Vermont man finds lottery winner in wallet


Inadvertant success, what bliss!  The very epitome of found money.


 When police returned the wallet, the cash was missing, but the lottery tickets were still there.

Evidently, whoever found Mr. Trahan's wallet don't play the Lottery.Bang Head


Wow- Whoever took the cash didn't have sense enough to take the tickets and see if they were worth anything...... serves them right for stealing his cash.....

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I bet he didn't have $10,000 cash in his wallet...finder's thief probably only took less than $200...loser!!!


Funny, September (last year) ... How much winning tickets, were in the World?

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In response to DoubleDown

Most petty criminals aren't too bright, which is why so many of them get caught.  However, in this case it's possible that the thief realized that the lottery checks ID and asks specific questions, besides taking your social security number for tax reporting, and since the man was out of town when he lost his wallet, the thief would have no idea where the tickets were purchased. 

When I was robbed years ago, I was told that the reason my credit cards weren't taken is that someone who steals cash is looking for a quick get-away (maybe for drugs) and won't bother with anything that might trace the cops back to him.

Still, you're probably right!  The thief didn't have a clue.

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No cash, but a $10,000 lottery ticket. Good for him.Thumbs Up

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In NH, they print right on lottery tickets where they were purchased. 

Glad the guy had a happy ending! 

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Great  story  for  anyone  who  plays  the  lottery  or  not  this  was  a  blessed  man  and  he  WAS  LUCKY ;

My  motto .......... Never- Never  give  up  no  matter  what ,you  can  still  be  a  winner ;

My  take  on  this  story  is  the  tickets  were  hidden  from  the  main  section  of  the  wallet  and  the  thief  never  saw  them ,got  scared  and  ditched  it  and  took  off  with  the    cash  then  some  honest  person  got  the  wallet  to  the  police  who  then  returned  it  to  its  rightful  owner .......Now  thats  LUCKY  and  a  blessed  person  I  wish  him  the  best  in  life  because  sometimes  its  just  ment  for  some people  to  recieve  the  blessings  they  have  comming  from  GOD  and  all  hell  cant  stop   itBlue Angel;

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