGRAT's......Dorthy Elliott!!!

just tell D BOSSMAN  "U" have  earned ....respectt

spelled PartyParty  "RESPECT"

LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(WIN for LIFE is not an easy....JACKPOT)


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Yes a couple of dollars is all that is needed to win. But I would prefer the win now as opposed to when I am 68. So "more chances" for me is very ideal.

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It seems to me that most winners are old or older folks.  Haven't seen a 25 to 35-year old winner yet.

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In response to csfb

For some reason I believe most people who play the lottery ARE a little older. Young people have too many other things on their mind, at least I did when I was younger. School, education, friends, parties, etc. Most aren't thinking about lottery. Nowadays they're more into casino gambling and poker.

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In response to lottolaughs

I Agree! i agree with you lottolaughs because im 29 and most of my friends think im wasting my money on the lottery. i remember some young megamillions winners in georgia i think  they were in their 20's one split a jackpot and it was a young woman and the other one was a man who was on his way to iraq with the military but he tried to get an honorable discharge because he didnt want to go to iraq anymore and leave his wife and kids behind because he was already set for life after winning.

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well, I think she could have showed a little more excitement. I can just look at her and tell I would not like her. Who wins and acts like that? Ugh! I hate seeing people like that win ! Do you know how much a 1000 dollars a week would help me?

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Actually, Virginia had it happen on their scratch off version of the game.

I think he's probably younger than 25.

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In response to rdc137

WOW!  That kid looks like 19.  The story said he won during spring break. Oh my, what a nice start in life to win $1,000 per week for life.



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This lady is probably always low key and was restrained while being interviewed.  Not everybody expresses emotion publicly.   I'm sure she's very, very happy.  Or - maybe it hasn't sunk in yet, since she's still working for the money to supplement her social security check.  She said she doesn't earn a lot working at the warehouse, so I imagine $1,000 a week is quite a nice surprise.

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In response to justxploring

I agree.  I'm also one that doesn't easily show emotion.  If I feel pressured to do it, I end up looking like a complete idiot cuz it just doesn't come naturally and I usually over do it.

In response to spy153

I think it's bad enough to have your life messed up with unnecessary publicity.  And now to deal with people who want to decide how much emotion you're supposed to show?  Sour grapes.

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