Sell the Mass. Lottery?


wont go to any casino mass lottery opens  since some lottery games they have are suspect in my opinon.. mass cash and the pick 4 in particular are suspect  playin many  lottery games  somthing about those 2 games isn't right  when over time i get more hits on a pick 6/46 and 5/56 than a 5/35 somthings afoul

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Cod - I've always wondered about Mass Cash.  Every drawing when there are no winners, which is frequently, shouldn't the money roll over?  They don't roll it, so where does it go?  It seems logical that there should be higher jackpot prizes for the next drawing.  Also, whenever there is multiple winners (say around 8), they end up cutting the jackpot prize to around $67,000 per ticket (instead of 100k).  Use that extra money that you don't roll over to honor the 100k prize!

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Conmander....Lmfao@that post of your's comon we talking about Taxachusetts here. Green laugh


rollsover allright  right  into the  governor's pocketMad


Some one has to pay for CoupeDevalls Toys!


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Smells  like  politics  and  big  business  sleeping  in  the  same  bed  and  having  the  tax payer  foot  the  bill ....since  its  the  taxpayers  who  will  lose  out  in  the  long - run  ...and  their  argument  is  lets  do  a  casino .????...before  the " NATIVE  AMERICANS "  get  it  ....????????

In  New  york  there  are  several  casinos  and  a  state  lottery  and  several  race tracks  state  owned  bringing  in  billions  per  week ;

casinos  pay  states  and  local  gov.  a  precentage  each  year ...what  the  state  is  doing  with  the  tax  money  is  a  better  question ??????????Hat

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